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Gallup: Respect for Police Officers at 49-Year High

RUSH: How many of you are of the opinion that America has turned against its cops?  No, I’m asking seriously.  This goes to what I was mentioning earlier.  You know, we win the Cold War and communism is more prevalent in more places of influence in this country than ever before, after we win the Cold War.  And the cops are one institution constantly under assault, you name it.  What do you think? 

Look, folks, the reason I ask is my point is this.  You know and I know that the media is opposed to the cops.  The media, the Democrat Party, the cops are guilty. Whenever one of these shootings takes place without a question, the cops overstep, the cops are racist, that is a narrative that has established itself.  And part and parcel with this reporting just like the religious freedom law in Indiana or anything else, the Drive-By Media tries to make you think the whole country feels the same way.  So many people wander around here a little bit down in the dumps because they think the media’s even turned people against the cops.

“Respect for men and women in blue has reached the highest level in 49 years, a finding that counters a view in some corners that the handful of cop shootings has destroyed the trust between police and the public. According to a new survey, respect overall has reached 76 percent, and all groups — whites, blacks, conservatives, liberals — have seen their support increase. … Among whites, support is a record-breaking 80 percent. Among blacks it is also at a 16 year high at 67 percent.”

You wouldn’t know this by virtue of the way media covers events involving the police.  You could be forgiven if you were under the impression this country had turned against the cops.

Clinton Bagman McAuliffe’s SuperPAC Paid $500,000 to Campaign of Wife of FBI Official Overseeing Hillary Email Investigation

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, I haven’t even mentioned the longtime bagman Terry McAuliffe.  Wait ’til you hear what this guy did.  You want to talk about commingling and intermingling and the corruption of the FBI, that’s the name of the game.  The Democrat Party has virtually corrupted everything.  They’re on their way to corrupting everything that we used to be able to count on and regard as open and fair in our government.  The FBI is the latest.  Wait ’til you hear what McAuliffe did.  Clinton bagman who’s now the governor of Virginia.  

Law Enforcement Loves Trump

RUSH: It’s a story about the cops, about how an overwhelming number of Americans respect and like the cops, approve of the cops.  It’s totally opposite what the media’s trying to tell us.  I just saw a picture.  Trump just left.  He parked his plane over at Galaxy Aviation in West Palm Beach and he was just leaving there, and he’s flying I think up to Jacksonville and over to Tampa.  He’s got three or four rallies today. 

But what happened was, all of the cops that were on the security detail paused for a photo with Trump.  And it looks like 25 or 30 cops and security personnel.  It’s phenomenal the number. I can guarantee what happened.  What happened was that Trump’s got his motorcade or whatever on the way to his airplane, and he’s got cops, local cops, sheriffs and police departments and so forth, and they’re all from the local area providing security.  I will guarantee you they wanted a photo with him before he got on the plane.  And I guarantee you it went that way.  I don’t think Trump said, “Hey, I want a photo with you guys, get ’em over.”

I think what happened was that they asked if they could have a photo with Trump, and he took a group photo with them.  And I just saw it, somebody emailed it to me, and it doesn’t look like the photo of somebody who is wandering aimlessly in the last couple of weeks of a campaign. 

You know this business about these Democrats, Governor Pence says the Democrats campaigning in all these red states, down ballot trying to win the House and Senate.  He said more than likely it’s psychological, trying to suppress turnout and so forth.  I wonder.  If Hillary is going to win and win big, isn’t she gonna have coattails?  If people just don’t like Trump and they’re gonna reject Trump, why would they have to go to these states?  Some of you might say, “Well, Rush, they do want to take the House. They do want to take the Senate. They’re going for the whole thing and they’re leaving no stone unturned and they got a lot of money and they’re going there.” 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand, but there’s another part of me that thinks this is curious, that it may have nothing to do with down-ballot races.  I’m sorry, folks.  I just haven’t gotten to the point yet where I think or agree with the notion that this is some ordained, preordained landslide defeat.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know why.  I just haven’t.  Aside from that, like I said in the first hour, I don’t know, I don’t know what I think.  I just don’t know.  And that’s a strange position for me to be in, to not have ontological certitude about something, but that’s the case.

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