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“This is astounding what the FBI dumped yesterday. Why this hasn’t been dumped earlier is obvious. It is damning! It is destroying of Hillary Clinton, as a person, as a secretary of state.”

“Everything your average citizen thinks is just the news of the day, it’s all coordinated. It’s all scripted and they’re all working together on it. Virtually any organization that has any ties to the Democrat Party and thus to the Clinton campaign, coordinates with the Clinton campaign, and this includes the Drive-By Media.”

“Folks, I’m here to tell you, there is no way Hillary Clinton ought to be anywhere near the Oval Office. She ought not be anywhere near the White House. I don’t care what Donald Trump’s faults are. I don’t care what people think of Donald Trump. This woman has no business.”

“I’m guessing that many of you do not know this, but there was another dump of 100 pages from the FBI yesterday relating to the investigation of Hillary Clinton. The stuff that they haven’t redacted is damning. It makes Watergate look like Romper Room.” 

“Everybody in the mainstream media is on Hillary’s team and coordinating with her and her campaign about how to do stories, what stories to do, what to leave out of them and so forth. I mean, there isn’t any question all of this is rigged.”

“Democrats do everything they can to ensure that people who are dead or illegal immigrants or whatever are on voter registration rolls. That alone rigs the game.”  

“The Republican primary voters had grown weary of nominating and electing people that were not gonna fight back against any of this defamation and slander and libel against all of us, and Trump is, and that’s why his supporters are not abandoning him.” 

“Every Republican nominee is going to be destroyed. What’s different here is that Trump is fighting back, and this is what it looks like. It’s very important for people to understand, this is the first time anybody on our side’s ever fought back against any of this, and this is what it looks like.”

“The Democrats take this to the sewer. The Hillary campaign, the American left, they take the campaign to the sewer, and if you are going to respond, that’s where you’re gonna be.”

“Part of hammering Trump and never letting up on it is if he loses, and if he loses big, they want to send a message, this is what happens if you fight back. They’re trying to make sure nobody ever tries this on the Democrats, ever again.”

“The people giving the Clintons money are not doing it ’cause they like her. They’re not giving her $300,000 to make speeches at banks because, wow, she says such interesting things. They are buying the Clintons. They are buying access because the Clintons have made it known their entire public life they can be bought.”

“If you’re not gonna teach communism, if you’re not gonna teach what it really is, it makes selling socialism easy.”

“Hillary Clinton corrupted a bunch of agencies to collude and get together to change the email classification on her behalf so that she could go out and lie. She was enabled as a liar with the mass participation of a bunch of other government agencies.”

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a race to see who’s the king or queen of lying.”

“Obama says things aren’t rigged. Didn’t the Democrat Party rig the primary election against Bernie Sanders? We know that they did. The Democrat National Committee rigged the primary elections. Bernie Sanders was never going to win the Democrat nomination. I told you that from the first day of that campaign. It was all rigged. The game was set.”

“It’s really rich for our young president to tell Donald Trump to toughen up. Here’s Barack Obama, who, in eight years, has not had the kind of scrutiny that Donald Trump gets in a week.”

“Barack Obama and every other Democrat out there is essentially pampered, protected, defended by the same media that is trying to personally destroy not just Donald Trump, but anybody else that pops up in the opposition that might have the slightest bit of a chance of wreaking havoc or doing damage to Democrats.”

“I’d look at the kind of treatment that a Republican nominee gets or your average Republican candidate gets versus the pampering and the softness and the delicate approach the same media takes to Democrats.”

“Trump doesn’t have a policy record. He doesn’t have fingerprints on anything that’s going well or badly in the country. So there is nothing that Trump, as the Republican nominee, can be tied to policy-wise. That’s why a campaign of personal destruction is occurring on Trump.”

“I’m going through the program today just recounting what it is that I have learned, and it seems to me that there is much more evidence of systematic vote fraud by Democrats than there is anywhere near a similar amount of racism in America’s police departments. Where is the DOJ?”

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