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“I don’t think I have ever seen anything like we are witnessing today where our side has already conceded defeat.” 

“Our side has given up. Our side has concluded that we are going to lose and in a massive landslide, and they are already making plans for recriminations after the election.”

“A bunch of people you never heard of are preparing to sort out the blame and responsibility for those who made this all possible.  And I’ll give you three guesses who they are zeroing in on. That’s right, my friends, your beloved host is to blame for all of this.”

“I have no idea who’s gonna win. I don’t have the slightest bit of inside information, and I don’t feel confident giving you a straight up and down opinion on this. There’s too much we don’t know. There are too many things that we have learned that make me question all kinds of conventional wisdom.”

“Strictly within the bounds of politics, Obama’s anger, his paranoia, this rant here at a small section of the media that doesn’t buy hook, line, and sinker whatever he says bothers him to such an extent that it’s really curious to me.” 

“The WikiLeaks document dump has produced an email from Podesta with go-to instructions on how to create polls that show an overwhelming Democrat majority for the express purpose of dispiriting and depressing Republican opposition.”

“I have yet to run into anybody that’s for Hillary. And, by the way, I go a lot of places where it’s not exclusively Republican or conservative. I still can’t run into anybody who doesn’t desperately want Trump to win.”

“People say to me, ‘Does the media really have this much power? Does the media really have that much influence?’ I answer, I always answer, ‘Yes, they do.'”

“We have to look at the population as a whole in determining media influence. There’s a whole lot of people even now who are paying attention to this with 40, 50%, and the other half, they’re out doing other things. They don’t dig deep. They just hear what’s reported in the Drive-By Media.”

“AP is the primary news source for I’d say 80% of low-information voters. AP leads at Yahoo News. AP leads at Facebook. AP leads on Twitter, this kind of stuff.”

“When Obama shows up to campaign he can’t stop talking about conservative media. Here’s a guy who has mastered and succeeded with practically every agenda item that he had to one degree or another, and he’s not even happy. He’s still bent out of shape that I’m here. He’s still bent out of shape that there’s a Fox News. He’s still bent out of shape that there’s a conservative media.”

“Do the Democrats need WikiLeaks? They don’t. They’ve got their own Drive-By Media.”

“If Podesta and the gang hacked, say, Trump computers or Republican National Committee computers, they don’t need to go to WikiLeaks. They just need to call the New York Times. They just need to call ABC News, the Washington Post, you name it.”

“Obama is obsessed. This guy ought to be sitting on top of the world, folks. He ought to be sitting on top of the world. The Republican nominee for president is about to be vanquished in one of the biggest landslides in the history of this country, right? And yet this guy is obsessed. This guy is obsessed with what critics are saying about him.”

“Nothing in this WikiLeaks dump has ever been denied, folks. The only thing the Democrats say is you can’t trust it because the Russians produced it and that it’s illegal.” 

“I’m feeling odd because normally whenever we get together I am certain about most everything I tell you. When I have an opinion on something, it’s an opinion and it’s rock solid and I firmly believe it 100%. I’m not used to not knowing. I’m not used to not being confident of what I think. I don’t know how this is gonna turn out.”

“I still haven’t endorsed anybody in this campaign, are you aware of that?  I still haven’t!  I may be the last person in the country that hasn’t endorsed somebody.”

“My instincts have always made me question polls, and for the most basic of reasons, like I question the Nielsen TV ratings. It’s just my common sense. I understand that they can scientifically quantify and analyze all they want, but I remain curious. You want to tell me that a thousand people in this country with little boxes on their TVs can tell us what millions of people are actually watching.”

“The Republican Party simple does not know how to win and doesn’t know what to do when they do win.”          

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