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“Where is this endless parade of people who one time were children that Hillary Clinton took under her broomstick and shepherded to adulthood to now a happy, productive life, where are these people, where is the walking evidence of all of Hillary’s caring?”    

“The entire professional political and media apparatus has come together on one side of the aisle, and alone the other side is Donald Trump. There is no mistaking this. They are using the power they have to stack the deck.”

“Hillary Clinton is unable to win this election on her own, with her own attributes and her own agenda, her own personality, her own character. She cannot do it.”

“Whatever is going on in this country right now, you cannot blame any of it on Donald Trump, including Iraq and the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton? You can attach her to everything that’s happened in this country, pretty much, particularly the last eight years, and when she was a senator, and when she was a first lady.”

“We are gonna find out in November how many American voters actually think it might be time to try a genuine outsider.” 

“Mrs. Clinton, who has often played the victim card as a woman who is the victim of an unlevel playing field is clearly leading a ragtag bunch of partisans, which is doing everything it can to maintain an unlevel playing field.”

“I lament the role feelings plays in so much of our culture, but I can’t deny it, and this is unalterably true.”

“People will not remember what you say, what you tell them. But they’ll never forget how you make ’em feel. And Hillary is never going to win that one.”

“Hillary Clinton has a personal connection to people that know her and the fundraisers and donors, but the average Dick, Tom and Willie out there who are gonna vote for her just because she’s a Democrat, a D next to her name, she doesn’t personally connect with ’em. She doesn’t stimulate any excitement, and they know this.” 

“The Drive-Bys talk about Trump’s plan for the economy as though… He doesn’t have any past experience with any of it! That’s the attractiveness! That is the allure.” 

“I’d like to point out the college degree, the college education as something the Washington establishment has really damaged. The college degree, the college education has been sold and it’s been bought as the ticket.”   

“Hillary didn’t make anybody feel special debate night. She came across as robotic, a witch with a capital B. Trump inspired feelings among his supporters that they enjoyed and wanted more of.” 

“Solar panels are not sustainable, Millennials. May sound good, yes. ‘Clean, renewable energy.’ But what do you do when the sun’s down at night? What do you do when the clouds obscure the sun? We’re not there yet.”

“Government doesn’t create jobs, for crying out loud, and Hillary Clinton doesn’t know the first thing about it anyway. Neither does Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton doesn’t know the first thing about health care other than theory, sitting around discussing it with a bunch of other liberals in the faculty lounge.”

“Hillary Clinton knows nothing about the energy business, but she thinks she does. And what she believes, this climate change hoax, putting those beliefs into popular practice is a disaster for the United States energy economy.”

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have spent their lives trying to punish successful people in various elements of corporate life. You talk about arrogance or hubris? I mean, the idea that a bunch of rhetoricians and theoreticians know better how to build buildings, housing areas, developments and so forth? Pharmaceutical companies, energy companies? They know?” 

“Michelle Obama, in campaigning for Hillary, what are the top two reasons to vote for Hillary? Number one, because Trump’s the opponent. Number two, Trump’s the opponent. Number three, she’s a woman. And that’s it.” 

“Hillary Clinton, a 30-year track record in Washington, and you can track the messes and you can track the flub-ups. You can track the incompetence.” 

“Do you realize now how many of these clowns think — and Stephen Hawking is one of them — the only hope that civilization has, the only hope because of climate change is colonizing Mars or an asteroid or the moon?” 

“Hillary Clinton working in government has cost people their lives. Donald Trump hasn’t done that.” 

“Monica Lewinsky had a lot of exposure to the presidency. Paula Jones. Well, not Paula Jones, but Kathleen Willey. There are a bunch of ’em that had a lot of exposure.”  

“The idea that it is a fact check story is designed to say to you that it is objective and analytically fair, and all it is is a vehicle for them to do opinion journalism under the guise of fairness — which, if you fall for it, gives it even more power.” 

“Hillary Clinton cannot be honest, in a nationwide campaign, about what she’s gonna do. She wouldn’t get 30% of the vote, maybe 40, if she did. Just like Obama didn’t. Obama didn’t campaign on 90% of the stuff that he ended up doing. Quite the opposite, in fact.” 

“People will not remember what you say, what you tell them. But they’ll never forget how you make ’em feel. And Hillary is never going to win that one.” 

“I am fundraising gold. Democrat donors hate me so much that they hear my name and they run to their checkbooks.”

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