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RUSH: To Omaha.  This is… Well, your name is grayed out.  I can’t see your name.  But welcome to the program great to have you here.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s Mo in Omaha, Nebraska.  How are you?

RUSH:  Fine.  What did you say your name is?

CALLER:  Mo, short for Morris.

RUSH:  M-O.  Okay, great.  Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER:  Yeah, glad to be here.  I’ll get right to the point.  It’s kind of off subject from global warming, but I want to talk about this whole… We’ve just spent the last five days or whatever complaining about Trump and his failure to pay taxes.  Five years ago, remember the close personal friend of Obama, Warren Buffett?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: He said guys like me should pay more taxes, remember that?

RUSH:  Yeah, do.

CALLER:  And yet five years later, he hasn’t paid voluntarily any more taxes.  He’s not a villain.  You know, and another point I want to make about that: If you’re one of his investors, many of whom are worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Can you imagine have him advocating for you paying more taxes? (laughing)  I just can’t even believe I was hearing that.  Anyways, I would call this hypocrisy in the media. But I don’t because they’re not media, and these are just tactics.  They’re doing exactly what they want to do.  There’s no point trying to convince them that they’re hypocrites because that’s not what they are.  They’re just… These are tactics of the ideological war.

RUSH:  Exactly.  By the way, that is why the hypocrisy angle on the left doesn’t work.  I’ve got… I can’t recall anything off the top of my head.  I’ve got two or three examples of Democrat liberal hypocrisy just today (I’ll find them), and I look at ’em and I say, “You know, it isn’t gonna be effective.”  Oh, I know what one of them is.  You know, I’ve got a story here that back in 2005… I’ve got a whole story on how Tim Kaine was so opposed to illegal immigration.

He was more opposed to it than anybody alive today, Tim Kaine, the current vice presidential nominee. Okay, so I’ve told you. Is it gonna change the way…? If you are a person that’s destined to vote for Hillary, for whatever reason, and I convince you…? I tell you, “You know, this Kaine guy, vice presidential nominee? Do you realize that back in the day he was a huge…? Before he became a person with a national agenda where he had national aspirations, he was agreeing with all of us on illegal immigration. It was a violation of law; we had to stop it. “

“Oh, really?  Wow, okay. What’s he think now?” 

“I don’t know what he really thinks but what he says is he’s all for it.  The whole charge of hypocrisy doesn’t work on ’em because they are allowed to get away with it.  They are said to have grown in office or what have you.  It’s like both Algore and Bill Clinton, when they were senator and governor, were among the biggest pro-lifers, ’cause that’s what it took to get elected.  Senator from Tennessee, governor of Arkansas.  You had to be pro-life.  They both were, proudly and big time. 

The minute they both had national aspirations, they had to go pro-choice.  Not so much for the people, but to get the money from the feminists and, you know, the NOW gang, the NAGs and so forth.  Same thing with Kaine.  So those stories are all over the place out the hypocrisy.  But I’ve never found it to be effective as a tool in persuading people to not vote for ’em or not support ’em.  It just doesn’t work.  Hypocrisy always ends up nailing Republicans.  On this tax business? The same thing with Trump’s taxes.  You can explain Trump’s tax return and everything about it perfectly clearly, totally honestly; eople aren’t gonna hear it. 

They’re gonna hear, “He didn’t pay taxes for 20 years?”

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