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RUSH:  I’m gonna get something out there in advance.  You Republicans and your circular firing squad, you know, I’ll tell you what, what ticks me off as much as anything about what is going on right now, let me just launch here.  The Republican Party simply does not know how to win and doesn’t know what to do when they do win, and can I give you the best example of it? 

The best example is the winning of the House of Representatives for the first time in 1994, and what did they do with it?  What did they have to show for it?  I mean, in terms of actual shifts in cultural and policy direction in this country.  They did gangbusters for a couple or three years, but then the media began its search-and-destroy mission on the Republican leaders, and they’re not there anymore.  And almost all of the Republican leaders, the conservative Republican leaders from 1994 have been neutered into now just “don’t notice me” Republicans.  And it’s stunning. 

So here we have the Republican Party today, which has already, best I can tell — let me stipulate something here.  The Republican National Committee right now has a couple of people that are still doing everything they can, Sean Spicer is out there doing everything he can, and Priebus to a certain extent.  I’m talking about elected Republicans and think tank Republicans and media Republicans who have given up.  They have caved, they have presumed defeat, massive defeat almost in some cases, as though they’re looking forward to it, in order to discredit other Republicans or other conservatives.  And the fate of the country doesn’t seem to matter to them at all.  And let me tell you why it should. 

Can I ask you a simple question?  Who won the Cold War?  What’s the answer? Who won the Cold War?  The United States won the Cold War?  No, we didn’t.  No, we didn’t.  We did not crush Russia.  We did not crush communism.  It’s still taught in America universities.  Communism, anti-Americanism is at an all-time high at all levels of American education and culture.  It is what is cool, it is what is hip.  Look at Kaepernick.  Look at all these protests.  Look at the anti-cop stuff. 

The anti-American founding, anti-America, period, meme and narrative is more popular than ever at an all-time high at educational institutions all over this country.  How is that possible after — we did, in terms of the Cold War, the Russians gave up.  The Soviet Union gave up and the wall came down.  Why didn’t communism get buried at the same time?  Because it sure as hell did not.  Communism is as big and powerful and pervasive in this country as it has ever been.  It has taken over the Democrat Party.  It has taken over Hollywood.  It has taken over the entertainment industry. 

If it’s defined by America sucks, America’s bad, America’s racist, America’s discriminatory, the cops are bad, America is flawed, where does that come from?  It comes from communism. It comes from the Soviet Union.  Vladimir Putin was at the KGB during the Soviet Union’s primacy.  Where is he today?  He is the president of the Soviet Union, i.e., Russia.  Putin didn’t go anywhere, the KGB didn’t go anywhere, just gave it a new name.  We won the Cold War and have nothing to show for it, is my point. 

Now, one of the reasons we don’t is because the Democrats didn’t want us to win the Cold War.  They thought it would be destabilizing for the Soviet Union to go defunct and to have only one superpower, us.  As bizarre and depraved as that sounds, that’s exactly what they thought.  The world was not safe with only one superpower if it was us.  We were the imperialists, we loot other countries, we impose our way of life on other countries.  But you can’t deny to me that Marxism, as a philosophy, is not taught. 

Look at the Millennial population today.  They don’t know that it’s Marxism.  They’re not of course told that.  But look at how many people running around think America is the problem in the world.  You tell me the communists haven’t won?  You tell me they lost the Cold War?  They did not.  Well, the Soviets may have.  Communism didn’t.  Marxism is still fashionable.  It’s still cool.  It’s still how the Democrats get where they want to go.  They don’t of course call it Marxism.  But they campaign on it. 

What do you think class envy is?  What is class warfare?  What is attacking every institution that has defined this nation either as a capitalist superpower or as a cultural superpower or as a moral superpower?  Where does that come from?  It doesn’t come from the Declaration of Independence, which is not taught today. It doesn’t come from the Constitution, which is not taught today.  What’s taught is all this counter-American stuff that is very seductive to young people because it’s rooted in class envy and equality and all of these other things that they have been made to believe are paramountly important, when they’re nothing but ruses and tricks designed to get people to actually turn against the things that make something distinctively American. 

So, in this mix, we have the Republican Party, which ceased being an opposition.  Look at what the Republican Party was given in 2010 and look at what it was given in 2014 and look at what it has.  What did it did do with those two landslide midterm elections that gave it the House and gave it the Senate.  Prior to that, the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, 1994. I was made an honorary member of the freshman class that year ’cause those people thought that I had something to do with it. 

It was the first time the House was in Republican control for 40 years.  Newt Gingrich is the speaker out there, his Contract with America.  All kinds of reasons why it happened.  And of the reasons it happened, substance.  The Contract with America was substance.  The Democrats were so enmeshed in scandal. There was the House bank scandal, there was the House post office scandal, that dare say would not have ever been known were it not for conservative media. 

So now here we are in 2016, and the Republicans could not nominate whoever they wanted to nominate so it’s gotta be somebody’s fault besides theirs, and guess whose it is?  And if what I’m reading is right, they’re gonna join forces with the Democrats after Trump loses in this landslide, and they’re gonna join forces to do everything they can to take out conservative media, because that’s the problem.  Conservative media is why Republicans can’t win diddly, if you believe it. 

But that’s what they’re out there trying to set up even now.  They have been given victory after victory, electoral victory after electoral victory, and they don’t have very much to show for it.  They can’t even get one of their own people nominated, in terms of how they look at it, and who’s to blame?  Certainly not them.  Ho-ho-ho no.  They sound just like Obama when he goes out after conservative media. 

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