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RUSH: I just finished listening to Trump.  Trump’s at Ocala.  I have not seen Trump on fire like this in months.  In fact, are our microphones there? Let’s JIP this.  We’ve missed a lot of good stuff, but let’s see what’s going on here.  Listen to this just a second…

TRUMP:  Watch. You go home, they’ll say, “Why did it end so abruptly?”  A vote for Trump is a vote for America first, and it’s a vote to protect Medicare and Social Security and lower your taxes.

AUDIENCE: (cheering)

RUSH:  He just acted out something that’s hilarious, folks.

TRUMP:  Big, big tax decrease.  We’re gonna lower your taxes.  WikiLeaks also showed something I have been warning about for a very, very long time.  The media is simply an extension of the Clinton campaign.

AUDIENCE: (boos)

RUSH:  Yeah.

TRUMP:  It’s one of the biggest ways that our system is rigged — and I was the first one to use that term when I was running in the primaries When I won Louisiana, and I got fewer delegates than people that I beat easily, and my people said, “Oh, no, that’s the way the system works,” and I said, “Well, then the system’s wrong!” 

AUDIENCE: (cheering)

TRUMP: How do you win a state and you get leSSdelegates?”  And I said, “This system is rigged,” And it was.  But we figured out how to win, right?  That’s what you need. 

AUDIENCE: (cheering)

TRUMP: Won in a landslide!  Got more votes than anybody in the history of the Republican Party in the primary system.

RUSH:  The crowd’s going nuts here. 

TRUMP:  By far. It wasn’t even close.

AUDIENCE: (cheering)

TRUMP:  Reporters who work for these outlets like the Washington Post or the New York Time  may think of themselves as journalists, but they’re actually cogs for a corrupt political machine.  That’s the Clinton machine.

RUSH:  That’s like the fifth time he used the word “corrupt” in five minutes.

TRUMP:  The emails showed the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Univision — who I sued! I sued Univision, and I was very happy with what they did.  And this lightweight, you know, John Harwood? This lightweight, this guy who came out; he was shaking, he was so nervous. He asked me the first question (impression), “Uh, Mr. Trump, could you answer this question?”  What a lightweight.  They should have fired him for what he did.  John Harwood.

I hate to make him famous, ’cause nobody ever heard of him before, but a total lightweight of CNBC. All doing favors for the Clintons, and reporters smothering the Clintons with praise.  The New York Times even gave Clinton a call to give her veto power over her quotes in a story that was already written!  Nobody ever called me and said, “Hi, Mr. Trump.  We wrote a story.  Would you read the story and please give us a little feedback? 

“Would you like us to take anything out?”  This system is so rigged! Now, this is all down in the emails.  She had veto power over what she said.  I’ll tell you what: I want to have that, too.  I want to have veto power!  I used to get such good publicity, folks.  Now? I mean, it’s like it’s incredible.  I used to get… My life was so simple.  My life was so simple.  I had a beautiful, simple life.  It was going.  I built an unbelievable company.

RUSH:  Right.  It’s all true, folks. It’s all true.

TRUMP:  And then I decided to do this.

RUSH:  That’s right.

TRUMP:  And my life became slightly more complex.  You know, we have people in this audience right now, that 18 years ago had one great job. They were making more money 18 years ago than they’re making now, and now they have two and sometimes three jobs.  In other words, they’re older and they’re working harder, and they’re making less.  Not a good… Not a good assemblage of facts.  Here’s the only good news: I’m also older and working harder than I’ve ever worked before, okay?  That I can tell you.

AUDIENCE: (cheering)

RUSH:  Okay.  We’re gonna bump out of this.  I just wanted to give you a flavor of it.  Trump is on fire.  During the break he went through a… At the bottom of the hour he just made fun of a bunch of the things we’ve learned in the WikiLeaks.  One of the things we learned in the WikiLeaks dump is that they had to tell Hillary when to smile on the teleprompter. When she’s actually debating Crazy Bernie or when she is doing roundtables or whatever, they would actually write the word “smile” on a teleprompter or note cards.

Whatever they were using to prompt her, they would write the word “smile,” and occasionally she would read the word instead of doing what it was advising her to do terms of behavior.  She is so deeply impersonal that they didn’t trust that she knew when to smile and when to look friendly. So they had to coach her on when to do that during speeches and the like, and Trump just made fun of that and illustrated what that would be like if they did it for him.  But he’s gone through several of the WikiLeaks details and mocked them. 

But the point to me is that this is as fired up and as focused as I have seen Trump on the stump in months.  I don’t know what it means.  It may not mean anything.  I am just sharing with you my observations of things.  


RUSH:  I have continued to watch Trump and his personal appearance here.  Now, I want to be very accurate here in what I’m saying.  I’m not hyping anything.  I’ve never seen him like this.  I’ve never seen him this informed off the cuff of what he’s talking about.  He’s rolling off statistics on what’s wrong with Obamacare.  He’s talking about how much premiums have gone up in terms of percentage and dollar amount.  I’ve never seen him with this immediate grasp of fact.  I’ve never seen him articulate what he’s trying to say this well. 

He’s been at it for an hour in a place I don’t think the air-conditioning’s working.  Everybody is sweating themselves silly.  He’s in Ocala, Florida.  He’s commented on the heat in there twice.  Everybody in there’s glistening, it looks like.  He hasn’t skipped a beat.  He hasn’t taken any kind of a pause.  In the entire time I’ve been checking I haven’t heard him mention Paul Ryan but one time, and it was a casual sort of a glancing blow. 

It is focused and it’s informed.  Some of it’s boilerplate when he starts talking about the trade deals and saving the coal industry and the steel industry, but it’s still relevant.  By boilerplate, I mean it’s things he says all the time that I’ve heard before.  I guess that’s what it is.  I’m hearing him go places I haven’t heard him go before, sounding knowledgeable and up to speed, and he’s not off rhythm, he’s not pausing to think about where he’s gonna go and he’s not distracted by things.

You know what it’s like?  I remember in 2012, this was what we were getting with Romney in the last four or five days.  And everybody said, “Man, there’s something happening out there!”  The crowds were huge, and everybody thought, “Wow, finally we’re getting some energy here, things are changing!  Things might be looking up!  What do they know in the Romney camp that we don’t?  What are their internal polls showing?”  These were questions we were asking. 

And of course it meant nothing.  Romney ended up losing by whatever it was, six to eight points.  Trump is down anywhere from five to nine points, depending on the poll you look at.  I’m not putting anything substantive or not in the polls.  I’m just ignoring them, folks.  It’s all you can do.  We know so many things are corrupt now and so many things are rigged. We know that so many things are coordinated, that why would the polls not be?  But, then again, on balance they’ve been right.  Not universally so.  I’m just trying not to let the polls distract me and determine my attitude about things, which would be my advice to you. 

Now, naturally, if we were leading in the polls we’d have a different attitude about ’em.  I understand all of that.  And I’m not trying to hype anything here, artificial enthusiasm or any of that.  I’m just telling you, this is a different Trump here today.  You haven’t seen this Trump in the debates yet, for example.  You haven’t seen it.  Even what everybody thought was a great performance on Sunday night was nothing compared to what he’s been — He’s not been distracted, and he’s not been talking about himself, and he’s not been whining about what people are saying about him.  He has been focused.

Now, I haven’t watched the whole thing.  I get, you know, three- and four-minute little blotches of it when we have stoppages here.  He may have done all these things and I just haven’t seen it.  But it seems, just in the four or five little segments that I’m able to watch, different, upbeat.  He’s actually said things — I’ll give you a couple examples. (paraphrasing) “I’m gonna be really disappointed if I lose this election because it’ll mean it was for nothing, and I don’t want to think this is all for nothing!  If we lose this election, I don’t know what I’m gonna do!  I don’t know what we’re gonna do!  I don’t know where we’re gonna be!  Our country, we can’t afford to lose this election!” 

He’s saying things like this and these people are going nuts in response.  In that sense he is sharing the personal commitment he has to this, and I think it’s somewhat important because a lot of people think, because there’s wealth involved here, that if he loses, he’s still sitting fat and pretty.  He’s got his clubs. He’s got his golf courses. He’s got his penthouse. He’s got his life, even if he loses. But he made it clear today that he doesn’t intend to lose and that all of this would be a total waste of time and money if he loses, and he doesn’t waste time and money.  

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