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RUSH: Well, my friends, it’s taken a train wreck to get another train wreck off the front page. I’m not happy about it. I’m not happy about a lot. I’m sitting here, I’m ticked off today. I’m a combination of ticked off, if I said depressed, you people would get worried, and I don’t want to get you worried. I’m a little depressed. This is just absolutely absurd that a 20-year-ago Miss-whatever seems to be dominating the presidential election all because the Drive-By Media need it to dominate the presidential election because if we get back to issues there’s no way Hillary Clinton can compete.

And the Drive-By Media is happy to go sewer. They are happy to go tabloid. Anything they can do to protect Hillary. Anything they can do to avoid dealing with the issues that need to be fixed if we are going to save this country as founded. They seem to be just happy and fine with the downward spiral this country is taking, as long as the Democrats continue to occupy positions of power, which is why we’re in a downward spiral.

So now we’ve got somebody that’s absolutely irrelevant to anything, some woman named Alicia Machado, who was a Miss Universe, who happened to gain a lot of weight who Trump happened to try to help out, actually. He owned the damn business. It wasn’t doing good for the wearer of the crown to be looking like she was looking, but for it to become the number one issue in the campaign and because of the itinerant controversy — and the thing that’s ironic about this, they’re claiming that Donald Trump bullied this ex-Miss Universe.

Has anybody asked about Hillary Clinton bullying all of the bimbos that have erupted during the course of her and her husband’s political career? This is so screwed up. If there is anybody in this campaign who doesn’t pay women what she pays men in her office, it’s Hillary Clinton. If there’s a woman in this campaign that bullies other women and has been acclaimed for it, it is Hillary Clinton.

On the one hand, we have Donald Trump, who supposedly loves women too much, that he’s a Don Juan, that he was a playboy, the guy loves women too much. All of a sudden now some unhappy woman hired by the Hillary campaign running around making some stupid allegation about whatever happened some years ago becomes the focal point and the means by which they can try to lay the label of bully on Trump. When Hillary Clinton saved her husband’s presidency and perhaps the Democrat Party by bullying and trying to destroy every woman that had an affair with her husband.

She ran and directed the bimbo eruptions team. She doesn’t pay the women in her office what the men in her office make. She runs around and whines and moans about unequal pay. She needs to start in her own office. You can talk to any number of women who’ve been bullied and worse by Hillary Clinton and the entire Hillary campaign. We’re not even supposed to talk about that. The Drive-Bys say, no, we cannot bring up Lewinsky or any of the women because Bill Clinton is not running, and that’s not the story, and it’s not useful, and it wouldn’t be wise, and it wouldn’t be helpful. Of course it wouldn’t be helpful. But we can go after Trump all day long.

Now, Trump could do something about this, damn it, if he would stop toying around with this. If Trump would take this back to the issues, if Trump would get back on the stump and keep talking like he has been for the past three weeks and stop taking the bait on this stuff. He’s got the crowds, the crowds are showing up. Because the crowds are showing up, the media is showing up. So if Trump wanted to steer this back to the issues, he could.

It wouldn’t be easy because the Drive-Bys are gonna try to prevent it. I know Trump’s instincts. He’s got somebody out there attacking him, wounding him, trying to, he’s gotta stand up and defend himself, but it’s just prolonging this asinine story until this unfortunate train wreck in Hoboken took place.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Governor Christie’s made a statement. Grab sound bite number 19. This was moments ago on CNN, John Berman talked to Governor Chris Christie. He said, “You told us this is being investigated by several local state and now federal agencies. At this early stage is there anything to indicate this was anything other than an accident?”

CHRISTIE: Nothing at this point. But, again, remember we are at the very earliest stages of this, and so it would be inappropriate for us to draw any conclusions at this time. We don’t have any indications of anything other than an accident, but we are not going to preclude any possibility because it would be irresponsible to do so.

RUSH: Okay, so they don’t know what happened here. The train left the tracks, it flew into the terminal building, it was the brakes, essentially. One person dead, a hundred people are injured. A passenger that they found said it felt like an eternity. I can imagine the horror that must have been involved in this. So they’re gonna start investigating and looking into it and try to find out what happened. So that train wreck has come along and derailed the Drive-By Media train track that is Alicia Machado. I still have a whole Stack of Stuff on this woman today. Grab audio sound bites number one and two just to show you.

Our old buddies — I think we got something back and forth going here. I mention these guys, they mention me, they of course love me mentioning them on this, the most listened to media program in America. So they love me, Heilemann and Halperin, talking about things. Last night on their TV show With All Due Respect on the Bloomberg TV network. I have no idea what channel that is on. I’ve never watched the Bloomberg network. I really don’t know. I assume it’s in the 300s which CNBC is and Fox Business, but I’ve never — (interruption) No, no, I’m not try to cut. I just never watched the network.

Who wants to watch a bunch of business computer terminals? That’s what I thought Bloomberg was and then occasionally the mayor would come out and start talking about people drinking too much Diet Coke and I said, “Okay, I don’t need to see any more of this.” (interruption) Channel 353. See how helpful we are? Channel 353 on DirecTV. Okay, so here we are. This is Halperin and Heilemann, and they are talking about the emergence of the former Miss Universe in 1996. That’s 20 years ago, is it not? Alicia Machado as a campaign issue, Halperin leads off.

HALPERIN: Conservatives have been trying to discredit Machado by digging up stories from her past in Venezuela, involving a boyfriend and shooting and claims that she threatened a judge. Rush Limbaugh today called her a porn star, alluding to a report that may have appeared in an adult film. The Drive-By Media, as Limbaugh calls our ilk, have for the most part, given this story plenty of time for the last 48 hours. Fox News, however, different story. Will the apparent effort by conservative media either to defend Trump on this or ignore this stuff effectively discourage the Trump campaign from changing course.

RUSH: Look at all of the presumption in there. I’m not talking about it ’cause it’s irrelevant and it’s dumb and it’s silly and it’s nothing more than a Clinton distraction that these guys are happy to use for that purpose, anything to take attention away from her and anything to take the issues off the table. The issues are how Hillary Clinton loses. The issues, the last eight years of policy, and Hillary Clinton being associated with them and wanting to increase them, continue them, double down on them is how she loses. Of course these guys don’t want that discussed. So with some porn star bimbo coming up from the Clinton campaign, bubbling up with all of these incendiary comments about Trump, made to order.

We’re a highbrow program here. We aim for everybody, but we don’t try to focus in this pop culture sewer that seems to be where many in the Drive-By Media love sloshing around. Whatever it takes to help the Clintons is what they will do. “And Rush Limbaugh today called her a porn star.” I didn’t call her a porn star. I was reading a news report in which she was referred to as a porn star. I don’t watch porn. I don’t know if she’s done porn or not. I have no idea if she’s a — I read what one of your colleagues in the Drive-By Media wrote about her.

She’s worse than a porn star. But because she’s a woman and this is 2016 and women are getting bullied and raped on college campus, ostensibly, gotta be very, very careful here. So Trump calls her Miss Piggy. There is a character called Miss Piggy, proudly called Miss Piggy, one of the Muppets. Looks like somebody in American politics today, I might add, if you can’t figure it out, I’ll leave it up to you at some point to see. Miss Piggy. Anyway, so Heilemann reacts to Halperin pointing out that I’m berating the media for talking about it and Fox News not talking about it.

HEILEMANN: One of the things that is true about a lot of Republican politicians and particularly Republican presidential nominees is that eventually they start as the campaign gets longer and longer for variety of reasons, they get sucked into the conservative media cocoon and they stop talking to anybody outside that cocoon. It is understandable. You want the praise. You don’t want the criticism. You want the easy questions not the hard questions. But it is not to your political benefit to do that. And in this case, I think if Donald Trump is just looking at Fox News and reading Breitbart and looking at conservative blogs. He doesn’t understand what kind of resonance this story is happening out of the real world.

RUSH: These guys think that Machado story is the story of the campaign — and, by the way, so do some of you. Some of the emails I’m getting from you from Panic City indicate that you think it is, too, and that Trump’s gotta do something here to change the subject or what have you. This is what I meant yesterday by how easy it is to get sucked into the daily soap opera narrative put forth by the Drive-By Media. If you don’t have the wherewithal to resist it, you get sucked into it, and you think that everybody else is getting sucked into it.

You think nobody cares about anything but Alicia Machado, and then you end up concluding that Trump’s losing and Trump’s blowing it. Then you get all depressed. Then you write me wanting me to do something about it. And I’m not running! All I can do is offer salient advice from my perch here at the Attila the Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. But this has not sucked me in except to make this point. I want to make it again. The irony of this…

By the way, I say “irony” ’cause the Drive-Bys love — the journalists, so-called journalists love — the premise of “irony.” It’s a close second to hypocrisy. When they find irony in something, they just can’t avoid it. And the irony to me is here we have Donald Trump being accused of being a bully, mistreating this woman. Over here, we have a woman who’s running for president on the basis she has learned how to destroy other women. She has done more than bully!

She has helped destroy women her husband has had extramarital affairs with. Hillary Clinton is the most cheated-on woman in America, and she has taken it out on the women who cheat. She has not taken it out — that we have seen, anyway — on her husband. Every action she has taken has been to excuse her husband. Everything she’s done after learning of her husband’s extramarital affairs has been to punish, to bully, to destroy the women involved.

Not her husband because, of course, to do that would have been destroying her own future and perhaps a large part of the Democrat Party. That’s how messed up all of this is. And if we had a media that even had a grain of salt of objectivity, a grain of sand of even the pretense of fairness, once this story on Alicia Machado surfaces, they would clearly see the irony and point out that if we’re gonna make a subject here of bullying women a central factor in the campaign, that it seems like the Democrat nominee for president is the record holder.


RUSH: This Alicia Machado, she is the exact type of woman Bill Clinton would go after, the exact kind of woman Clinton would think is a hottie, and Hillary would then trash the hell out of. She’s exactly the kind of woman. “This is what you get when you drag a dollar bill through the proverbial…” (interruption) Well, it is. What can I…? Colloquial.


RUSH: Yeah, that’s a good point. The one thing to keep in mind — it’s actually a reminder — do you remember way back some months ago we learned that the New York Times…? No. It was the Washington Post. They had assigned 20 reporters to dig up dirt on Trump. And I imagine the New York Times has done the same thing. The point is just like they assigned all these reporters dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. And the best they can come up with is a porn star who was a Miss Universe that Trump once allegedly called Miss Piggy.

That’s it. That’s the best they can come up with, apparently. And, of course, I wonder, who came up with this first? Did the Hillary camp find it and then give it to the Drive-Bys or did the Drive-Bys find it and give it to the Hillary camp? (interruption) You really think that? You think the Hillary campaign found her first, made her an official part of the campaign, and then the Drive-Bys are playing copycat and they’re feeding off? Okay, fine. Well, hunky-dory.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier, I have just a little excerpt here from one of Trump’s books called The Art of the Comeback, and he deals with Alicia Machado. This is what Trump wrote in his book, and I want you to hear this and measure it against what you are hearing the Drive-Bys report about Trump and this former Miss Universe.

Trump writes, “Having a broadcaster as my partner was a terrific strategic advantage. No other bidder had guaranteed television viewing. The other bidders were scared and their bids were low. The pageant in Miami Beach, my first as owner, was a huge success. We sold out the house; it was a mob scene. From my position offstage, I was able glance up at the greenroom occasionally. I could just see Alicia Machado, the current Miss Universe, sitting there plumply. God, what problems I had with this woman.

“First, she wins. Second, she gains fifty pounds. Third, I urged the committee not to fire her. Fourth, I go to the gym with her in a show of support. Final act: She trashes me in the Washington Post — after I stood by her the entire time. What’s wrong with this picture? Anyway, the best part about the evening was the knowledge that next year she would no longer be Miss Universe. What’s maddening is that I supported her.

“Even in Palm Beach, where I haven’t always gotten the greatest press, Shannon Donnelly, society columnist for the Palm Beach Daily News,” known here as the Shiny Sheet, “wrote, ‘Here’s a new one for the Donald: Protector-Advocate for large women. His acquisition from ITT has put Alicia Machado under the Trump Aegis. The Donald, bless his heart, doesn’t want to fire her because “it would be a terrible message to send.” He is instead bringing her to the spa at Mar-a-Lago where she can work out in earnest, eat sensibly and generally decompress.’ That sounds pretty gentlike to me.”

That’s what’s in the book. That’s what Trump wrote about Alicia Machado. Now, what have you heard? “He called me Miss Piggy. He humiliated me. He embarrassed me.” He kept her from being fired. He had to go to the board of the pageant, kept her from being fired, took her down to at Mar-a-Lago, put her in the spa, tried to help her, it sounds like.

The Art of the Comeback, this was written years ago, folks, before anybody knew this was gonna be a controversy in a presidential race. You can’t say, “He revised it, Rush, you know, he went in there, rewrote it, and the publisher republished that page.” Doesn’t work that way.

John Hinderaker at Power Line. This kind of captures my sentiment on all of this. “The Issues Disappear from the Presidential Campaign” — A funny thing has happened as we approach Election Day: the issues have more or less disappeared; or, at least, the press has stopped talking about them.” It’s true, I was fit to be tied. I said yesterday, you know, it’s always this unexpected crap that comes out of nowhere that has nothing to do with anything that the Drive-Bys just love to harp on and obscure everything else.

Mr. Hinderaker continues: “Donald Trump raced to the front of the GOP pack by focusing on illegal immigration. For months, liberals inside and outside of the press denounced Trump’s immigration views, accusing him of being a bigot, etc. But immigration has now disappeared from the news. In the first Clinton-Trump debate, moderator Leslie Holt never mentioned the subject. Why? Democrats understand that most voters side with Trump.

“Likewise with trade. Here, in my opinion, Trump is vulnerable, but the issue is still too risky for the Left. Therefore, the less said the better. How about our declining military, the Iran deal, Hillary Clinton’s criminal mishandling of classified information, the weakest recovery since WWII, stagnant wages, the war on cops and a suddenly rising crime rate, the Libya fiasco, and Obamacare, a failure by any accounting? Where have all the issues gone? Off the front pages, every one, and so far, out of the debates.

original“The issues that voters care most about appear to be off the table until the election is safely over. Instead, editors and reporters are feeding us a steady diet of Trump’s tax returns, a reprise of birtherism, and Alicia Machado, a person, evidently, of great significance. … Trump, of course, bears some responsibility. He is not a skillful candidate, and sometimes he doesn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. Or to stop talking about Ms. Machado. All too often, he has gone along with reporters who are obviously trying to throw him off his game.

“Still, it’s not too late. If Trump gets back to the issues and stops rising to the bait every time a reporter tries to distract him, he can still win. The problem is that to do this, he must keep his ego in check. Trump needs to remember that the election is not about him, his business dealings or his petty rivalries, it is about the future of the United States of America. Whether he can do this remains to be seen.”

That’s John Hinderaker at Power Line. I subscribe to a lot of this. It’s like Trump said after the debate, “They didn’t bring up the foundation. They didn’t bring up the emails.” No, they didn’t. You’re gonna have to. And you’re gonna have to get ’em off this Machado business. And the longer you stay on it trying to protect your valor or get the truth out — see, I think one thing has gotta be understood here. You’re gonna lose the battle if it’s for the truth with the Drive-By Media.

They don’t care about the truth. You cannot shame the Drive-By Media. You cannot shame the leftists. You can’t. They have a totally different measure of success. Do I see a scenario where this Machado thing can backfire on the Democrats? Well, yeah, if somebody would start using the talking points I led off this program with.

Okay, so you want to talk about bullying? You better focus on Hillary Clinton; you better look at the bimbo eruptions; and you better go start talking to Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick, if you’re gonna talk to Alicia Machado. If you’re gonna do that, you better go find them, you better talk to them, you better find out what role Hillary Clinton played in destroying the lives of women who had cheated with her husband.

You had better find out everything Hillary Clinton did to bully and intimidate and threaten those women who either came forward or were thinking of coming forward. There’s a whole bunch of Clinton women that have not come forward who were threatened and bullied into staying silent. You want evidence? Grab sound bite number 20.

This is from the documentary film called The War Room about the Clinton ’92 presidential campaign. George Stephanopoulos and James Carville ran the Clinton war room. He now is at Good Morning America. Here’s a portion of Stephanopoulos talking with an unidentified person about information they have that would be harmful to Bill Clinton.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Think of yourself. I guarantee you that if you do this you’ll never work in Democrat politics again. Nobody will believe you, and people will think you’re scummy. The alternative is, you don’t do it, it causes you some temporary pain with people who tomorrow aren’t gonna matter, and you have a campaign that understands that in a difficult time you did something right.

RUSH: This is how they, to one degree or another, dealt with the bimbo eruptions that have yet to erupt, just threatened them. That’s from The War Room. They were proud of this. They made this documentary bragging about how they did all of this.


RUSH: Bo Snerdley, the Official Program Observer, asked me moments ago if I thought it possible the Alicia Machado thing could backfire on the Democrats. I guess. I mean, it depends on how you look at it. I do think that it has the ability, it has the potential to make Hillary look desperate.

Look, Hillary has this rep that they’ve built about the strongest woman, tough as nail, smartest woman in America, more qualified to be president than anybody, including Obama, including her husband. She’s more qualified, she’s got a better resume than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR. This is how they’re selling her. She is the feminazi. She is the glass ceiling breaker. She is the trend-setter, the pacesetter. She’s all but won the election.

She has to bring in her own bimbo eruption to divert attention? Why would you want to divert attention if you’re all these wonderful things? Sterling feminazi, strong woman, glass ceiling breaker, smartest woman in the world, more qualified, why would you want to do anything to take away from that? Why would you want to divert attention from that and using your own bimbo eruption to do it? It’s working. I mean, the Drive-Bys are clearly more happy to talk about that than they are any of Hillary’s achievements. So, yeah, could it backfire? You tell me.

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