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The more WikiLeaks dumps emails from Hillary Clinton’s cronies � the more confirmation we get about things we already suspected.

We learned the Clinton campaign has a problem with Catholics and Evangelicals. Because they’re “backwards.” We know now, without doubt, that many in the Drive-By Media work for the Clinton campaign while posing as “objective journalists.” John Harwood. The Boston Globe. The New York Times. The list grows daily.

We have confirmation that the Clinton campaign coordinated with the Justice Department with regard to Hillary’s email and private server issues. No surprise there, especially after the secret plane meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac.

We know, thanks to the WikiLeaks,  that Bernie Sanders was right all along. While Hillary Clinton was out on the campaign trail trying to sound like a revolutionary anti-Wall-Street progressive warrior, she was singing a different tune for the Wall Street banks who were lining her pockets. Twenty million dollars over two years. 

She bragged that as the New York Senator representing Wall Street, she did all she could to make sure they prospered. She called them the smartest people in the country. She kissed Wall Street’s fanny and then asked to kiss the other cheek.

Hillary Clinton is a total fraud. A poser. The only thing she knows about the truth is how to avoid it. Or how to delete it. As in BleachBit. Wiped it clean! 

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