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RUSH: There is a bombshell in the WikiLeaks document dump that has been discovered.  It has just been made available. Now, to you and me it’s a bombshell.  I need to qualify.  It’s not gonna be a bombshell to anybody else.  It’s not, by the way, anything that you haven’t considered.  It’s just that this is confirmation.  What the WikiLeak email dump — these are the leaked emails of Podesta from the Hillary campaign — actually via email chains shows the Clinton campaign openly debating in emails how to cover-up the Benghazi emails. 

It shows them talking about giving the story, the whole Benghazi story to a friendly reporter so that they can shape the narrative before Republicans on the Benghazi committee realize how explosive the real story is.  In other words, this email document dump indicates that the Clinton campaign knows their Benghazi story is a bunch of horse hockey, that the video and all that is a bunch of horse hockey. 

They know how bad it is, and they want to get a false narrative out about this as soon as they can before the Republicans on the committee find out just how bad it is and before the Republicans on the committee maybe find out how much collusion’s been going on here.  So they gave it to a friendly reporter to shape the narrative before committee Republicans were able to learn about it and realize how explosive the real story is.  It just got to me, and that’s a summary of what it is.  I haven’t been able to print it out and get into the actual verbatim aspects of this email chain. 

It’s what I meant the other day.  Show prep is almost getting to the point of being pointless because it just continues while the program is happening.  


RUSH: Man, oh, man, over the weekend Catherine Herridge at Fox had a story of a pay-for-play quid pro quo story involving the State Department and FBI.  And essentially it was that if you look the other way on all this Clinton email stuff, the FBI would give you plum overseas appointments. And then fast came the denials.  “Oh, no, no, no,” they said. “That’s not true. People are not understanding that. That didn’t happen, nobody ever got any appointment.” 

Nobody ever said they did.  What they said was it was offered, it was talked about.  All it has to be is discussed and talked about for there to be near criminal activity.  Didn’t have to follow through on it here.  So, look, what we’re finding as more and more comes out is that there was collusion between the Clinton campaign and the FBI and the State Department, the DOJ, rather, on these emails and there was never, ever gonna be a prosecution primarily because Obama was using an alias and was chatting with Hillary on her server while lying to the American people.  He claimed he didn’t know about it ’til he read about it in the news, but he did know about it, and he was using her server under an alias. 

And when the story was about to break — there’s all kinds of stuff flashing today.  We’re learning in an email thread from the WikiLeaks dump that the Clinton campaign was working with state over this Benghazi story, and basically what they engineered, they got hold of a friendly AP reporter, and he’s named in the email, to plant a narrative on Benghazi before the congressional hearings began so as to create an entirely different story before members of the committee actually knew anything for sure about Benghazi and who had asked for help and what Clinton’s status was and where she was. 

The fix is in on all of this in so many different ways.  Now you’ve got the allegation that the FBI was being offered, agents are being offered various plum assignments if they would look the other way on this thing, I think it’s close to what this.  And people are denying it left and right, too, but it’s not going away.  But you won’t see it in the mainstream media.  You won’t see any of this discussed in the mainstream media.  You only see it in what we call the New Media, conservative media opposition, but it’s out there.  And it’s the kind of thing, the media, if they don’t report it, it didn’t happen.  And if it didn’t happen, then nobody knows about it.

Except the problem is a lot of people are learning about these things.  And as much criticism as there is for social media and the sewer that it is, it still exists as a pipeline to inform people of things they’re not learning elsewhere.  Trump has 27 million followers.  He can put any story on Facebook or Twitter that he wants and give it a life.  And he’s doing that.  And of course they’re not factoring any of that.  The arrogance and conceit of media people is, if they don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen.  And if it didn’t happen, nobody knows about it, and they go through the busy broadcast day and the busy news day with that attitude.  And yet people are hearing and learning things that they are not reporting. 

Now, it’s not nearly enough.  I mean, a lot of the WikiLeaks email dump, I don’t know how much of that has reached the general population.  We just don’t know.  That’s why so many question marks about all of this.  And we’re not gonna know until Election Day.  And I don’t think anybody really does.  I think pollsters, I think there is enough in this campaign that’s unprecedented and therefore you can’t factor it in, you can’t poll it, you can’t get actual confident data on a lot of it.  So again it’s what this has always been.  You have on the political side with the real top 1% that everybody needs to be concerned about, and that’s the media and the Democratic establishment has some Republicans in it, and certain Wall Street banks, that is the 1% that everybody needs to be worried about. 

And these people are running this campaign as they always have.  They have their handbook, their blue book, and there are plays that they execute.  But they’re up against somebody about whom it may not apply.  Trump’s an outsider.  He doesn’t have political fingerprints, political record.  They can’t tie him to any failing policy, for example.  They can’t tie him to any Republican action, so all they can do is claim he’s the usual, average, everyday Republican, which is racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe and now abuser.  And that’s it. 

It’s a long way of saying we really don’t know how things are shaking out.  We really don’t know.  We don’t know what impact all this is having on a large group of Americans who generally don’t vote.  What if they decide to this year?  Do you realize half the eligible voters in this country don’t?  That’s why the left’s always wringing its hands about, “Oh, democracy is threatened. Look at how little our public is participating.  We need more participation.”  And then when we get more participation they start bitching about that.  “Is there too much democracy going on?  There too much information that people have?  Is it too confusing out there?” So no matter what happens, if it goes against the grain of what they want, it’s a threat, it’s a problem, and we’ll just have to see.  

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