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“This is just absolutely absurd that a 20-year-ago Miss-whatever seems to be dominating the presidential election all because the Drive-By Media need it to dominate the presidential election because if we get back to issues there’s no way Hillary Clinton can compete.”

“The Drive-By Media is happy to go sewer. They are happy to go tabloid. Anything they can do to protect Hillary. Anything they can do to avoid dealing with the issues that need to be fixed if we are going to save this country as founded.”

“If we had a media that even had a grain of salt of objectivity, a grain of sand of even the pretense of fairness, once this story on Alicia Machado surfaced, they would clearly see the irony and point out that if we’re gonna make a subject here of bullying women a central factor in the campaign, that it seems like the Democrat nominee for president is the record holder.”

“This is so screwed up. If there is anybody in this campaign who doesn’t pay women what she pays men in her office, it’s Hillary Clinton. If there’s a woman in this campaign that bullies other women and has been acclaimed for it, it is Hillary Clinton.” 

“We’re a highbrow program here. We aim for everybody, but we don’t try to focus in this pop culture sewer that seems to be where many in the Drive-By Media love sloshing around.” 

“The economy’s revised growth is down from 1.2% to 1.3% or 1.3% to 1.4%. It’s basically nothing. There is no economic growth taking place!” 

“If there is anybody in this campaign who doesn’t pay women what she pays men in her office, it’s Hillary Clinton. If there’s a woman in this campaign that bullies other women and has been acclaimed for it, it is Hillary Clinton.” 

“Trump represents the invasion of a very, very closeted and closed club that is very, very hard to get into. He’s crashed in and has got all of them quaking in their boots.” 

“The irony to me is here we have Donald Trump being accused of being a bully, mistreating this woman. Over here, we have a woman who’s running for president on the basis she has learned how to destroy other women. She has done more than bully!”  

“Hillary Clinton is the most cheated-on woman in America, and she has taken it out on the women who cheat. She has not taken it out — that we have seen, anyway — on her husband. Every action she has taken has been to excuse her husband.” 

“The way people measure Trump is not the way they’re gonna measure Hillary. Trump has not had a thing to do with anything in this country, good or bad, in terms of policy. Hillary’s fingerprints are all over everything, including everything that’s going wrong and has gone wrong.” 

“You’re gonna lose the battle if it’s for the truth with the Drive-By Media. They don’t care about the truth.  You cannot shame the Drive-By Media.  You cannot shame the leftists.  You can’t. They have a totally different measure of success.”

“Democrats are corrupting agents. There is nothing sacred. There’s nothing. There’s no loss of life, there’s no accident, there is no event that they will not exploit for political gain.”

“We lionize the undecideds. We put the undecideds and the independents, we put ’em on the pedestal, because they’re told the election turns on how they vote.”

“The upside here is that even though Hillary won in these three scientific polls, she got no momentum out of it the debate that they can find in the polling data.”

“I would say 80%, if not more, of every news report that you see on the election and on the campaign from ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, is essentially coming from the Clinton campaign.”

“”Hillary comes up with some allegation about Trump and the media, like lapdogs, will run with it, because it’s coordinated. You have to be able to watch this stuff and discern that, to understand it, to not doubt it. Eight times out of 10, it’s exactly what is happening.”

“The Washington Post had assigned 20 reporters to dig up dirt on Trump, just like they assigned all these reporters dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. And the best they can come up with is a porn star who was a Miss Universe that Trump once allegedly called Miss Piggy. That’s it.” 

“Miss Pelosi wants to come along and claim the Republican Party has been lackadaisical in the security and safety of the American people. This is the party that just engineered the largest state sponsor of terrorism obtaining nuclear weapons. That’d be our friends, the Iranians.” 

“Donald Trump is not going to bag the next debate for one reason: The media has proclaimed him the loser. He is not going to pull out of this debate with the Drive-Bys saying he’s a loser. He’s too competitive. If he had won the first debate, maybe. Maybe.” 

“So-called journalists love — the premise of ‘irony.’  It’s a close second to hypocrisy.  When they find irony in something, they just can’t avoid it.” 

“One of the many human characteristics that just rubs a lot of people raw is self-confidence, particularly on matters that many people think are complicated and complex. Anybody who comes along and is dead certain what he or she thinks and is very confident, people don’t like that.”

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