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RUSH: This document dump from Friday, Hillary’s emails and what we’ve learned.  I mean, this is just stunning when we learn that Obama knew all along that she had her own private server and was communicating with her under a pseudonym, a fake name, while Obama has maintained that he didn’t know she had a private server until he read about it in the news.  And because now we know Obama knew and was communicating with her under a fake name, we now know that the FBI investigation was a smoke screen and cover-up from the get-go, from the beginning. 

There was never going to be any serious investigation because it involved Obama.  And that just wasn’t gonna happen.  There was no way the FBI is gonna investigate and recommend that Hillary be prosecuted if it involves and hurts Obama.  They gave immunity out to people that otherwise would have been charged and punished if convicted.  It was a cover-up from the get-go.  Andy McCarthy wrote about this a long, long time ago.  When Hillary’s email scandal first surfaced, McCarthy wrote a great piece, “What if Obama is in on this,” essentially, what if Obama knows, what if Obama is communicating, sending her emails, what if classified information is passing back and forth between Hillary and Obama?  And it would be because everything the president does is born classified.  That is the term. 

He writes you a memo.  It is classified.  He shares with you his midnight basketball NCAA picks.  That’s classified, because it comes from him.  So Hillary was lying.  (imitating Hillary) “There was no classified information. I didn’t even know what it was. I saw a ‘C,’ I thought it was for paragraph ‘C.'”  Lying like you can’t believe from the highest levels of our government about this.  And a smoke screen FBI investigation that was meant to do nothing but distract and obfuscate from the beginning, and we learn all this only on Friday. 

Some suspected it early on.  Some just couldn’t believe that Obama didn’t know, like he maintained.  (imitating Obama) “I didn’t know she had one of those servers. I read about it in the news. I found out about it like the rest of you.”  He knew about it.  He was so aware of it.  And he was so aware of the dangers that he used a fake name, a pseudonym.  

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