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It’s That Time of Year: Christie Praises White House in CrisisRUSH: Folks, I don’t want to sound any alarm bells here or anything here, but I have to tell you something. Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, was just doing a press conference on the train derailment in Hoboken, and Governor Christie, during the press conference said that he had just received a call from the White House. The White House had called him offering him their assistance in the aftermath of the train derailment in Hoboken.

Does that conjure up any memories, ladies and gentlemen? Does it remind you maybe, say, of a hurricane that happened, Hurricane Sandy? Does it remind you that President Barack Hussein O showed up, after having offered Governor Christie assistance? What was it, a week or two before the election in 2012, and Governor Christie was on the beach. They were walking or something close to the beach — and it was The Hug, was it not?

Do you recall people being infuriated over this, two weeks before the election? Christie had been the keynote speaker at the Republican convention. It looked like a slap at Romney. So I just wanted to share it with you before you hear it yourself. I don’t… Look, we’re much farther from election this year than the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. But Christie was clearly trying to reassure people that the White House had called him and had offered assistance.

Europe Beats Trump to Border WallsRUSH: Have you heard France and Britain are building border walls? France is building “a roughly mile-long concrete barrier intended to separate a sprawling migrant camp from the tunnels that offer passage to Britain.” This is near Calais, or Calais, however you pronounce it. It is “the latest attempt in what has become a global effort to throw physical barriers in the way of historic streams of human migration.” France and Britain have beat Trump to the punch, and they’re building border walls themselves. Liberals: It’s Too Late to Prevent Our Demise from Global WarmingRUSH: From a website called Motherboard: “Goodbye World: We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good — It’s a banner week for the end of the world, because we’ve officially pushed atmospheric carbon levels past their dreaded 400 parts per million. Permanently.”

Meaning it’s over. We have missed the opportunity to stop global warming, climate change, it’s over. The planet is now destined to be uninhabitable. We have blown it, according to this bunch. That’s the extreme levels they’re willing to get to in order to be persuasive ’cause they still can’t reach a majority.

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