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RUSH: Mike in Pompano Beach, Florida. You’re next. You’re first. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I feel very strongly about something, strategically speaking. I had some discussions with friends of mine, and I’ve listened to the media kind of talk about this, as to whether Trump ought to go for Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s accusers. I think that it’s a huge Achilles’ heel. I think the fact that they’re trying to cover it up and stay off the topic is evidence to that, and I really want Trump at the start of the debate to categorically prosecute her with names and dates, et cetera, of the accusers of rape, of sexual abuse, et cetera.

And then I want him to say that Hillary maligned those women, that she tried to destroy them and silence them, and he should go into that for two minutes and say, “You know, the whole last debate the media’s been complicit in keeping this from the American people, and a lot of people may not know what happens back in the day when these women were allegedly abused and Bill committed crimes against them, among those are rape,” and I would say that Hillary called them bimbos. She slimed them, et cetera, et cetera.

Categorically destroy her, ’cause I don’t even know what they can say in response to that. And you ought to leave it with a question to her as to, “Hillary, how do you justify your and your attorneys’ attempt to silence women? You’ve set women’s and women’s rights back a hundred years, and how dare you attack me for rude comments when on the record, what you’ve done is morally inexcusable?” And I want your opinion, Rush, as to the effectiveness of such an attack that Trump ought to make.

And he can even say, “The media — you, Martha Raddatz,” and whoever at the debate, “have talked about statements I’ve made about one woman in a beauty contest that may have been off color or rude, yet there are women’s lives Hillary destroyed. How can you call yourself an advocate for woman, and how do you defend yourself?” What’s your opinion on him doing that, Rush? Don’t you think that that’s our home run right there?

RUSH: Let me ask you first: Why do you want to him to do is this? And what I mean by it is —

CALLER: (interrupting)

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, now. This is important. Is it something that you…? As you said, you are strategically thinking. Do you really think that would be a winner, or is it just something you want to hear ’cause you are ticked off at how all this is going? You’re ticked off at the hypocrisy, and you just want somebody to fire back on her so she doesn’t get away with it.

CALLER: No, no, no. To the contrary, the former. I think it is incredibly effective. I think a lot of the voting public votes for who they feel comfortable with, who they think is morally capable of leading the country.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. No, seriously. I’m gonna pepper you here with devil’s advocate questions. There’s no wrong answer, so I’m not giving you a test. Don’t… How many people do you think do not know that Bill Clinton schtoops the help?

CALLER: Thirty-percent of her voting base. And it’s not what Bill did; it’s what she did. I mean, calling these people bimbos? I mean, I would ask her, “Are you a big advocate for Bill Cosby? Do you think his behavior is good who silenced those women?”

RUSH: Well, no, wait. You can’t say, “It’s not what he did, it’s what she did,” because what she did was directly related to what he did. He schtooped the women, and then she came along —

CALLER: Yeah, but it was a cover-up.

RUSH: Pardon?

CALLER: It’s the maligning. It’s the cover-up. It’s the maligning. It’s going back a hundred years to —

RUSH: No, wait.

CALLER: — when somebody —

RUSH: No, no.

CALLER: — says you were raped, people say, “Nah, no, you weren’t.”

RUSH: You’re not hearing me. Let me say it again. You can’t just focus on Hillary doing that —

CALLER: Why not?

RUSH: — without having Bill Clinton brought up, and the moderator of this debate is gonna be sympathetic to Bill Clinton like you can’t believe. You can’t bring Hillary up isolated. The reason you’re even bringing —

CALLER: (interrupting)

RUSH: The reason you’re even bringing it up is because of Bill Clinton’s actions.

CALLER: Right. But he’s got two minutes to say what he wants and they can interrupt him for the first 20 seconds, and then he can go on. I mean, it’s incredibly effective. It hits at where people make their voting decisions. It hits at her, quote, “strength” or her alleged strength, and I think that’s actually a two for one. He can impugn the media for saying, “You guys spend weeks and a whole debate talking about my off-color language, and you’ve ignored how you treated actual females and how you…

“I mean, how dare you get up here and say that you’re an advocate for women. Not only are you crooked, you’ve been doing some of the most terrible moral things to aid your ambition and to keep your power.” I mean, I think it’s a home run, and, quite frankly — if I might play devil’s advocate right back at you, Rush — what in the world would you say if you’re Hillary? “Yeah, that was Bill. That was Bill, not me.” Come on, Hillary. You stood by his side and your attorneys visited those women and you aired their dirty laundry and maligned them.

RUSH: Okay, let me answer the question. What I would say if I was Hillary, is I’d look at the camera and say, “There he goes again. Here comes this vast right-wing conspiracy. They can’t stop trying to destroy my husband. But unfortunately my husband isn’t on the ballot. My husband… I wish I could bring back his economy, and I’ll be talking to my husband about that, but I’m sorry, Mr. Trump.

“I don’t know what it is. Are you jealous of my husband? Are you not getting as much attention as my husband got? I don’t know what the problem is. All I know is there’s been there’s been a vast right-wing conspiracy out to destroy my husband from the days we were in Arkansas.” The audience will give her a standing ovation.

CALLER: (interrupting)

RUSH: She can answer totally about Bill Clinton. Her answer would be totally about Bill Clinton. She’s not gonna answer a question, “Mrs. Clinton, isn’t it true that you called women bimbos and you personally sought to destroy them for coming forward and explaining how your husband had hit on them, or whatever he did?” She’s gonna turn that right around into Trump being the latest member of the vast right-wing conspiracy trying to destroy her husband.

CALLER: Can’t he just right back say, “No, I’m not talking about the person who robbed the grocery store. I’m talking about you hiding them in your bedroom. I’m talking about your reaction to the controversy —

RUSH: Of course he can.

CALLER: “– and you defending him.”

RUSH: Of course he can.

CALLER: And I think he ought to.

RUSH: All right. Well, the reason I asked you what your preference for this is, is because I understand it. I want these people to be paid back for everything they’ve done, and I want it to happen in front of the country. And, therefore, since I can’t do it, I hope Trump will come up and do it. And then I end up thinking, “You know, that could be a winner.” When I start thinking that way, I start thinking how it’s gonna be dealt with. Trump’s gonna be isolated. The moderator is gonna be totally with Hillary, because it’s gonna be an attack on the woman: Her.

And then they’re gonna go after the — well, I told you what they’re gonna do. I tell you how she’s gonna answer. She’s not going to answer the question. No matter how many times Trump asks it, no matter how many times Trump makes the point that she ran the bimbo eruptions unit, that she professes to be big in women’s rights and all she’s done is everything she can to destroy women who have attempted to malign her husband. She will have a lot of people thinking that’s a loyal thing for a wife to do.

She’s never gonna answer question. She’s never seen going to accept the premise of your question. She doesn’t have to. It’s always going to be characterized by her and the media as yet another attack on her husband. And then they’re gonna say, “He’s not running. Can you people get Bill Clinton off your mind for 90 minutes once?”

Look, I’m like you, I would love for this to happen, and I would love for Hillary to be exposed in this way. And how many people don’t know? How many people don’t know what Bill Clinton it? How many people don’t know about Monica Lewinsky? How many people don’t know about Gennifer Flowers? How many people think that the truth is what the Clintons said on 60 Minutes in 1992? Well, he said 30%. He may be right.

Now, the next question, how many people know that Hillary Clinton ran the bimbo eruptions unit? And how many people know, independent of being told for the first time, what percentage of voters know that Hillary Clinton has personally charted the strategy and the actions that have targeted women that Bill Clinton had affairs with to destroy them, to threaten them, to intimidate them? How many people know that who are voting for her anyway? How many people don’t know it and don’t care? In other words, what percentage of the voting public who don’t know this, who could learn it, might have it change their mind about Hillary Clinton?

I don’t know the answer to that. These are just questions, preguntas, if you will, that I am asking. And I’ve asked these questions for I don’t know how long. What I know is this. Since 1992, a dominant feature of Republican Party campaigning against the Clintons has been focused on Bill Clinton’s infidelity. The second aspect of it has been on the women with whom Clinton engaged in infidelity. And in all of those years, I don’t see any damage. I see Clinton as a rock star in the Democrat Party. I see the Democrat Party thinking Bill Clinton’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, close competition with Obama, but long-term I think Clinton wins it ’cause the party’s racist.

Clinton’s got his Global Initiative and his family foundation, and is considered to be now a great, great patron of charities and so forth. He’s got the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. And, by the way, about that, we’ve even got proof now that he gets massaging in the damn library. We’ve got proof of it! I make a joke about it and it’s actually true. He’s got an apartment and an endless stream of women are brought in there. The last I checked, Bill Clinton’s reputation within the Democrat Party and around the world in establishment, elite political circles is nothing but great.

So you tell me. I think that Trump’s best bet — and this is intelligence guided by experience — Trump’s best bet is to go back last week, two weeks, three weeks, a month ago, find out what he was doing when he was closing the polling gap and get back to doing that. And I can tell you what it was. I-s-s-u-e-s. Immigration, the military, national security, incompetence, fraud, all of that.

You know what I’m also hearing? People can’t believe, people that love Trump, people that want Trump to win can’t believe that he spent all week, including 3am tweets, on a former Miss Universe. So people are beginning to ask, like Michael Goodwin in the New York Post who wants Trump to win, asked in his column yesterday, does he really not want to? Is he afraid? ‘Cause every time he pulls even, every time he gains ground in these polls, and every time it looks like he’s got her on the ropes, he does something like this and blows it.

So Michael Goodwin’s asking himself, does he really not want to win this? Because these mistakes that he’s making, they defy logic. And he’s got enough experience now.

But then the other side of that is, “Rush, you still don’t get it. Trump is being who he is. He’s no different now than last summer, last fall. He’s going after this woman like he’s gone after anybody that’s attacked him. And that’s why he’s loved, and that’s why he’s gonna get elected, is because he’s the only guy in this campaign that’s real and acts like a real person acts and defends us as real people. No, Rush, Goodwin’s wrong, he’s not trying to lose. He’s just being who he is, and if that doesn’t work out, fine, he’s not gonna phony it up.” That’s the answer I hear from people that don’t think he’s anything but legit here.


RUSH: Folks, all is not lost. If you want to go after Hillary Clinton for her hypocrisy on women, let me tell you how to do it. The best way to do it is a way that does not permit her to bring up her husband. And it’s real simple. It’s documented, it’s been proven, there’s no having to prove anything. You simply ask her why she accepts money from individuals and countries that permit the rape of women. Why does she accept money from nations and people who demand that women not be allowed to drive cars, that women be totally the covered up except for their eyes when out in public.

Ask her why, if she is such a feminist, and if she’s done so much for women, and if she stands up for women, ask her how much she stands up for female babies. Ask her why she accepts millions of dollars from people who treat women like second-class citizens. There’s no way she can go to the her husband. She can try. “My husband and I have decided.” But it doesn’t involve anything he’s done, it doesn’t involve the bimbos, and she’s just as hypocritical.

That would be the way I would do it. It’s current. It doesn’t involve women that have been in the public domain for 20 years who it can’t be said that they’ve been effective, God bless them. I mean, why retry the same case when the jury has acquitted the accused for 20 years? But on the money that the Clinton Foundation is getting, on the money that Hillary is getting as donations, you point out that people that donate expect something back. People don’t give money ’cause they like you. And who likes the Clintons anyway?

People give money because of what they’re gonna get for it, and why would you accept money, millions and millions of dollars, from people and organizations and from countries who mistreat women, who treat them as second-class citizens, and detail some of the treatment. From people and countries who stone women for being seen with a man who’s not her husband.

Why would you accept money from an individual, from a country, from an organization that does not even permit women free speech? If you want to go after Hillary on the women, that’s how you would do it, in my estimation. Keep it current, keep it real, keep her husband out of it, and really raise some eyebrows at the same time. And then throw in something, “This is not sustainable,” and the Millennials will love you.


Claremore, Oklahoma, next.  This is Kathryn.  It’s great that you waited.  I appreciate your patience, too.  Hi. 

CALLER:  Hi.  Mega dittos from a Rush Baby. 

RUSH:  Thank you.  I really appreciate that, too.  That means you’ve been around for quite a while, from the formative ages. 

CALLER:  My mom has been listening to you since ’88, ’89, so a long time. 

RUSH:  I genuinely appreciate that.  I really do.  Thank you. 

CALLER:  Okay.  My point that I wanted to make was you know Hillary’s gonna bring up the tax returns at the next debate.  And I think Trump, he gets offended by her and it’s almost like he tries to argue the point for Hillary.  It does not matter to the Trumpists, it does not matter what is in those tax returns, there are certain people that are just gonna vote for him no matter what’s in it, what it says.  And he tries to argue the point back to her.  

He just needs to point out the facts and say, “I did nothing illegal. I took advantage of your laws that you put into place. I have been audited by the IRS.  They have not penalized me for anything.”  And then he needs to end every segment with, “On the other hand, I could have done something illegal like put a server in my bathroom. Or if you want to point out that I’m a sexist and I do horrible things to women,” and as you said earlier, “how about the money you take from Saudi Arabia?”  He just needs to do, at the end of every question that he’s got, take his two minutes, state your facts, and then turn it to her.  ‘Cause she’s done enough stuff, pay-to-play, Benghazi, the email scandal, you know, the money that she takes, he’s got enough ammunition against her to let that be the last thing he says. 

RUSH:  Okay, I think what I hear you saying — correct me if I’m wrong — is that in the next debate, Trump needs to look at the camera saying all this stuff and not look at Hillary and say it to her personally? 

CALLER:  Yes.  Because she’s a moron, if I can say that.  You can’t argue stupid.  You can’t argue with her.  You can’t say anything.  She’s gonna put that the smirk on her face, she’s gonna say whatever she wants to say, she’s gonna lie through her teeth so that she looks good.  He needs to not take that personal.  He cannot let that affect him and talk to the people that he needs to reach. Because, like I said, there are certain people that are Never Hillary, there’s your Trumpists, they’re gonna vote for him no matter what.  He’s gotta go out of his comfort zone, I think a little bit, and try to reach those people that are really on the fence.  And don’t talk to her.  Yeah, I mean, I know it’s a debate and you have to debate her, but make it about those people and point out the facts, and then always leave it, you know, ’cause he, you know — 

RUSH:  Well, now, wait.  Let me ask your opinion.  You remember the last debate when Hillary started speculating why Trump won’t release his taxes? 

CALLER:  Yes. 

RUSH:  She wasn’t talking to him.  She was looking right at the camera.  “Maybe he’s not as rich as he’s told us.  Maybe he has lost –” she gave all these things that could have been.  She never once said “maybe you.”  She was talking to the audience, “maybe he.”  That’s what I hear you advising him to do, whatever he says, do not get into a back-and-forth with her.  Just lay it out for the audience, is what I hear you saying. 

CALLER:  I think that would benefit him with the voters that are truly undecided, you know, they really can’t decide.  I think that would benefit him there, because like I said there are certain people that are just gonna vote for him. It doesn’t matter if he stands up there and says nothing, they’re still gonna vote for him. 

RUSH:  Well, folks, there may be something to this.  The sustainability Millennial crowd, they really don’t like what they construe to be insults.  And an insult can be just saying something to somebody that’s not nice.  They don’t like it, it makes them nervous and it does not endear them to anybody. But if what I hear her saying is what Trump ought to do is just speak in these debates as if he’s informing the audience, not calling her out or anything of the sort. It may make some sense, but regardless — and I appreciate the call, Kathryn — what I’m hearing here today, folks, is a bunch of people that think Trump could be doing better in all of this, which, yeah, it’s an interesting observation.

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