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The United Auto Workers were recently polled; 25 percent are supporting Donald Trump. Union president Dennis Williams tried to spin it. He said the more his members are “educated,” the more they’ll understand why the UAW endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Makes you wonder what the UAW will do to “educate” their heretics.

But that’s not the only union news. Trump was just endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, with over 300,000 members. And hours before the first debate, the federal immigration workers’ union endorsed “The Donald.”

Union president Chris Crane said his 5,000 immigration officers are “the last line of defense for American communities,” but they “are prevented from enforcing the most basic immigration laws.”

Mr. Crane ripped Hillary Clinton, who he says has never met with the union. He accused her of creating her immigration plan “with the same collection of special interests and open-borders radicals” responsible for our current immigration disaster. “All in the name of cheapo labor, greed, and votes.”

smallMr. Crane went on to say that Trump has met with the officers and pledged to support them. And that Trump’s immigration will put an end to Sanctuary Cities, and put real teeth in enforcing our immigration laws.

So we’ve got: auto workers, police unions, and immigration officers, openly supporting Trump. Unions are the Democrat Party’s shock troops, and they’re starting to defect. Democrats will never admit this, but behind the scenes, there’s abject panic.

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