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“Every caller that we take on the air today is going to be offered a brand new iPhone 7 Plus. You will not get your color choice. These are extremely hard to get, folks. It’s amazing I’ve gotten the supply I have.”

“When it comes to hurricanes, I’m the guy everybody comes to for an opinion on where it’s going and who it’s going to hit, what it’s going to hit, how bad it’s going to be. And that’s because I take the time to study in depth.”

“Trump has not kept anything a secret, and yet he’s being reported on as the guy running around the edges of the law. He’s not even close to the edge of the law compared to the Democrat Party in consort with other government agencies which is outside the law on a daily basis.”

“The Clinton fortune has come about by selling themselves to donors who expect payback from Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State and potentially as president.”

“We keep being told that women despise Trump, they don’t want anything to do with Trump, and that Hillary is cleaning up with women, that women naturally gravitate toward Hillary Clinton. Well, they don’t.”

“You can’t get more political, confrontational, mean-spirited, and extremist than today’s Democrat Party.”

“Donald Trump is the result of a failed and fractured conservatism. Donald Trump didn’t cause this to the extent that people think there’s a problem with conservativism. Trump fills a vacuum filled by the fractured nature of conservativism at present.”

“Right after Hurricane Katrina Al Gore and the gang came out and they said, ‘This is it folks, this is the end. There’s going to be 15 Katrinas every summer and fall now because of global warming.’ And the moment Al Gore said it we began a 7- to 11-year period of no major hurricanes striking the United States.” 

“In our young culture — and in certain ethnic cultures this is true, too — nobody’s allowed to work harder, because that stigmatizes those who don’t work as hard. You’re not allowed to be better because that shames people who aren’t.” 

“Have you heard the FBI granted all these people immunity and then they destroy computers? It’s unreal! The FBI let them destroy the computers. This is like Al Capone being granted permission to erase his tax returns.”  

“Donald Trump has not kept anything a secret, and yet he’s being reported on as the guy running around the edges of the law. He’s not even close to the edge of the law compared to the Democrat Party in consort with other government agencies which is outside the law on a daily basis.”  

“There is no monopoly in the conservative movement. There’s not even any unity in the conservative movement, as evidenced by the news every day.” 

“Defeating us. Keeping us from increasing our power, keeping us from winning elections. That’s what unifies all the varied and fractious coalitions that make up the Democrat Party.”  

“I really do wish that there were a much greater focus on our side toward beating the left, because I think that’s what this is all about. But to some on our side it’s not really about that. That’s secondary or even tertiary. First is make sure the fundraising dollars come in.” 

“Everything is being done on defense, and I think that’s one of the biggest dividing lines in conservatism. You have people that want to be reactionary and on defense. They’re afraid of going on offense because afraid what the media is going to say or whatever stereotypes they’re afraid of being fulfilled.” 

“The whole tax return ruse is designed to expose outsiders as not being qualified to be insiders. The whole thing!” 

“A politician dresses a certain way every day for public consumption. Outsiders don’t.” 

“Feminism actually sunk itself in the ’90s in order to save Bill Clinton. The left had a choice. You had all these women claiming Bill Clinton had abused them. One woman claiming he had raped her. It was a never-ending parade.” 

“I maintain that Undeniable Rule of Life No. 24 actually is one of the primary reasons modern era feminism got started in the first place, was to deal with the inequities — the unfair inequities — that women who are unattractive face that attractive women don’t.” 

“Feminism sacrificed everything they believed for liberalism, proving that the feminists are liberals first. Just like every other liberal group, whatever faction they come from, they’re leftists first, and that’s the organizing principle that keeps them unified.” 

“Sameness is the enemy of equality. Sameness is one of the greatest assaults on equality that you could ever have. You cannot have sameness without denying people equality.” 

“You know, there are specific things wrong in this country and most of them are directly tied to what Hillary Clinton thinks, and what Barack Obama thinks, and what Michelle Obama thinks. The things going wrong in this country are the direct result of policies implemented by the Democrat Party.”     

“When young women learn about Bill Clinton and the women and the bimbos, and when they learn about Hillary’s role in all that, they don’t have this great feminist respect for Hillary. Because the truth be told, feminism sold out.”  

“So we have now learned that male existence equals ‘violence.’ Real men are violent, and that is ‘toxic.’ To be a man, to be masculine, is to be violent, and that has to be stripped away, wiped away! It has to be erased.” 

“Traditionally vice presidential debates don’t move the needle one way or the other. They have largely been irrelevant and inconsequential. But here we have perhaps in Mike Pence someone uniquely capable of explaining Trump and being Trump.” 

“You know who is actually breaking the law in this country. It’s every Democrat you can think of in this regime, at the DOJ, and Hillary Clinton and her e-mail server. Trump hasn’t broken one law yet. The media is breaking the law. Hillary is breaking the law. And we have to hear how Trump is the bad guy and Trump poses the problem. And it’s just maddening, infuriating.” 


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