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“Big debate tonight. I didn’t get a chance to tell you what I think Trump ought to do: Just don’t spend too much time on her. Just tell the American people you’re up for the gig, you want the gig, and they need to vote for you or America as we’ve known it may not be around for a while.”

“I maintain you cannot apply the standard conventional wisdom or political playbook of a presidential campaign to a guy like Trump because he’s not in it. He’s not in the business. He doesn’t have any history in the business, doesn’t have any fingerprints on policy, doesn’t have a record.  So the only thing that they had to go after Trump on is personal things, character things. Not policy related things.”

“Hillary Clinton ought to be sitting there at 55 or 60% if the story they’re telling is true, but she’s not.” 

“I would never abandon whoever the Republican nominee was. I would never abandon whoever it was for Hillary Clinton. But apparently that’s beginning to happen and has been happening for the past, oh, what, two weeks, three weeks, month, everybody’s bought into this narrative, everybody’s bought into this meme. And it’s led by polling. It’s defined by polling. Something about it is just, I don’t know, strange. It’s all confusing out there. Because a lot of things that we’re told are happening, to me, are at odds with human nature.”

“It is really hard to trust things that come from the Drive-By Media anymore. It’s really hard. But yet the stuff is seductive because that’s all there is, essentially. It’s the creation of a narrative that depicts human behavior in ways I don’t understand.”

“It’s much the same way they try to change minds on climate change. Democrats are out there promoting the issue, and they are humiliating people that don’t buy it and don’t believe it, but they’re always offering a chance for absolution. If you finally admit that you have contributed to this problem, there is salvation for you. You have been doing things to destroy the planet. You have been doing things to destroy the climate, but you can make amends.” 

“If you’re supporting Trump from the get-go, what are you supporting? You are totally opposed to status quo. If you’re supporting Trump, a political novice who has no experience whatsoever and who has entered the race with specific objectives, how in the world could you be talked out of that and persuaded to vote for the exact opposite of why you supported Trump in the first place? This is what they want us to believe is happening in mass numbers.” 

“People that originally liked the Republican nominee all of a sudden seem to end up being convinced by the Democrat Party and the media that the guy they originally supported is indeed a villain and a reprobate and not worth their support, and thus they abandon. Same pattern. Every four years, and it’s being repeated now. Something about it doesn’t jibe.”

“I just think that if you signed up for Trump from the get-go, there are specific reasons that haven’t changed. The establishment’s still the establishment, and they are worse than ever, and it’s more obvious that the game is rigged than ever. Why in the world would you abandon it, your opposition to it?”    

“Why would you give up at the moment of truth? If you really feel like something needs to be changed, why would you abandon the effort to change at the last minute? But that’s they want us to believe is happening.” 

“The left runs everything in Washington no matter who the president is, and this work will continue.”

“I think that there’s no question that an ongoing effort to stamp out or intimidate anybody who happens to lean in any direction to the right is going to be undertaken.”

“This is a different campaign than the primaries. The opposition now is Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, of course, the establishment. The opposition is the media, where that wasn’t so much the case during the Republican primaries.”

“Outside of people that live in Washington, I don’t know a single Republican that wants to vote for Hillary, so why are they?”

“Trump, in the Republican primaries, got more votes in the Republican primary than Mitt Romney ever did, and Romney was not running against nearly as many opponents as Trump was.”

“There are many Americans fed up with the Democrat Party, fed up with the establishment, who are not specifically ideologically ordained conservatives or movement conservatives. They may live their lives that way, but they don’t call themselves that, and they don’t think in those terms. They think of themselves as Republicans or outsiders or people fed up with the system or however you want to describe it.”

“During the Republican primaries there were endless polls that said Trump was declining. There were polls during the various stages of the primary maintaining the premise that Trump was losing support. And then there would be a primary election and Trump would win in a blowout.”

“During the primaries Trump caused brand-new Republican registration and Republican turnout unseen, unprecedented, record numbers. And now we are to believe that many of those people have finally seen the light and have realized the error in their ways and are now ready, once again, to vote for the continuation of things that they said they opposed so much that they supported Trump.”

“Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, the videos that prove Democrat corruption, that prove it’s the Democrat Party, the Hillary campaign that was responsible for all of the protests at Trump rallies, James O’Keefe can’t believe his videos aren’t being covered. He can’t believe that his videos are being ignored by the Drive-By Media. He fully expected to be guesting on all kinds of shows with his videos being shown to the nation.”

“There’s no reason any of you in this audience ought to be even thinking of supporting Hillary Clinton. It ought to be the most foreign concept to you that you could ever imagine yourself doing. If any of you in this audience are thinking of supporting Hillary Clinton, you need somebody to grab you by the shoulders and shake you. You need to get a grip, because everything you think is wrong in this country is directly traceable to the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, you name it.”

“I’ve always been amazed when I find out how many millions of Americans actually don’t know what they’re doing. And there are a ton of them.”

“The conventional wisdom in the Drive-By Media says that Trump is hemorrhaging support for whatever reasons and he’s got one chance left, this debate tonight. Is support for Trump that fickle? Really? Okay, if that’s the case, what do you think Trump has to do tonight to go back and find the people who loved him in December and in January who apparently have abandoned him now, what does he have to do to get ’em back? And what else does he have to do to turn it around?”

“Every presidential election year we are played. The Democrat Party, made up of its various constituent groups, which this year includes the White House and every federal bureaucracy and the media, and even some weak conservative media, is all aligned for one outcome, and that is Donald Trump losing.”

“There’s always going to be an America. There are people now trying to transform America — Obama, the Democrats — into a country that it wasn’t founded to be, but there’s always gonna be an America, and there are always gonna be conservatives.”






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