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LA Times Poll Under Attack

RUSH: The Los Angeles Times poll has the rest of the polling industry in a tizzy.  And, in fact, you know what I found out?  That a lot of pollsters are mad at the LA Times poll.  They’re literally mad at it.

Why would they be mad at it?  I mean, I thought polling data was just a reflection of public opinion as measured by a pollster.  The LA Times poll measures support for Trump outdoing support for Hillary, although today Hillary’s up by three-tenths of a point.  The LA Times poll has not shown Hillary leading other than a few days after her convention.

And there’s a story from Real Clear Politics, Sean Trende. He analyzes it, by the way, which is why I pay attention to it.  It’s the Rand poll.  Turns out it’s the Rand poll from 2012, which called it, by the way.  The Rand poll was right on the money.  Obama winning by 3.8 over Romney.  

Global Warming Alarmists Disappointed by Hurricane Matthew

RUSH: We actually got environmentalist wackos now openly admitting they’re sad that Hurricane Matthew was not more destructive ’cause it didn’t help ’em advance the agenda of climate change and global warming and all of that.  

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue People Magazine

RUSH: Melania Trump has now written a letter to People magazine and said (summarized), “The lady who wrote that story about us and our one-year anniversary? I never met her on the street in Manhattan! She never squeezed my baby’s foot. We’re not friends. We were never friendly! I don’t even know this woman, and she’s writing all this stuff about having seen me?”

We’ve got media people that are star-struck celebrity… Can’t say the word. They’re celebrity screwers, and they’re now taking advantage.  Why do you go into entertainment media anyway if you’re not a groupie? They get into this entertainment media business, they get to be groupies, and they get close access. They get to pretend they’re friends with all these stars and stuff when they’re not!  

White House Warns Trump: Hands Off Moochelle

RUSH:  Hey, get this:  “The White House sent a warning to Donald Trump Thursday: Attacking Michelle Obama is off limits.”  Now, as you know, the first lady went out and attacked Trump yesterday.  I don’t… I’m not sure she even… I don’t think she mentioned him by name.  Obama doesn’t either.  They don’t mention him by name.  That’s old school.  They can tell themselves they’re talking about the guy but not really. So they’re not really promoting him ’cause they don’t mention his name.

And they’re relying on the fact that the people in their audience are so stupid that unless they mention the name, people aren’t gonna know who they’re talking about.  So they just substitute “Republicans” any time they’re talking about Trump, and they kill two birds with one stone.  “The White House followed up…” After Michelle Obama went out there and trashed Trump yesterday, “The White House followed up with its own message for [Trump].  ‘I can’t think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has than by engaging the first lady of the United States,’ principal deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz said on Air Force One…” 

Now, I’m gonna tell you what they’re doing.  They are dangling giant bait.  They want Trump… They’re trying to bait Trump into responding to her yesterday, because, in their world, it’s no contest.  They think they’ve succeeded in turning Trump into a dirty-old-man pervert, versus the angelic, St. Teresa-like Michelle Obama. They think in that contest that Trump can’t help but further embarrass himself.  Now, there’s no warning from the White House to me to not engage — and, of course, I did yesterday, and I’ll repeat it, ’cause I think it’s giant hypocrisy. 

Michelle Obama essentially said that she doesn’t know men who talk about women the way Donald Trump does, and she finds it reprehensible, offensive, just terrible, just absolutely horrible. She just doesn’t know men like this! We can’t we can’t elect somebody like this who says he’s kinds of things about women and does these kinds of things to women.  And I couldn’t help but think, was she in church when her pastor was talking about how Bill Clinton was “riding dirty” with Monica Lewinsky? 

And they sing the praises, the Obamas, of Bill and Hillary. 

If I’m not mistaken, she’s had several rappers come perform concerts at the White House with questionable lyrics about “bitches” and “hos” and cops and stuff.  Well, I’m just saying. Maybe the excuse is, “Well, that’s the expression of great art.  Rappers are the street crooners of the day, the future winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature like Bob Dylan.”  But I just… Folks, come on. Michelle Obama claims she’s never heard men talk about women the way Trump talks about women?  That’s the kind of… That’s not believable. 

Nobody believes that. Yet she gets away with it, and so now the White House and baiting Trump by telling him she is off-limits.  See, when you tell an alpha male (chuckling) anybody’s off-limits?  So I hope Trump doesn’t take the bait.  I hope he just leaves it alone, and if they want anybody to react, let some surrogates do it, but I would just leave it alone. 

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