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“I don’t need an adviser to tell me what I think about things.” 

“The reason I think Trump ought to unload in Sunday’s debate is I don’t think there has ever been a more coddled and comforted candidate in the history of time, short of Obama, than Hillary Clinton.” 

“Journalists are supposed to be curious and doubtful and distrustful. But they have been overtaken by what I call ‘a special kind of stupid,’ defending the state on every single premise and dismissing any criticism as illegitimate.”  

“I’m an enemy of the state, because I have not bought hook, line, and sinker that every drop of rain that falls, every gust of wind over 30 miles an hour is because of climate change and therefore my fault and your fault, ’cause that’s flat-out BS. And it takes a special kind of stupid to acquiesce, to go along, to not think in a challenging way, to not be suspicious, to not even question it.” 

“Have you ever noticed how liberals claim they love Mother Nature? They just love it! They don’t like humanity much because humanity destroys Mother Nature. But they love Mother Nature. But then when Mother Nature does something nasty, like give us a drought or give us a hurricane, it’s not Mother Nature’s fault. No! It’s our fault. It’s mankind’s fault because man has brought about climate change.” 

“When I was looking at Tim Kaine in the debate, I could have sworn I was looking at a Dr. Seuss character. I couldn’t remember which. Maybe it was the Grinch. It was the raised eyebrows that did it, not the green face. Don’t misunderstand. It was the eyes and the eyebrows.”

“I think now that the media exists to defend the state. The media exists to defend the Regime. The media considers itself to be part of the state, the government, whatever term you want to use.” 

“Algore has made a point of pointing out global warming is responsible for stronger hurricanes. And after saying that, we didn’t have any for 11 years.” 

“Every standard-operating meteorological event they treat as something special now, as something unexpected, as something unprecedented, and it’s exactly because they have a political agenda attached to this.”   

“The media has now grown to become one with government, one with the idea of Big Government. They consider themselves to be part of it. The fact that they’re all Democrats is icing on the cake.”  

 “The blind observance to the state is the greatest threat this country has, because when you have the wrong people in leadership in the state, you can say good-bye to the United States as founded. That is why the Founding Fathers granted the press constitutional responsibilities.” 

“In 11 years, there has not been a single major hurricane strike land in the United States, and you point that out and they will run stories on how you are a denier because you are upsetting the narrative that the state wants you to hear. But isn’t it settled science?”

“It requires a special kind of stupid to be this compliant. It doesn’t take any courage; it doesn’t take any guts. Can you imagine the media being compliant with Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan? Can you imagine them not doubting a thing? Can you imagine them thinking they are in the same government with George W. Bush.” 

“Hillary Clinton is the greatest, clearest threat to your small business of anybody out there, next to Obama.” 

“Do you know what the actual percentage of money the Clinton Foundation has raised that they donate so far to charity is? It’s like 5%.” 

“I quit college after a semester ’cause they flunked me in speech, of all things, and then they made me take ballroom dance taught by a drill sergeant in the WACs. I said, ‘This is not for me.'” 

“Can you imagine I run for president one day and I get this cadre of advisers? You’re gonna say, ‘Why do you need ’em? You ought to be telling the advisers what to think!’ Exactly right.” 

“Democrats couldn’t stand one day of the kind of media treatment Republicans get. It’s softballs here and there, because it’s all they’re all on the same team and they all have the same objective.” 

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