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Three years ago, Hillary Clinton spoke to the National Multifamily Housing Council. She refused to release the transcript, but thanks to Wikileaks, we know what she said.

Hillary told the group that successful politicians have to balance public and private efforts in order to end up “where we need to be.” But it’s tough to make things happen if people are paying attention to the backroom deals. “So you need both a public and private position,” she said.

Asked about this in Sunday’s debate, Mrs. Clinton claimed she was just channeling Abraham Lincoln. Right.

Folks, for years I’ve told you that liberal Democrats can’t be honest with the public. If they campaigned on their true “private” agenda they’d never be elected.

Perfect example: Obamacare. Democrats told the public it would cut their healthcare costs by $2,500 a year. If you liked your doctor and your plan, you could keep them.

But Democrats,  including Hillary Clinton, all knew costs would rise, Americans would lose coverage, and Obamacare would implode. Like it’s doing. The Democrats’ private goal was to use the inevitable collapse to bring in a “single-payer solution.” Government-run medicine. Top to bottom.  And that’s exactly what Democrats are now advocating to “fix” Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton’s public statements aren’t truthful. They never have been, never will be. What she says in public is a lie. Which is why deleting her private emails was her top priority! 

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