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RUSH: I mentioned earlier that Hillary Clinton’s in hibernation.  She came out.  She came out today.  She was in Manchester, New Hampshire, today.  She had a warmup act, Fauxcahontas.  Elizabeth Warren shows up to warm up the crowd at Hillary’s rally.  We have two sound bites.  Here’s number one.

WARREN:  He thinks that because he has money that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos.  He thinks because he is a celebrity that he can rate women’s bodies from one to 10.  He thinks that because he has a mouthful of Tic Tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance.  Well, I got news for you, Donald Trump.  Women have had it with guys like you. 

CROWD: (cheers).

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  I thought it was Trump that was taking the campaign down to the sewer level.  What are they doing campaigning on stuff like this?  Is that the only story they’ve got, that Trump’s a reprobate?  And that women have had it with guys like Trump?  (laughing)  I’m not gonna answer that question.  But I’m just gonna tell you, she will never know when women have had it with guys like Trump. 

The fact that women are always gonna flock to guys like Trump is one of the things that ticks off women like Elizabeth Warren, and it ticks off a lot of guys, too, I mean, let’s be honest.  Women go for the bikers and the straight-and-narrow guys in the library say, “What am I doing wrong?”  It’s the age-old question.  Nobody knows why anybody finds anybody attractive.  The bowling alley shows you that.  But here Elizabeth Warren is convinced that women are not ever, ever, ever again gonna find guys like Trump worth their time.  (laughing)  Fauxcahontas wasn’t finished.

WARREN:  And nasty women have really had it with guys like you.  Get this, Donald.  Nasty women are tough.  Nasty women are smart.  And nasty women vote. And on November 8th, we nasty women are gonna march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH:  Such hatred, the hatred they have for this guy.  I’m telling you, it’s political.  It’s not personal.  These women, they’re not — such a nasty woman.  The hatred for Trump is political.  Well, it’s actually that and more.  But I have to take a break.  I just want to let you know that the Hillary surrogates are out there, and Hillary showed up after Elizabeth Warren had finished rousing the nasty women in the crowd.  

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