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“Over the course of my career, as you people well know, I’ve found myself in certain circumstances where I’ve been roundly criticized, called all kinds of names, racist, sexist, insensitive and so forth, all because we have arrived at a moment in our nation’s cultural evolution where people on the left simply cannot laugh. They literally have no sense of humor, particularly about themselves.”

“The Al Smith dinner last night. In that room was the New York establishment and the elites. They all must have been wearing corsets and whatever else to constrain movement. I never saw a bigger group of uptight people in my life.”

“My instincts never fail me. The Democrats strategic goal is all about deflating you, demoralizing you, depressing you, suppressing you. And it’s created the infighting. We’ve got factions at war with each other. We’ve got conservatives saying vicious things about other conservatives that they never even say about Democrats.”

“Pessimism and negativity are easy. It doesn’t take any work to be pessimistic. It doesn’t take any work to fail, but success and optimism require applied effort.”

“I maintain to you that the establishment, whoever they are, whatever you want to call ’em, this degree of panic and fear that they are obviously facing over Trump and his claim to wait ’til the election to actually decide whether he’s gonna contest it, this is irrational.”

“You must realize that we don’t have a media. We call it the media, but that’s not what they do. It is not who they are.” 

“If the Democrats had been around in the 1700s we’d have never had a revolution. They would have never tolerated the Founding Fathers’ objections to King George. They would have wanted to put in jail people like James Madison and Patrick Henry because they dared speak out against the establishment.”

“Trump and Clinton tight race Ohio. Trump and Clinton tight race Florida. Trump and Clinton tight race Pennsylvania. Trump and Clinton tight race Colorado. Trump and Clinton tight race Georgia. Polls: Hillary wins in a landslide by 15. What doesn’t work here?”

“Something Trump didn’t say is being reported as something he did say, and, furthermore, something that he really means, to the point they’re trying to convince people that Trump might go so far as to mount a coup if he loses. It’s hysteria beyond any boundaries of reality.”

“I toy with the media all the time. I sometimes even tell you in advance when gonna tweak the media here. I can do it any time I want. They fall for it. Even when they know I’m gonna do it, I can make ’em freak out and go get the vapors.”

“Democrats constantly engage in the very behavior they accuse Trump of engaging in. They’re out alleging that this was fraudulent, that was cheated from them, that was taken away from them as though they are somehow the paragons of virtue in all this. It’s laughable.”  

“Democrats stand in the way of every idea to take fraud out of elections. Every great idea to remove fraud from elections, they oppose it. Photo IDs, purging the voter rolls of people who’ve passed away. It’s the Democrats who stand in the way, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t take dead people off the rolls.’ Why not?”

“The elites keep telling us it isn’t possible, that Trump’s foolish, that Trump’s paranoid, that Trump’s a nutcase, that Trump needs to be in a straitjacket in an insane asylum in a padded cell. You can’t rig elections. And yet here’s Reuters, Obama and Hillary are really worried the Russians might leak documents purporting to claim that the Democrats have engaged in fraud. Maybe the cover story is getting out early for what they really plan to do to discredit it before it happens.”

“Let me ask you this question. The polling data all shows Trump losing in a landslide, right? So what happens if Trump wins? Do you think they’re just get sit there and accept it for the honor of the tradition of accepting the election results? Folks, there will be rioting election night, and we will witness the dignified and accepting tradition of going with the outcome of an election as we have come to expect.”

“If it is apparently so easy for the Russians to hack the DNC server and so easy for the Russians to hack John Podesta’s email, why didn’t Hillary use a secure server when at the State Department? Why did she use one of these basement homebrew jobs if the Russians are so damn good at hacking everything? It doesn’t seem like she cared much back then, but now the Russians are responsible for it all.”

“Folks, they never boo at this dinner. The reason they are booing is because Trump didn’t follow protocol. He came in there and campaigned. And you’re not supposed to do that at this dinner. You’re supposed to make fun of yourself and tell everybody in there, particularly if you’re the Republican, what a joke you are, and he didn’t do it. He got booed — and I bet it was an honor.”

“Why do I feel like this election’s just beginning?”

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