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“The top 1% that Americans should worry about as exposed by WikiLeaks, is this vast left-wing conspiracy: Democrats, Wall Street, media.”

“The proportion of people that think the election is over and Trump’s toast, these people are acting like they don’t think that. And look, I’m not the guy sitting here trying to offer you false optimism. I don’t engage in that. Something’s not right here. I can’t put my finger on. The left, for having something in the bag, they’re not happy. They’re not pre-celebrating. They’re not pre-popping champagne corks.”

“It can’t be denied. Dead people vote, and they vote Democrat. They did it for JFK in Illinois and West Virginia in 1960. But the righteous indignation coming from the media and the Democrats as though some precious thing has been violated here that’s just unacceptable, folks, I actually think so much stuff is out of proportion.” 

“We’re getting close now to the period of time where the pollsters are going to have to start showing the race as it is. Now, I’m of the opinion they’re not yet. I’m of the opinion that they’re still using their polls to make news, to shape public opinion, rather than reflect it.” 

“Let me ask you a quick question here, folks. If a Democrat campaign headquarters office, say a Hillary for president campaign office, in a sizable left-wing university town, if it was blown up, you think you’d hear about it? Nothing but that, kinda, right? If a Democrat headquarters, a Hillary campaign headquarters had been blown up, do you think the Drive-Bys would be blaming Hillary’s rhetoric for it? Kind of doubt that.” 

“As we get closer to the election, all of these polling companies are gonna want to be right when it’s all over. So the polls that we get a week prior, the last polls before the election from all of these different outfits probably will be closer to what they really think is gonna happen, and because they have their reputations to protect after the election is over.” 

“This is what it’s always gonna look like whenever an outsider attempts to defeat and oust the establishment. It’s gonna look like this no matter who the nominee is, if the nominee is a genuine outsider.” 

“The establishment owns the establishment. They are the media. They are Wall Street. They are some major corporations in terms of donors. They are elected officials in both parties and they work hard to protect it. And they work very hard building walls to keep people out of it, particularly people who want to overthrow it.” 

“I think a lot of people would have crumbled by now if they had been dished the treatment Trump has gotten. I think a lot of people would have caved. Trump has not done that and I think the establishment is kind of surprised and shocked and a little not sure what’s going on here.” 

“Something’s not right here. I can’t put my finger on it. The left, for having something in the bag, they’re not happy. They’re not pre-celebrating. They’re not pre-popping champagne corks. They’re out there angrier than ever, which is not new.”      

“The left are angry all the time, and they do get angry as they succeed. It’s one of the craziest psychological things about them.” 

“If a postal worker went on social media and was bragging about destroying Hillary absentee ballots, do you think they’d be trying to hunt this guy down and put him in jail with the guy who made the video that started Benghazi? They wouldn’t be stopping. They’d find this guy, they’d hunt him down, give him to Marilyn Mosby.” 

“Trump would be up by 10 points if the media were televising these rallies of what Trump is saying and the way the public is reacting to him. It would be an entirely different campaign.” 

“I have a little bit of a question, it’s obviously rhetorical. How come the media can run article after article after article claiming that Hillary has won certain states already when early voting is already taking place? But you can’t report on election returns before a state is closed, yet early voting doesn’t have any prohibition.” 

“People in the establishment, the elite establishment of the United States not only run America, they run the world in consort with other establishment members around the world — United Nations and various other friendly nation states. They all circle the wagons for each other, and they will protect each other when they’re under assault.”

“The one thing the establishment knows is that they are a minority. They govern against the will of the people. Once it is discovered who and what they are, it’s very obvious that they are not us and that they do not share our concerns and that they’re not nationalistic Americans the way we are.”

 “When I say rigged, the establishment is using every asset it has to ensure that they win this. They’re not leaving it up to just a vote, like you’re taught in civics 101 that elections take place and the winners win, the losers lose, and you have campaigns, fundraising, they’re not leaving it up to any of that. And they were never going to.”

“If the powerful, using every aspect of their power to hold on to their power equals rigging the game, I mean, there’s no doubt that that’s happening. But it’s also not surprising.”

“Many of the people in the establishment are not there because of the democratic process. The elected ones are, but there are vastly many more people within the elite, the establishment, that have never been elected to anything. They got there in an entirely different way, they stay there entirely different ways, and many of them have much more power over elected officials, as we are seeing.”

“This is what it looks like when an outsider attempts to wrest control of the establishment away from the genuinely powerful.”       

“Democrats hear my name and they write checks. They have within their circles, quote, unquote, demonized me to the point that there’s genuine fear that I, my ideas will prevail. So Obama mentions me and they write checks. Donors donate big when my name is mentioned.”

“The Republican base changed its approach. It’s not just that they chose an outsider. The Republican base decided to send a brawler, a knockdown, drag out street fighter, something unseen in the modern era of politics.”

“This is the thing I think that the Republican base hasn’t yet figured out, is that all of these attacks on Republican politicians are also attacks on Republican voters. And they go undefended, they go unanswered, and people know that they are not these crazy things. People are not reprobates. People are not racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes and they’re tired of not being represented as such.”

“This is now what a political fight looks like. The forces on the left have had to unify because they have never had to face anything like this in recent years. They are used to a docile and conforming and embarrassed Washington Generals type of opposition in the Republican Party.”

“The Republican base knew what any Republican nominee was going to get. If they could tarnish and destroy and demonize Mitt Romney, they could do it to anybody.”

“Can you imagine if the Hillary campaign headquarters was blown up, do you think that would be in the news every day and do you think they’d be trying to find some Trump voter that doesn’t have any teeth to blame it on?  You know damn well they would.  It’d be the front-page story since it happened.  But since it’s the Trump headquarters that blew up, ho-hum, no care, no concern.”

“Everything they’re throwing at Trump, every Republican voter has heard it said about every Republican nominee since they’ve been alive.  There’s not one thing new.”

“Trump’s an outsider. He doesn’t have political fingerprints, political record. They can’t tie him to any failing policy, for example. They can’t tie him to any Republican action, so all they can do is claim he’s the usual, average, everyday Republican, which is racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe and now abuser. And that’s it.”

“Rush Limbaugh, making more sense than anything anybody else out there happens to be saying, and saying in a couple of minutes what most people take a week to say.”

“I attribute so much of this program’s success to me and your desire to listen to me. I’m just kidding, folks. I’m just thrilled that you’re here every day. It’s exciting.”

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