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RUSH: George in Las Vegas.  Great to have you up first today, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good morning, Rush.  I want to comment on — I even forget her name, I’m so mad — Joy Behar’s comment.  These women were not willing participants.  They were victims of this person’s predatory acts.  You know, none of them wanted what they got from him.  And, you know, to say that is outrageous, and I am livid about that comment coming from a woman.

RUSH:  You ought to be.  You ought to be.  It’s absolutely insensitive.  It’s mean-spirited and extremist. It’s politicized, it’s partisan, and it is disrespectful of women.  That’s Joy Behar is what he’s talking about, referring to “these tramps” that had sex with Hillary’s husband. Maybe Hillary, she said, should apologize to “these tramps who slept with [her] husband.”  And then Eleanor Holmes Norton coming out and saying (summarized):

“Well, you know, these women? You know, they don’t look that good now.  Forty years ago they may have looked hot, but today, middle-aged?” What is it? What about Bill Cosby’s accusers?  Are we to discount them because they’re not great looking?  Are we to discount them because they’re in middle-aged now?  Nobody’s saying that of the women coming forth with Bill Cosby. 

They’re believing everything those women say, whatever these women say, whenever they say it. They’re being made stars. They’re made stars, and Bill Cosby is being given the treatment. But Bill Clinton? No way.  And it’s the exact same story.  But you don’t hear anybody trashing the Cosby women, do you?  And you don’t hear anybody talking about their age as though, “Man, they’d be a lot more credible if they weren’t so middle-aged looking.”  You don’t hear them saying that about the Cosby women, do you?

CALLER:  No.  And I am… This selective outrage, you know, is making me upset.

RUSH:  It’s not outrage.  That’s the point.  Understand something.  This isn’t outrage.  This is acting.  They’re acting angry.  They’re pretending they’re outraged.  They’re not mad about this.  They’re not mad about any of it.  They’re mad at the three women coming forth about Clinton, but they’re not mad at Trump.  This is all fake outrage.


RUSH: Here we are today, we’re spending a lot of time talking about Hillary, WikiLeaks, the document dump, her basic incompetence and dishonesty.  And whenever I look up at cable news, I don’t care what, you know what I’m seeing more often than not, when I just glance up, one line:  Trump happy, can take shackles off now and say what he really means.  Subhead:  Trump ecstatic about trying to destroy GOP. 

It’s all Trump all the time up on the cable networks.  That’s the only news that’s out there.  Trump and his bad polling data, how he lost the debate, he’s losing ground, he’s going crazy.  There’s even a story: “The sad, lonely life of Donald” that is circulating now.  And in the Drive-By Media they’re trying to overlook this WikiLeaks stuff as best they can. 

Here’s Rich in Port Angeles, Washington.  You’re next, sir.  Great to have you here. 

CALLER:  Hi, mega dittos, Rush.  How you doing today?

RUSH:  Very good, sir.  Thanks.

CALLER:  Yeah.  My question is, do you think Donald Trump would be better off to stay instead of he was engaging in locker room talk, if he said he was engaging in rapper talk?

RUSH:  Well.  You mean if he had said, “Hey, you know, I was just repeating what I hear in hip-hop music and bitches and hos and stuff,” you mean that kind of stuff?

CALLER:  Right.  ‘Cause, you know, looking at diversity, he’s saying, well, I’ve heard this on the radio, men talk like that, maybe not with women, but these people sure as heck do the whole spiel about women on their tapes and everything.

RUSH:  Well, look, whether he should have done it or not, still a great point, that pop culture applauded and brought to us by left-leaning entertainers, producers, is all about disrespect for women.  Now, whether Trump could have softened the blow by — I don’t think so, because this is not real.  No, no.  I’m not denying he said it.  I’m saying the outrage they have over this is not real.  They’re not angry about this.  These people are not shocked!  They’re sensibilities are not offended!  They don’t think this is the end of civil society as we know it.  This is just an opportunity for them. 

These are the architects of our cultural decline.  These are the captains in the culture war that has served to tear it apart.  The people expressing shock and outrage over what Trump said are the people who have promoted getting there.  And they give awards to people who sing about things like this.  They’re called Grammys.  They’re called Oscars.  There’s any number of entertainers and writers and so forth who have been heralded for great art by doing things like this. 

So it’s the outrage that’s fake. The anger, the shock, all of that’s fake.  And I’ll tell you, it’s what they always do.  They make it look like all they’re doing is reflecting popular opinion.  It’s identical to what happened in Indiana with the religious freedom law that Mike Pence signed into law there that the left immediately turned it into an anti-gay, anti-transgender, anti-what have you.  And they went running around the state knocking on doors trying to find businesses that would discriminate against gays and lesbians and so forth. And they finally, in some small town, found a pizzeria. 

But in reporting this they made it look like, they conveyed the opinion that all of America was outraged at what Indiana had done, all of America, and the media was simply reflecting it.  They’re doing the same thing here. That all of America is just shocked at what Trump said, that all of America is beside themselves, that America can’t believe people talk like this, and it’s shocking, and we’re not gonna elect someone — that’s not real.  And particularly from the media.  They’re not shocked by it.  All of this is fake.  They’re not even angry about it.  Folks, they’re happy about this.  They love this.


RUSH: Maude Behar has apologized, ladies and gentlemen.  Earlier we reported to you that on The View today Maude Behar referred to the women Bill Clinton has assaulted as, quote, “Those tramps that slept with Hillary’s husband.”  Apparently she has apologized now, and these are her words.

BEHAR:  I want to clear something up about yesterday, because during the political conversation yesterday I made a joke, and I want to apologize.  I never, ever intend to belittle sexual assault or the women who were victims of it, ever.  But I made a joke.  I’m sorry.  Apologize.

RUSH:  Right.  I understand this.  I understand.  I tell jokes all the time that get misinterpreted as serious political commentary.  But should we accept Maude’s apology?  They’re not accepting Trump’s.  You know, Trump’s apologized for his locker room talk.  He’s apologized.  He said he’s not gonna do it again.  He said he’s not gonna engage in it again.  He said if it bothered anybody, if it offended them, he’s sorry. 

But the left is not accepting his apology.  They’re continuing to run this as though he hasn’t apologized.  So should we accept Behar’s apology or not. (interruption) You think we should?  Well, I know, they very do rarely apologize.  But, look, as a powerful and influential member of the media often accused of being an entertainer, which is used to discredit me when I get serious, I know exactly what she means.  She’s a comedian and she starts telling jokes because she wants to get involved seriously in this stuff but she can’t avoid — she tells everything as a joke, people took it as a serious political comment.  They thought, man, she really called these women tramps. 

See, the left is allowed to joke about people.  I don’t think it was ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC complaining about Behar’s joke, do you?  I don’t think they care.  They probably were applauding it.  Today show, Tonight Show, Late Show, whatever, probably applauding it.  

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