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The FBI complied with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee. In another late-Friday document dump, the agency released more Hillary email documents.

Turns out, the FBI granted immunity deals to five people connected with Mrs. Clinton. Including two of her attorneys. Immunity was also granted to John Bentel, director of Information Resources at the State Department under Hillary. He told Congress he knew nothing about Hillary’s private server.

That appears to be a lie. Bentel’s subordinates testified he told them the server was approved by the State Department, and warned them to shut up about it.

The emails also reveal that the IT guy Hillary hired to manage her private server joked about “the Hillary cover-up operation.” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was asked about that by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. He blamed Republicans for “leaking” the information.

Finally, we learned that President Obama used a pseudonym in some emails to Clinton that were flowing on her private server. Hillary’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin was shocked when she discovered that Obama wrote a particular email and, according to the FBI, asked, “How is this not classified?”

So. We’ve got Obama using a fake name, a tech worker discussing the Clinton cover-up, a key figure lying to Congress and immunity deals spread around like candy. Why? Obviously — to protect Hillary and Obama!

See how this works? It was a fraud from the get go. 

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