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Alicia Machado Says No Mas

RUSH: he former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, saying she’s had it. She’s fed up. She’s done giving interviews.  It’s what happens.  You get in bed with the Clintons and you the end up regretting it and you want to hide somewhere.  Details will be coming up in due course. Yeah, you know I do have… Well, I’m not gonna offer any excuses.  Excuses are for losers and I’m not a loser, but I was looking at the clock at an angle here and I thought…

There’s still not enough time to delve deeply, but here’s the Alicia Machado story, and it’s from the U.K. Daily Mail.  She “says she’s done giving interviews about ‘fat-shaming’ after life story unravels.” Yeah, she got in bed with the Clintons, the Clintons used her, and nobody’s got a clean-and-pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow past, and so of hers has been dredged up. She not gonna give anymore interviews on the way Trump treated her, and she’s had it.  This is after Hillary Clinton spotlighted her, not Donald Trump.  So if you end up in the Clinton ZIP code, folks, you’re gonna end up in a shanty shack with no way out.


RUSH:  Yes, this is it right here.  “After Hillary Clinton put a spotlight on Machado’s strife with Trump, the 39-year-old’s dirty laundry spilled out into public.”  Do the Clinton’s care?  No way.  She served her purpose, and that’s that.  And so now here’s a woman who thought — I don’t know what she thought.  I’m guessing she thought that by bashing Trump in support of the Clintons that some great fame was going to attach itself to her with accompanying riches, who knows what. 

But all that’s happened is that Alicia Machado’s dirt — nobody wants aspects of their lives made public.  All these people that want fame and think it’s the greatest thing, when they get a taste of it, it’s not all red carpets, very little of it is. So she’s pulling out. She doesn’t want any part of it anymore, and it’s typical of what happens to people that end up in bed with the Clintons.  Their lives end up being damaged while the Clintons benefit from it.  

Why Chelsea and Bill Are Trashing Obamacare

RUSH: Chelsea Clinton did a personal appearance the other day.  Let me find the headline, because I have a take on this.  This is… Here it is.  Luck shines on me. “Only 125 People Turn Out for Chelsea Clinton in Iowa.”  That’s about as many as show up to hear her mother.  But I think the headline is wrong. The headline actually says “only 125 people.”  It’s a Breitbart story.  “Only 125 People Turn Out for Chelsea Clinton in Iowa.”  I think the headline should be… Drop the only. Just put “125 people,” ’cause who would believe the 125 people would show up to hear Chelsea Clinton?

I’d be surprised if she could draw a crowd more than 50.  Anyway, while she had these people in the palm of her hands, she started critiquing the Obama health care act, the Affordable Health Care Act, and she said, “Yeah, we have a problem with the ‘affordable’ part.”  And her dad, Bill Clinton’s running around savaging the health care law. (impression) “Yeah, it’s the craziest thing I have ever seen.  I have no idea what they were thinking when they put this thing together.”  So why are all these Democrats now running down Obamacare? 

Don’t get the wrong idea, folks.  It’s not because they genuinely see something wrong with it, ’cause if you listen carefully as I do, when they talk about what we need to do to fix it, it’s not get rid of it and turn it back to the private sector.  No, no.  We need to go single payer.  That was the mistake.  We didn’t put the government in charge of all of it.  That’s what we need to do.  The government needs to be the insurer, the only insurer.  The government needs to takeover, get rid of the insurance companies, get rid of the private sector insurance market.

Let the government take it over, full-fledged Canada. Can you see single payer, is what they’re advocating.  Which is what it was the intended to be from the.  It was designed to fail.  It was designed to do exactly what it’s doing.  It was designed to be unaffordable.  It was designed to have people unable to buy it and create a crisis and have people (sobbing), “You got fix it! You gotta fix it! I don’t have any health insurance.” (Clinton impression) “All right, I’ll tell you what: How about if you just had to go to government to get it?  Would that be okay?” 

“That’d be great if I could do that! But don’t make me go to a website.”  “Fine.  We’ll handle that for you, too.”  So government does it all.  So it’s right on schedule. It was designed to fail. It was built in. The high costs were built in running the insurance industry out of the business built into it.  So now here the Clintons what they think is on the cusp of Hillary becoming the next POTUS setting the stage for single-payer health care.  

NFL Shocked Over Falling Ratings

RUSH:  So now we learn the NFL is genuinely shocked over their plummeting ratings.

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