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RUSH: Jimmy in York, Pennsylvania.  I’m glad you waited, Jimmy.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, thank you, Rush, for taking my call.  Briefly, I was wondering if you think this storm might have an impact on the election.  What I mean is, you know, if the storm is really bad,  it could take weeks to get power restored down there, we’ll come back up before the counties and the suburbs, and that’s just sort of how the power companies operate, so a few weeks from now, you know, the cities could be restored and, you know, roads cleaned and polling booths up and running, and out in the counties and the countryside the polling places could be dark. You know, and all it takes is a few precincts, maybe a couple of counties in a state to, you know, switch the election.

RUSH:  Well, now, wait a minute. I think whatever damage is done by Hurricane Matthew here on October the 7th will be fixed by a month from now.  But you raise an interesting question, and that is, “Will the hurricane have any effect on the election?” I’m trying to find it here in the Stack.  Mrs. Clinton has already called for advanced voting registration opportunities — relaxed, advanced early voting — for people that haven’t been able to register. We need to give them more time as to, people that haven’t early voted.

We have to give them more time because of the hurricane, and she was running ads on the Weather Channel yesterday.  She finally pulled that buy off the air because it was not… She was getting big, big blowback from it.  But in terms of there being no power at the polling places, I can’t imagine that.  Certainly not in relation to this hurricane.  And I don’t think I’ve heard any of them say that climate change might affect electricity supplies at voting places that are traditionally Republican. 

(chuckles) I wouldn’t put it past ’em at some point, but I haven’t heard any like that.  No, this is just… That won’t have an impact at all other than Mrs. Clinton attempting now to expand deadlines for people to register or to early vote, on the premise that the hurricane has been such a disruption that they will not even be thinking about it now so we need to accommodate this.  And that would be the only impact on this that I could think.  I may be missing something, but I don’t think so.BREAK TRANSCRIPT

RUSH: Grab sound bites 10 and 11.  This will illustrate what I just said in reply to our previous caller.  This is Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, yesterday in a conference call with State-Controlled Media.

MOOK:  Our hope would be that a little bit more time will be given, uhhh, for people who were expecting to be able to, uh, get registered before the election, and we certainly expect that the governor and local officials will make that possible.

RUSH:  Of course they do! (summarized) “The governor’s Rick Scott; he’s a Republican. Of course, we fully expect that the governor and local officials will give a little bit more time out there for people who were expecting to be able to get registered, who maybe have not be able to ’cause of the devastating effects of climate change.” Here’s Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos who also is a State-Controlled Media personality at ABC News. 

He’s asking Rick Scott, the governor much Florida… See, here’s what happens.  So Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, goes out there and says, “We really expect — we really think — the governor of Florida will expand voter registration so the people who have been impacted by this latest example of global warming will have an extended chance.”  So right on cue, George Stephanopoulos, Clinton operative at ABC, gets the governor on Good Morning America and asks him this…

STEPHANOPOULOS:  The state of South Carolina has extended voter registration because so many lives, disrupted.  Why won’t you do that?

SCOTT:  Look, we’ve had plenty of time to register.  Look, this is politics.  Right now I’m focused on getting… I’m — I’m getting this done.  I’m focused on saving everybody’s life.  The big issue for me is I want everybody to survive this.

RUSH:  But, no, no, no, governor! No, no, no. Saving lives now is second place, second place to making sure people get registered to vote.  Saving lives? Come on, Governor! We’re not falling for that.  The governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, she’s fallen in line, yeah. She’s extended voter registration.  “Why won’t you do that?” Stephanopoulos asks, and the governor says (summarized), “Look, people have plenty of time to register. 

“The election, everybody’s known when it is.  I’m out saving lives,” which is what he thought he was supposed to say.  But, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Saving lives is subordinated to registering people to vote — in parentheses (for Hillary). 


RUSH: I’ve got a couple more sound bites here on voter registration.  Yeah, let’s start at number 12 here.  This is Stephanopoulos, former Clinton campaign war room leader with James Carville.  He’s now a state-controlled journalist a good morning ABC and ABC. He’s from the Clinton war room.  On Good Morning America today and he’s speaking with the chief White House correspondent, Jonathan Karl — another so-called journalist who is the defender and protector of the state, the government — and they’re talking about the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the presidential election.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  There is some concern, uh, in the Clinton camp who are quite bullish about early voting in the Carolinas and Florida that this might have an impact.

KARL:  Absolutely, George.  And we have seen in the past how close races can be in Florida.  Every. Single. Vote. Counts.  So the Clinton team has asked for that extension on voter registration.  They still think there are tens of thousands more who would register between now and October 11th.  Some may be prevented, uh, from doing so as a result of this storm, and they also believe this could have an effect on early voting.

RUSH:  By the way, you note the report, only Hillary is concerned about this.  Yes, their story is, “Yeah, there’s some concern in the Clinton camp, who were quite bullish about early voting in the Carolinas and Florida and this might have an impact.” They went to the governor, Rick Scott, case you missed this, they were berating Rick Scott.  Hillary says, “I’m sure…” Her campaign guy, Mook, says, “I’m sure the governor of Florida will extend early voting and registration.” 

So Stephanopoulos calls the governor, gets him on TV, and says, “So are you getting extend early voting?”  “Well, no, we’re not. The people have had plenty of time to register.  I’m trying to save lives here.  We have a hurricane roaring through the state!”  So they’re trying to impugn Scott for not falling into line.  So now they’re doubling down on this that it won’t be fair, this hurricaine! Oh, my God, it’s not fair. So they’re conflicted.  They love the hurricane, ’cause global warming, they get to push that. 

But now they think it might impact the voter registration or early voting.  So they have to try to fix that.  But it’s interesting to me they don’t even consider it might be important to Trump.  It’s all about what Hillary wants.  It’s all about defending and protecting the state. 


RUSH:  Okay.  Here you go.  This from Breitbart: “Trump New Voter Registration Soars: Two Million Door Knocks in a Week and a Half.”  It’s a story about all of the brand-new voter registration that the Trump campaign — and the Republicans I guess, working with him — are creating.  In Florida, net 261,000 new registrations.  Iowa, net plus 38,000 new.  Nevada, net 12,000 new.  North Carolina, net 173,000 new voter registration Republican.  Pennsylvania, net plus 223,000.  You’re not seeing this anywhere.

In fact, all you’re hearing is, “Oh, man, we need the governor of Florida to extend our early voting and our voter registration.”  This is exactly why.  It is not dire straits for Donald Trump out there, but, boy, you wouldn’t know it if all you have access to is standard, ordinary, everyday media.  American Spectator has a great story here — maybe in the next half hour we’ll get into it — about how poll bias obscures Trump’s likely election.  This goes totally against the grain of what is being reported.

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