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Well, the Drive-By Media is awash with stories about Alicia Machado. Hillary mentioned her in the first debate; she is now exploiting her in a political ad.

Machado won the ’96 Miss Universe contest, and then gained a lot of weight during her reign. Machado claims Trump called her “Miss Piggy” back then. She says Trump’s remarks gave her depression, and an eating disorder. (Sounds like she already had one.)

Turns out there’s more to her biography, that somehow didn’t make it into Drive-By Media or the Clinton ad.

Now, according to a 1998 AP story, a judge in Machado’s Venezuela accused her of threatening to kill him. The judge had indicted her boyfriend for attempted murder. The victim’s family accused her of driving the getaway car, but she was not indicted. Some alternative news outlets are reporting that she’s been a “porn star.”

Now, be clear. I’m not attacking Ms. Machado. I’m just looking at the record. The only point I’m making is this: The Drive-By Media does Hillary’s dirty work. They hit her opponents, and they ignore whatever doesn’t fit the narrative. As in this case.

They also turn a blind eye to the vile Clinton record.

Let’s talk 1996, then. Also known as “the Era of Monica.” Let’s go back and look at Hillary’s behavior toward women abused by her husband, shall we?

The Drive-Bys ignore Hillary smearing women as “bimbos” and “stalkers,” who accused Bill Clinton of sexual crimes. Not just words; his deeds. Including, for the record, rape. Don’t forget.

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