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RUSH: I played golf yesterday.  I have yet to run into anybody that’s for Hillary.  And, by the way, I go a lot of places where it’s not exclusively Republican or conservative.  I’m not attaching any big meaning to this.  I’m just trying to give as much information as I can.  I still can’t run into anybody who doesn’t desperately want Trump to win.  And without fail, people ask me a variation of the following:  If all of these polls show Hillary ahead by all of these points, 10 points, 11 points, 12 points, how do you explain that her rallies are ghost towns and Trump fills arenas?  And then people say to me, “Does the media really have this much power?  Does the media really have that much influence?”  I answer, I always answer, “Yes, they do.” 

And it’s because we have to look at the population as a whole in determining media influence.  There’s a whole lot of people even now who are paying attention to this with 40, 50%, and the other half, they’re out doing other things.  They don’t dig deep.  They just hear what’s reported and they hear what’s reported in the Drive-By Media.  ABC, CBS, AP, primarily AP, would be the primary news source for I’d say 80% of low-information voters.  AP leads at Yahoo News.  AP leads at Facebook.  AP leads on Twitter, this kind of stuff. And that’s what people are going to see, and that’s what they’re going to form opinions from.  Yes, they do have that much control. 

Let’s listen to Obama.  This is yesterday in Las Vegas.  He was at a Hillary campaign event.

OBAMA:  For years Republican politicians and the far-right media outlets have pumped up all kinds of crazy stuff about me, about Hillary, about Harry.  They said I wasn’t born here.  They said climate change is a hoax.  They said I was gonna take everybody’s guns away.  So people have been hearing that, they start thinking, well, maybe it’s true.  So if the world that they’ve been seeing is that I’m powerful enough to cause hurricanes on my own and to steal everybody’s guns in the middle of the night and impose martial law even though I can’t talk without a prompter, then is it any wonder that they end up nominating somebody like Donald Trump?

RUSH:  This guy’s obsessed.  This guy ought to be sitting on top of the world, folks.  He ought to be sitting on top of the world.  The Republican nominee for president is about to be vanquished in one of the biggest landslides in the history of this country, right?  And the third term of this guy’s administration is about to be elected in a landslide unprecedented since 1964, right?  Everybody that believes in Trump and everybody that believes in Republican conservatism is about to be vanquished to obscurity.  It is so bad that even the Republican Party is getting ready to form a circular firing squad and start pulling the trigger on November 9th, hoping that talk radio and Fox News are in the middle of the circle. And yet this guy is obsessed.  This guy is obsessed with what critics are saying about him.  Have you seen his approval numbers?  His approval numbers are 55%.  Who in the world believes this guys is gonna institute martial law?  Who believes this guy is gonna come after their guns?  Who believes this guy starts hurricanes?  Isn’t that what they accused Bush of?  These guys, for all intents and purposes, accused Bush of steering Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans.  Don’t doubt me on this.  There were left-wing websites all over the place saying Bush wanted that hurricane to wipe out New Orleans because he wanted to wipe out black people and he wanted the rest of the population to go to Texas where they’d be counted as Republicans.  It was absurd what they were saying. 

The lunatic fringe is on the left in this country.  It’s not here.  But here’s Obama — I’m just saying that if the polls are right, that this is gonna be one of the most historic landslide, i.e., victories, ever, certainly since 1964, and this guy can’t bring himself to be happy.  He is obsessed with Republican politicians and far-right media pumping all kinds of crazy stuff about him, about Hillary, about Harry Reid. 

Climate change is a hoax.  Everybody’s guns being taken away, let’s not forget Fast and Furious.  The effort has been made. It’s not that Obama will take everybody’s guns away.  The way these people do things, let’s take Fast and Furious.  For those of you new to the program, let me explain to you what that you really was.  Fast and Furious was a federal program hatched by Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder.  Major assault rifles, huge, very powerful guns were purchased legally from gun shops in Arizona.  They were then sold. 

Part of the plan was to have those weapons bought — this was key — they had to be bought in America, traceably bought in American gun stores.  That happened in Arizona, Phoenix.  Those guns ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  Those guns were then used in the crimes committed by Mexican gun cartels.  The administration hoped that there would be such outrage over this that the American public would see the story, “You mean to tell me guns like that can be bought in America and end up in the hands of Mexican drug lords who can then run around killing people?  Well, Mabel, we’ve gotta have tougher gun control laws.” 

They wanted the American public to demand tougher gun control laws.  They know they can’t go take guns out of the hands of people.  They know there’s the Second Amendment.  If they could get rid of it, they would, but they can’t.  There are too many Democrats that are not going to vote for something like that.  So the way they do it is to try to create a mass hysteria.  The program backfired because it was discovered.  That’s how I know about it, any number of other people know about it to tell you. 

But this is how people are manipulated, and this is how the left traditionally has done this and countless other things in order to achieve their objective.  Sometimes they don’t wait for public opinion and Obama just issues an executive order to do things.  But the guy sounds just really, really upset here at a time when if we believe everything we’re being told he ought to be just uncontainably happy, wouldn’t you think?

Now, you might want to get into personality types and start saying, “Yeah, but he’s the kind of personality he’s not happy ’til everybody adores him.”  Maybe.  I don’t even want to go there.  Strictly within the bounds of politics, his anger, his paranoia, this rant here at a small section of the media that doesn’t buy hook, line, and sinker whatever he says bothers him to such an extent that it’s really curious to me.  

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