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RUSH: Here’s Ellen in Falls Church, Virginia.  Glad you waited.  I really appreciate it.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  Thank you for taking my call.  Listen, Rush, I have this theory that there’s going to be an October Surprise of a different sort, and that is I’m a self-employed person who got a letter on Friday telling me my health insurance premium is going to increase by $1,082 two per month.  It has already doubled since the Affordable Care Act was put into place, and my deductible went from $2,500 a person to $6,000.  But now my insurance premiums are practically going to double effective January 1st, and if enough people like me, self-employed or small business owners, get letters like this, there is just no way you can support the continuation of a policy that is not gonna bankrupt me, but it is seriously going to impact our standard of living.

RUSH:  Yeah, but you are gonna be outnumbered by the people who do not have small businesses.  You’re in a minority of people, and the insurance rates for Obamacare are skyrocketing.  It’s imploding.  Everybody knows it.  Here’s the problem.  I wish what you say is true, and I hope it ends up being true.  My experience has been that the public does not associate Obama with Obamacare.  He shouldn’t be at 55% approval alone given where Obamacare is.  They end up blaming the insurance companies.  It’s the insurance companies’ fault.  Obama’s trying, he’s really trying, but these evil forces just will not help him.


RUSH:  Expanding on what Ellen in Falls Church, Virginia, just said, our last caller.  She’s a small business owner.  She’s getting letters acknowledging that the premium and deductibles are skyrocketing on her Obamacare policy.  Individuals are getting these letters, too, and in some cases — I read the example of a family in Minnesota, I think they’re a farm family.  Not sure about that, but, anyway, their monthly — are you ready for this? — the monthly, monthly — this is incredible — for the family, monthly premium costs are $40,000.  Wait a minute, it sounds more like yearly, and the deductible is $13,000 per person.  They can’t afford it.  And even if they could afford the premiums, they would never trigger the coverage because the deductible is like 13 to $14,000. 

Now, the point is people are getting these letters, not just small business owners, individuals are getting these letters acknowledging the costs.  Look, this is the sad thing.  It’s by design.  Obamacare is supposed to fail, and it’s supposed to fail in a way that people perceive the insurance companies being at fault.  Not Obama.  Remember, now, there’s the Limbaugh Theorem, which explains why Obama hasn’t been held accountable for anything that’s gone wrong, from the economy, to the stimulus not mattering, to the international foreign policy of this country. We’re in more wars under Obama than we ever were under George W. Bush.  And in almost every instance, it’s because of Bush. 

The economy, if you listen to the Democrats, we still are feeling the effects of the Bush financial collapse in 2008.  Poor Obama, man, he’s tried so hard. He’s worked so hard. He’s done more than anybody could have possibly done.  It was so bad, it was worse than anybody knew, and it’s just gonna take a lot longer.  And that’s how Hillary gets away with running against the economy.  It’s still Bush’s fault. 

I mean, look at the, folks, Obama’s sitting there with a 55% approval, so whatever you hope about all this stuff attaching itself to him is not happening.  In the case of Obamacare, these rising premiums and deductibles, it’s the insurance companies.  Typical, typical unfeeling hatred, Citizen United type big corporations which are not people.  Corporations don’t cry, corporations don’t bleed, corporations, companies are not people.  Just evil.  They kill people.  They’re not people.  They kill their customers and they don’t care.  But they’re not people. 

And Obama is perceived as one guy trying so hard to reverse this, when in truth everything that’s going wrong in health care is the result of Democrat Party implemented policy.  This is the thing that frustrates me about Millennials.  Look, I’ve mentioned this before, and I know it’s being redundant to say it.  Here you have these Millennials graduating college, or have graduated, they are saddled with student loan debt that’s going to take, in some cases, over ten years or more to repay.  While that’s going on, there aren’t any career path openings.  The job market is woefully inadequate.  There are all kinds of part-time jobs available.  That’s what people want to fill because of Obamacare.  But being able to start out your course on a career, it’s not there.  It’s not happening. 

We don’t have a robust and vibrant and growing economy, and the young people facing this do not blame Obama.  They don’t blame government.  They just think it’s a confluence of events that happened to occur at the time they reached adulthood.  It’s just an accident of fate.  You can’t convince them that their circumstances are the direct result of implemented Democrat Party policy. 

Now, again, I’m gonna tell you, one of the reasons why — and it’s more complicated than this — one of the reasons why is the opposition political party has not tried to make that case.  The opposition political party has not been much of an opposition.  They have been silenced by virtue of Obama’s race.  They’ve been neutered.  And so it’s the first election in my life — this is really true, folks.  To show you how different things are and how you can’t playbook and blue book this stuff — Snerdley, correct me if I’m wrong.  I mean, there may be an exception here, but I can’t think of it. 

This is the first election in my life where the economy is not even a factor in the election.  If it were, Hillary Clinton would be in deep doo-doo because this is her party that did this, and people associated, not just the president but his party and the economy, the back pockets, kitchen table issues, were always the issues that dominated and determined electoral outcome.  But this one doesn’t.  And there are a lot of other issues like that that used to matter a lot that don’t seem to. 

And so people on the Republican side who’ve been thinking, “Well, we’ve got a great chance here because the economy’s in the tank and it’s the Democrats.” No.  People are not associating Obama or the Democrats with — even his name’s on the thing.  Obamacare, and they still don’t blame him.  He’s still seen as this valiant social justice warrior doing everything he can to get even with these evil companies that are trying to kill their customers, deny their customers medicine, deny their customers food, deny their customers water, deny whatever it is.  

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