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RUSH: Now, folks, I don’t want to be misunderstood.  I’m not trying to sound paranoid here.  I’m not paranoid.  I’m realistic.  One of the… I’ll be honest with you, and I’m sure this is true for you, too.  One of the most frustrating things about life in America today is how seemingly ignorant so many Americans seem to be about what’s happening to them.  I mean, they’re living their lives, they’re encountering obstacle after obstacle after obstacle — be it student loan debt, be it no jobs, be it the rising cost of health care, be it cultural rot — and they, for some reason, don’t have the ability or understanding to understand why. 

And even when they’re told, oftentimes they reject it.  But most of what’s happening in this country today that you would consider harder, an additional obstacle in your life? It’s the result of policies that have been implemented over the years by people that believe in Big Government.  There’s some Republicans in this mix, too.  But it’s predominantly Democrats, it’s predominantly liberalism, and it’s predominantly done by people who want you and need you less productive, less self-reliant, less individualistic. 

They want you dependent on them.  It’s their key to holding on to power.  But it goes beyond that.  They don’t just want power for the sake of it.  They want power to transform and change.  These are people who have never appreciated the miracle that is the United States of America.  They’ve always resented it for whatever social injustice reason that they manufacture or come up with.  And the Republican Party… Ah, I’ll throw myself in. I’m not guilty of this, but there just hasn’t been apparently a good enough job of persuasion, ’cause nobody’s happy in America. 

Everybody knows something’s not right.  Everybody thinks… I mean, look, there are precious few who are happy. George Soros is happy.  Wait.  He’s not an American.  Bill Gates is happy.  I’m sure that Zuckerberg’s happy.  I’m sure… We’re talking super-wealthy members of the elite, the establishment.  But for the most part there is a giant sense of unease, a giant sense that things are out of whack, that the nation’s in decline.  It’s just that so many millions don’t seem to be able to understand why. 

And that is probably one of the most frustrating things, ’cause I’ve spent 28 years behind this microphone trying to inform people of that, and it’s very difficult.  If they’re committed leftists, they’re not gonna believe it anyway.  They’re gonna believe some distorted version. They’re gonna believe the country’s in decline because of racism, or the country’s in decline because of bigotry or the country’s in decline because we never deserved to be a country anyway because of what we did to Indians, or some stupid explanation they have for feeling negative about things and the country. 

And there’s no turning them. I mean, there’s no persuading them.  There’s a lot of people out there in the middle who are not political.  That’s another thing I wish I could change.  The Democrats have politicized everything.  I may have to stop watching… You know, I got so depressed last night.  One of my favorite TV shows, when I have time to watch it, is Blacklist.  Well, I can’t watch Designated Survivor.  When I found out… It was Kiefer Sutherland’s new show, and I was all excited about it, and I heard that the pilot was great.

Which I still haven’t seen it. Then episode two, here came the leftists who write these shows, and I’m convinced now that they write these shows and write these songs and these movies just to get in our face, just to ram it down our throats.  So Designated Survivor, in a recent episode, there’s a rogue governor. Everybody in government’s destroyed at the State of the Union speech, and Kiefer Sutherland’s a cabinet member designated the night of the State of the Union speech to watch it from some secret location in case everybody’s wiped out. 

He’s the designated survivor, and becomes the president.  The first thing he does is, “Hey, let’s not blame Islam! Let’s not blame the Muslims.”  In the third or fourth episode, there’s a rogue governor rounding up Muslims. I’m sorry; I’m not even gonna watch it.  So I’m watching The Blacklist last night, and the title of the episode’s called Gaia, and I… Now, in fairness, The Blacklist redeemed themselves during the program. But at first, I thought, “Oh, my God. Don’t tell me I’m gonna have to stop watching this.”

It opens with “Red” Reddington, James Spader — who is in a class all by himself as an actor — talking about the dangers of climate change, how destructive it is, as though it’s just matter of fact. I said, “Oh, no, please. Can they spare one show from this politicized crap?”  Well, it turned out that the villain in the show is an environmental nutcase that wanted to blow up a nuclear power plant in New Jersey, and he was made to look like an absolute kook, and the good guys save the day as you would expect.

There wouldn’t be a show, otherwise, if the bad guys ever won any of these things, but still it was just on the verge.  My point is they politicize everything. Everything.  They politicize virtually everything. Kindergarten’s politicized.  There isn’t an issue, and nobody thinks that it is, not very many people.  Most people think it’s the Republicans that do all the politicizing.  “Republicans do the politicizing! I hate politics. I hate Republicans. Republicans are always say no to things! No to this… Just get the Republicans out of the way and we’d get politics out.”

They just don’t understand that it’s the Democrats politicizing everything.  So in not conforming with the Regime — and that’s what our presidency today is.  It is a Regime, and the media has become the defenders and protectors of the Regime, and you can see it in who they choose to go after.  They go after anybody who disagrees, anybody prominent who might be successful in turning people away from the Regime. That’s who the media targets. 

So Trump is the current target. He’s the GOP presidential nominee.  These people on the left are not interested in debate; they’re not interested in being coequals in the arena of ideas.  They want to eliminate all opposition.  They shouldn’t have to suffer any opposition.  Their arrogant and conceit is such that there is nothing else; there are no opposing views, and no matter how bad things are, “We’re still the best. We’re the only ones! Conservatism’s a disease. It’s a plague, and it has to be dealt with.” 

It was even treated that way in a news story yesterday going all the way back to the 1960s, and it was at NPR.  So if they dispatch Trump, I’ve heard enough of what Obama has said about me personally and about Republicans and conservative media to know… Well, I’ve already been targeted.  I mean, they’ve already made repeated efforts, and they have failed.  They continue to fail because they don’t understand why this program succeeds.  And they never will.  I could tell them, and they wouldn’t believe me.  I can tell them why it works. 

I could give them every key to destroying this program and they still wouldn’t be able to do it because they wouldn’t believe what I would say.  Not because they don’t believe me, just they wouldn’t believe the details.  So let’s put this into play.  Let’s illustrate this for you.  Obama, two weeks after being inaugurated in 2009, held a meeting with all the congressional leadership, both parties, House and Senate.  I know this happened ’cause John Boehner came down here some few weeks after and told me about it.  I knew about it anyway; it was reported.  Boehner said, when he told me, that he couldn’t understand why Obama’s said it.

“I was incredulous.” 

But Obama told these guys, “You’ve gotta stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.” 

“I won.  You have to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.  That’s not how things get done in Washington.” 

And of course you’re aware of the other instances where I’ve been mentioned by name as enemy of the state.  So Boehner came down here and said, “I don’t know why he would say that.” 

I said, “You don’t, really?  He was hoping that just one of you in the Republican leadership would go to the microphones outside the White House and agree with him in a show of bipartisan.  He knows he can’t by himself discredit me, but if you joined him in that sentiment, that’s what he was trying to do.”  I thanked him for not doing it, but he claimed he didn’t know why Obama would say that, and I told him.

Obama’s not through saying it.  Let’s go to Cleveland.  It was all part of the attack.  Obama’s out there speaking for Hillary because Hillary can’t show up.  Hillary is in hiding.  She’s hibernating because that’s the best she can do.  The less she’s seen, the better she does. So here’s Obama.

OBAMA:  I’m disturbed about Republican elected officials who know better but are still supporting this guy.  What they’ve done is they’ve allowed a lot of crazy talk to just be pumped out again and again through all kinds of these media outlets.  Conspiracy theories, a lot of the hard-core Republican partisan voters were just hearing this stuff over and over again and started to believe it.  And that’s what allowed Donald Trump suddenly to emerge.  Donald Trump didn’t build all this crazy conspiracy stuff.  And some Republicans who knew better stood by silently, and even during the course of this campaign didn’t say anything.

RUSH:  Translation:  Conservative media created Trump.  Conservative media is where you find all this insanity, and Trump came along and simply stole it and capitalized on it.  And if it hadn’t been for conservative media, then America wouldn’t be facing this plague that Obama believes is Donald Trump.  Now, you and I know why Trump exists.  I don’t know if Obama really does or not.  I’m not one of these people that thinks he’s automatically brilliant, Mensa IQ stuff.  I’m not sure I believe that.  Politically, his leftist instincts are formidable, but I don’t know if he really believes this or is just saying it or a combination of the two, but he kept on.

OBAMA:  I know that some of them now are walking away, but why’d it take you this long?  You said you’re the party of family values.  What, you weren’t appalled earlier when he was saying degrading things about women, when he was judging them based on a score of are they a two or a 10?  That wasn’t enough for you?  You’re walking away from him now.  It wasn’t disturbing enough for you when he was saying Mexicans who come here are rapists or suggesting that people, patriotic Americans of the Islamic faith somehow are suspect and should be treated differently?  That wasn’t enough?

RUSH:  This is his pattern, folks, for eight years since Obama told the Republicans not to listen to me, that that’s not how things get done in Washington, he has mounted a continuing intimidation effort aimed at shaming Republicans into abandoning people on their own team.  And I would have to say that over the course of eight years, in some respects, he’s been successful.  He got the Republican Party to join him on amnesty, enough of them, anyway.  So he’s continued these intimidation tactics. 

By the way, the WikiLeaks dump — I’m mentioning this mainly so I don’t forget it myself.  The latest WikiLeaks dump has incredible data on how it was the Hillary campaign that was trying to pollute Obama as a Muslim.  All these things that were said about Obama, the picture of him dressed in the native Kenyan garb, you know, with the turban or whatever all that other stuff, they detailed it and put it into Hillary’s primary campaign in 2008.  It’s classic in the sense that these are the people, like Clinton is the original sexual predator, but he’s now a hero and a rock star and the women who accused him can’t get the time of day in the Drive-By Media.

But women we never heard of before who pop out of the woodwork who claim Trump octopused them on an airplane are now daily guests on the media with instant credibility.  And here’s the final Obama bite that I want to play and then we’re gonna take a break and go to some phones.  When we return to this it will be to NPR picking up where Obama leaves off here on conservative media spawning Trump and therefore needs to be dispatched the same way Trump is being.  But here’s the final thing I want to play for you.

OBAMA:  I want everybody to understand what’s at stake here.  You know, one of the things I’ve learned these past eight years is that progress is hard.

RUSH:  Yeah, because there hasn’t been any.

OBAMA:  You gotta battle it out even when you have victories, like the Affordable Care Act.  It’s not always perfect and you gotta work to make it better.

RUSH:  It’s a disaster.

OBAMA:  You take two steps forward on something like climate change, there are gonna be folks who try to push you back, and the special interests are strong.  And it is true that the country is so often divided along party lines and it’s very hard to get folks to compromise.  If we want progress, if we want progress, we gotta work for it.

RUSH:  Right.  Trump’s gonna end it.  Trump’s gonna end all this progress.  Obamacare is not progress.  It’s an absolute disaster, and it is an insult.  And climate change, two steps forward and one step back, what?  Look, I don’t need to say any more about climate change than I’ve already said, but this is classic.  They exist to promote frauds.  They exist to invest in fraudulent beliefs and policies.  I keep hoping that the American people are gonna experience a great backlash over all this. 

When I stop and think how many Americans I know who readily know something is wrong, something’s not right, this is not how America’s supposed to be.  There’s supposed to be economic progress. You’re not supposed to get older and things get harder.  You’re supposed to earn more money. You’re supposed to be more successful as you get older.  The economy is supposed to grow.  Innovation is supposed to take place.  None of that is happening.  And the reason why is now completing his eighth year in the Oval Office.  And somehow, ’cause of the Limbaugh Theorem or whatever, he escapes all accountability.

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