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Here’s another under reported story this election season: liberals are furious at Hillary Clinton after the WikiLeaks dumps.

The so-called “progressive movement” found out what Hillary and her top advisors really think of them. The Hillary camp called some of them “puritanical” and “pompous.” Others were described as “na�ve,” “radical,” and even “dumb.” Others were scorned as “freaks” who need to “get a life.”

Though Mrs. Clinton claims to champion Hispanic voters, her insiders call them a bunch of “needy Latinos.” And if the Clinton team’s real views about African-American voters ever come out there will be an earthquake.

Given all this, do you think Hillary is worried about progressive turnout on election day? Not in the least, folks.

Despite all of Clinton’s insults, progressives aren’t threatening to stay home, like our people are. Their pundits aren’t writing op-eds and social media posts advocating voting for third-party or write-in candidates, like our media is. They’re not putting up alternative candidates in key battleground states to try to defeat her, like our side is. And progressive leaders aren’t parading in front of the cameras to declare they’ve joined the “Never Hillary” movement, like lots of our people are. 

Instead, they’re cataloging all the insults, and vowing to use them to push back on appointments, policy, and agenda items they’re gonna win. They want to win! They don’t want to lose, like our side does. And they’re gonna get their pound of flesh after they win. 

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