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On Monday, something extraordinary happened in a Pennsylvania courtroom. State Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced to serve between 10 and 23 months in prison.

Ms. Kane was convicted of among other felonies illegally disclosing details of a grand jury investigation and then lying about it under oath. Her actions were an attempt to get back at a political rival.

Kathleen Kane is not only a Democrat, she was one of Pennsylvania’s brightest stars. An up and comer. As Attorney General, she was on track to rise to governor, and then � who knows � perhaps national office. But now, that’s all up in smoke.

Ms. Kane’s defense team pleaded for a lenient sentence with no jail time. But Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy didn’t bite. She said this case was about a politician’s out-of-control “ego,” bent on retaliation. Kane tried to evoke sympathy, saying her teenage children would suffer if she were imprisoned. But the “for-the-children” argument didn’t fly either.

Sadly, there was no one in her life willing or able to meet with the judge beforehand on a private plane at an out-of-the-way airport. And investigators didn’t dismiss her deeds as just a “careless mistake.” with “no intent” they could find. 

So Kathleen Kane, powerful Democrat woman, got a new pair of bracelets. She was handcuffed, and led out a side courthouse door. You gotta wonder if she was thinking: what life could have been like, if her last name was Clinton. And her husband abused other women. 

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