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Here we go again. Democrats are back in court, contesting ballots cast in Florida. Even before the first ballots are counted! Here’s the scoop.

Florida mailed out a record two-and-a-half million absentee ballots for the 2016 election. Residents should be getting them in the mail any day now. So far, so good.

As you’d expect, the state has rules. Here’s one of them. If the signature on the absentee ballot returned to election offices doesn’t match the signature when the person registered to vote, the ballot gets thrown out.

To normal, thinking Americans, that rule is common sense.

But the Florida Democrat Party doesn’t see it that way. They marched to court to protest the rule. Democrats say, if the signature on the absentee ballot doesn’t match the signature on file the ballot should count. And the “logic” they’re using to defend their ridiculous position, is mind-boggling.

Florida Democrats claim that the rule will disenfranchise thousands of voters, who won’t be given an opportunity to “cure” or fix the ballot. Younger people will be hardest hit. Because, Democrats say, the signatures of young people who registered to vote as seniors in high school, will have “changed” four years later. For instance, there are no more hearts over the “i’s”.

Bottom line: Democrats want the flexibility to commit voter fraud, using mail-in ballots. We can only hope the courts don’t go along with this scam!

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