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Somebody Got to Frank Luntz

RUSH:  Somebody must have got to Frank Luntz.  He was on Charlie Rose last night, said, “I’m not a Trump apologist.  He’s destroyed the American psyche.”  This is right after reporting his focus group really thought Trump won debate, so much so that Frank Luntz says, “I think he’s back in the race.  I think Trump is back in the race.” 

You know, a lot of leftist organizations hire Frank Luntz to do their corporate outings and host seminars where he does what he does with his people research and stuff.  Some of ’em must have gotten to him here, because Trump’s now back to destroying the American psyche.  

CNN Overjoyed: Obama Calls Trump “Repugnant”

RUSH:  Oh, man, CNN’s all excited now.  Obama just… It’s been learned that at some point somewhere in the White House that Obama told somebody that he finds Trump “repugnant.”  So they get to make a graphic out of that and put it all over CNN — “Obama: I find Trump repugnant” — and the reporter is just smiling ear to ear. 

Reuters Fears Hillary Overconfidence

RUSH:  You ready for this?  This is Reuters. All this overconfidence is starting to bother them.  “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is confronting an emerging risk to her presidential ambitions — if Donald Trump continues to [get wiped out] in opinion polls many Democrats may simply stay at home…”  It’s over! The media is saying it’s over! It’s fini! He was never in it, but now it’s a landslide. Reuters is very worried, and they say the Clinton campaign is very worried.

“Without enough popular support, Clinton would enter the White House lacking the political capital she would need to drive through her agenda.”   What an absolute crock! There hasn’t… Don’t get me started. Look, I’m gonna explain this in the next half.  I gotta get to a phone call. This… That… It’s not gonna matter whether she’s got a mandate or not.  She’s gonna do the Alinsky agenda regardless.  But I do believe they might be worried about their voters staying home if it looks like a slam dunk.  You know, it could be a pain in the butt for people to go to the polls. If they don’t think they have to? 

Three-Day NBC Poll Has Hillary Up 9

RUSH: This is to illustrate the fact that the Drive-Bys think it’s all over here.  We have a montage here, and this is their NBC poll, NBC/Wall Street Journal, 11-point lead for Hillary.  As far as they’re concerned, that’s it, it’s over.

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