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“You and I know why Trump exists.  I don’t know if Obama really does or not.  I’m not one of these people that thinks he’s automatically brilliant, Mensa IQ stuff.”

“What good is a college education that carries a $200,000 price tag in the form of a student loan that you have to pay down before you even begin to acquire wealth on your own?”  

“Do you realize if the Republican Party can’t unify around the notion of defeating Hillary Clinton, then it’ll never unify about anything?  What more do you need to create unity than the objective of defeating Hillary Clinton and reclaiming the White House?”

“We have a guy, Donald Trump. He’s an A-list celebrity, rich and famous, who’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world for 30 years. Not once in 30 years has any of these women claimed he assaulted ’em. Yeah, that only happened three weeks before a presidential election in which he is running. Same thing with Trump and racism. For 30 years in public life, nobody’s ever called him a racist until he ran for president.” 

“Have you seen the latest with Obamacare?  The smartest thing I ever did was not buy it.  The smartest thing I ever did is pay the fine.  You will not believe what the cost increases are. There are families who run farms whose premiums for next year are gonna be $40,000.”

“All of you people demanding, ‘This shows we shouldn’t have nominated Trump! Trump was a sitting duck for this kind of stuff.’ You’ve got to remember, you’ve got to understand that they do this to every Republican nominee. They did it to McCain, and Romney, and Newt.”

“Gosh, if there’s one thing that I could sensitize everybody to, it’s that everything’s been politicized. I wish.”   

“In Cleveland, Obama attacked conservative media for spawning Trump. It’s exactly what NPR did yesterday. I’m telling you: We’re next, folks. If they succeed in dispatching Trump, you just beware. We’re ready. I’m just telling you: I want you to be, too.” 

“These people on the left are not interested in debate; they’re not interested in being coequals in the arena of ideas. They want to eliminate all opposition.”

“Teddy Kennedy can take a woman out at Chappaquiddick and kill her, driving off a bridge while drunk. JFK can be literally bed an endless parade of women of various character throughout the so-called Camelot days of the Kennedy administration, and the media not only don’t report it, they cover it up later on when it comes out.”

“It turns out that Braniff did not fly 707s from Dallas to New York like Jessica Leeds says she was on, and that was the flight that Trump octopused her.”

“This election looks like a race to the bottom because the best way that the media knows to get Hillary elected is to make Trump a bigger negative that she than she is, because there aren’t any positives.”

“The Los Angeles Times poll has the rest of the polling industry in a tizzy.  And, in fact, you know what I found out?  That a lot of pollsters are mad at the LA Times poll.  They’re literally mad at it. Why would they be mad at it?  I mean, I thought polling data was just a reflection of public opinion as measured by a pollster.”

“These people on the left are not interested in debate; they’re not interested in being coequals in the arena of ideas. They want to eliminate all opposition.”

“If Trump was actually Bill Cosby, why hasn’t all this surfaced prior to now? Remember, the women that have been accusing Cosby have been doing so all of his life.”

“James Spader is in a class all by himself as an actor.”

“Hillary is in hiding.  She’s hibernating because that’s the best she can do.  The less she’s seen, the better she does.”

“If I’m not mistaken, Michelle Obama has had several rappers come perform concerts at the White House with questionable lyrics about ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’ and cops and stuff.  Well, I’m just saying.”

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