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RUSH: Rush Limbaugh, cool, calm, collected, enraged at the same time.  Spine of steel, do not cave, do not waver, do not bend to the all-out assault here that is the daily soap opera narrative.  We are being pummeled with it.  It’s important that you not believe.  Even this Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that shows Hillary up 11.  You know, it’s normally a three-day poll.  They reported it with only two days average to get max impact post-release of the Trump audio. 

The sample is skewed.  It’s all out of whack.  It is classic disinformation, classic misinformation.  And we find out the people who did this particular poll are working for the Clinton campaign.  One name is Geoff Garin, what’s the other guy, Peter Hart, whatever, the people that did this particular poll, NBC News/Wall Street Journal showing Hillary up 11, have direct ties to the Clinton campaign.  There is no separation.  There is no boundary.  There is no media.  Everything is the left and the Democrat Party, and members have their assignments. 

Some are assigned to be in the media.  Some are assigned to be journalists.  Some are assigned to be producers.  Others are assigned to run for office.  Others are assigned to be bureaucrats writing regulations, unelected bureaucrats and so forth.  One of these people is John Harwood. 

I want to go back, October 29th, 2015, I talked about Harwood.  He was a moderator at one of the Republican primary debates, and this is what I warned everybody the night before the debate that Harwood — at CNBC and the New York Times, used to be with the Wall Street Journal — I warned everybody about this guy being a moderator.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  I’m gonna tell you, folks, when I saw John Harwood’s name on the moderator list I knew that we were headed for one of the most biased nights that we were going to see because if there’s anybody openly and willing to act as though he is in the Hillary camp, it is John Harwood.  New York Times, former Wall Street Journal, now CNBC.

RUSH:  This morning, CNBC Squawk Box, the cohost Andrew Ross Sorkin speaking with chief Washington correspondent John Harwood about the latest WikiLeaks email dump yesterday.

SORKIN:  The WikiLeaks, all of these emails that have been disclosed relating to Hillary Clinton, how damaging is it?  Is there a smoking gun in there, and how is that changing the discussion, or is it not?

HARWOOD:  It confirms the idea that she’s a calculating politician.  There’s no question about that.  However, I think after being in politics for 25 years, that is a fact that people know about her and her husband.  So I’m not sure that, other than to reinforce the intensity of people who don’t like her, don’t trust her, I don’t see how this is fundamentally new information about Hillary Clinton that changes these long-settled views.

RUSH:  I am holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers: “The latest batch of emails from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta show New York Times reporter and CNBC anchor John Harwood giving the Clinton campaign tips about other candidates and bragging about feeling vindicated by provoking Donald Trump as a debate moderator.

“In a December 2015 email to Podesta, Harwood bragged about his much-criticized debate performance in which he asked Trump ‘Let’s be honest, is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?’ Harwood titled the email ‘I imagine�’ and continued the sentence in the body of the email, writing, ‘�that Obama feels some (sad) vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate.'”

He was bragging about having taken the Republican debate off the rails by asking Trump, “Is your campaign nothing more than a comic book version?”  And I’d warned everybody the night before.  Now, when Harwood was on Squawk Box today, he didn’t even admit any of this, and he was asked specifically.  These emails, WikiLeaks disclosed relating to Hillary, how damaging is it?  Harwood didn’t even say, “Yeah.  You know, I’m in there.  Yeah, they’ve got me.  They’ve got me giving tips to Hillary.  They got me giving tips to the Democrats.  They got me bragging about how I tried to take Trump out.  It’s all there.” 

Except he didn’t admit it.  He didn’t admit that WikiLeaks includes him.  I know these people.  I know ’em like the back of my hand, and I’m telling you the night before when I found he was one of the moderators, it was easy to predict what was going to happen. 

And there’s more.  There’s a treasure trove of things in these WikiLeaks emails, much of it to John Podesta because he runs things for Hillary.  He runs Think Progress, runs her campaign, was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff.  He is the number one Clinton surrogate.  Well, it’s a tight race there with Cheryl Mills and Huma Danger.  But clearly John Podesta is the ranking member, certainly one of the three.  

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