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RUSH: There’s no reason any of you in this audience ought to be even thinking of supporting Hillary Clinton.  It ought to be the most foreign concept to you that you could ever imagine yourself doing.  If any of you in this audience are thinking of supporting Hillary Clinton, you need somebody to grab you by the shoulders and shake you.  You need to get a grip, because everything you think is wrong in this country is directly traceable to the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, you name it. 

Maybe you want to blame the Republicans for some of it, go ahead, but you cannot find Donald Trump fingerprints on anything going wrong in this country, not a single thing.  Trump hasn’t been there. 

Here’s Matt, Lincoln, Nebraska, you’re next, great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Hey, first thing is, the previous caller, I gotta call him on that.  He’s been listening to you since ’88 and he just recently figured out that Hillary was corrupt and so they’re gonna support Trump?  Hey, that just sounded a little weird to me.  Second thing is, I’m pretty active in politics in Nebraska.  I have not heard one single person state that they’re not gonna vote for Trump, that they’re pulling their support from Trump. 

What I have heard is from Democrats that I know that have said they’re not voting for Hillary, but they’re also not voting for Trump.  And when they’re called on these polling places, they think that the pollers think that they, just cause they say they’re not supporting Trump, they’re putting them down as supporting Hillary.

RUSH:  Oh, really?  No way to track that.  But if that’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Look, here’s another way of looking at this.  I appreciate, Matt, your call.  Is Hillary more popular than Obama?  No way!  Obama, mystifyingly — it’s actually not so mystifyingly — is at 55% approval.  There is no way Hillary Clinton’s anywhere near that.  Her negatives — they don’t tell you this — her negatives are as bad as Trump’s or as high as Trump’s are. 

Like he said, he doesn’t know any Republican — I don’t know any Republicans voting for Hillary.  I know some — well, that’s not true.  Look, there’s some people at National Review, I don’t know what they’re gonna do, but they’re not gonna vote for Trump.  I don’t know if they’re voting for Hillary or not. You know that there are a lot of Republicans out there during the primaries who said that they would vote for Hillary.  A lot of Republican establishment types.  But I don’t know, I mean, just in my social life and the people I come into contact with.  And, by the way, some of these people were not for Trump during the primaries.  A lot of people I know were not into Trump at all.  They were not into Cruz. 

A lot of different Republican candidates, a lot of Rubio supporters, but I don’t know a single one of them who was gonna vote for Hillary.  I know it’s all anecdotal.  I don’t know that many people compared to the national voting base, don’t misunderstand.  I’m just saying the things they’re asking us to believe, I don’t know, I just don’t see the evidence of it.  It could well be the case.  I’ve always been amazed when I find out how many millions of Americans actually don’t know what they’re doing.  And there are a ton of them.  So you deal with it as it comes. 

And we’ll be back.  Don’t go away.


RUSH: I just checked with Koko up at RushLimbaugh.com, and he told me, and I haven’t even talked about this in a week-and-a-half, that we are still moving Hillary stickers, Never Hillary T-shirts, all the anti-Hillary stuff that we have at the EIB Store is still moving

In other words, you’re buying it in record numbers.  I haven’t even promoted this stuff in two weeks.  It’s still flying off the shelves, as well as — just leave it at that.  There’s all kinds of good thing happening at RushLimbaugh.com, but that’s another anecdotal indicator of things.  

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