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On Wednesday afternoon, the Washington Post sent out a “news alert,” with this headline: “Government Contractor Secretly Arrested for Allegedly Removing Classified Materials.”

Those who checked out the story learned that Harold Thomas Martin III, from Glen Burnie, Maryland, was arrested by the FBI in late August. Why?

Well, investigators went to his house. They searched. They found documents and “digital information” stored on various devices. Which contained highly classified information. We don’t know the exact nature of the classified info, sound familiar folks? But we do know that some of the documents contain information “critical to a wide variety of national security issues.”

If he’s convicted, Mr. Martin faces 11 years in jail.

On the same day that Harold Thomas Martin III was secretly arrested  for having devices with classified information at his home, Hillary Clinton was receiving her first national security briefing as the Democrat Party nominee.

You might recall, Hillary also had various devices. With documents and digital information. That were classified. On a private server in her home. And in a bathroom somewhere in Colorado. When it became known, she deleted emails on that private server,  including some of the classified data.

But, unlike poor old Harold Thomas Martin III, Mrs. Clinton was not arrested. Because the FBI viewed what she did very differently. She was just “extremely careless.” He intended too, and he is in jail. How about that for fairness? 

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