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CNN Poll: Clinton Up 5

RUSH: Okay.  We have just incredible, incredible amounts of information today.  For example, a new CNN poll.  Did I not tell you this was gonna happen?  There’s a CNN poll.  “Clinton Leads by 5 Heading in to Final Two Weeks.”  It’s the CNN/ORC poll.  “Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 points as the presidential campaign heads into its final two weeks, with the Democratic nominee’s support just shy of the 50% mark.”

Hillary nowhere near — well, she’s near it but she’s beneath 50%.  She tops Trump 49-44, 3% backing Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  The bottom is falling out on Gary Johnson.  It always happens with these third-party people.  So his 3%’s gonna be less than that on Election Day.  Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, is at 2% in this poll.  

30 People Show Up to See Kaine

RUSH: Yesterday here in west Palm Beach, I should have helped out.  Right across the bridge here, Snerdley, Tim Kaine came to town.  Did you see this? 

Thirty people showed up. No, I’m not kidding you. Thirty people showed up for a Tim Kaine rally in West Palm Beach, 30 people.  Meanwhile, up in Tampa, Trump’s got, what, 10,000 inside, 7,000 outside that want to get in.  There literally is no — okay, if you want to compare to Pence, Pence in North Carolina, he called us when he landed there yesterday.  His crowds number in the hundreds and in the low thousands in certain places.  Tim Kaine with 30 people showing up?  I mean, I don’t care what happens in this election, there is no excitement for the Democrat ticket.  There’s no personal connection to either of these people.  They’re sitting ducks. 

I had somebody tell me yesterday that they think the polls are right, but the theory that they have behind the polls being right, if you look at things just objectively here, Hillary ought to be up 50.  If you look at the way this thing has shaken out.  You’ve got Hillary Clinton with a four-to-one money advantage, fundraising money advantage.  You have Hillary with the entirety of the mainstream media behind her. 

We have an unprecedented alignment of the Democrat Party and the media.  When I say unprecedented, the media’s always been tilting left, but I mean they’ve actually become unabashed and admitted campaign workers for Hillary Clinton.  The journalists, reporters having dinner with Podesta and Hillary’s aides and so forth, not even bothering to deny it.  They’re all in the tank. 

So you add the money up. You add the money advantage. You add the fact that not just the Drive-Bys are for Hillary, but they are daily and in unison trying to destroy Trump.  It is amazing. So goes this theory, that he is even within 10 points in some of these polls — when you look at what has happened here — that Hillary Clinton ought to be up by 50, given Trump’s not experienced in the political game. He doesn’t have a ground game in a lot of states. He doesn’t have a lot of pollsters. He doesn’t have the traditional trappings.

He’s 10, now five points here at the CNN poll.  So what else do we have?  Well, there’s all kinds of little extraneous things to add that add up to this.  

Professor Who Predicted Last Five Elections Predicts Trump

RUSH: I didn’t get into detail yesterday, but the professor with a remarkable track record predicting Trump to win based on energy during the primaries.  That’s this guy’s model, his formula.  And it is said if you apply this guy’s theory to every election in the modern media era — which would be, you know, you go back to the 1920s — that he would have only lost one. 

He would have called every election correctly using his theory.  

Somebody Tell Elizabeth Warren: Jay Z to Rally for Hillary

RUSH: Jay Z is gonna do a concert for Hillary in Cleveland to try to get out the black vote.  People are starting to analyze Jay Z’s lyrics.  You know, here you have Elizabeth Warren having a cow out there yesterday over Trump calling Hillary “a nasty woman,” but then Jay Z’s gonna be headlining in concerts and every other word is “bitch,” “ho,” whatever, in his songs. (interruption)

Well, that’s what they are.  If he can sing ’em, I can say ’em, right?

And of course it doesn’t matter, and there’s no hypocrisy perceived in any of this.  

Yoga Pants Protest Goes Awry

RUSH: Did you hear about the guy who ended up insulting women in yoga pants?  This was in Rhode Island.  Did you hear about this?  This is hilarious.  “The saga began Wednesday with a letter to the editor in a local Rhode Island newspaper criticizing women over 20 who wear yoga pants in public. Quickly, it snowballed into a ‘Yoga Pants Parade’ Sunday afternoon with hundreds of people walking past the letter writer’s house — and a few death threats, according to the author, who said he had only intended satire.

“‘To all yoga pant wearers, I struggle with my own physicality as I age,’ wrote Alan Sorrentino, 63, in the letter published by the Barrington Times last week. ‘I don’t want to struggle with yours.'” Please stop wearing these yoga pants in public.  So all these women said: Well, screw you, buddy! And with the put on their yoga pants and they marched by his house in a yoga pants parade.  “It was supposed to be funny, Sorrentino said, because what kind of ‘tormented, uptight individual’ could possibly care enough about yoga pants to write such a letter?”

That was his attitude about himself. “A crowd that included young girls and older women met in front of the Hampden Meadows School about 2 p.m., wearing a colorful array of yoga pants,” and they were just resoundingly offended that this guy would this say this.  He says this is no different than a 65-year-old guy walking into a supermarket with a Speedo.  You just wouldn’t want to see it.  Well, we don’t want to see you in yoga pants.  Yoga pants make women crazy.

But here’s the thing.  Who would have known what this guy did actually drew an entire crowd of women to his house.  You could look at this… (interruption) Oh, he’s gay? (interruption) He’s openly gay?  (interruption) Well, I didn’t read far enough into the story to know that.  Well, what an unfortunate thing. What an unfortunate thing, to be able to draw an entire crowd of women to your house and do nothing with it?  Oh, man.  Well, I’m glad you told me that.  I didn’t know the guy was gay. I hadn’t read that far. 

See, I don’t even think of those things.  That just didn’t even occur me.  It’s a total shock.  

EPA Chief: People Have to Start Living a Life That’s Commensurate with Reductions in Greenhouse Gases

RUSH: Cybercast News Service.  Environmental Protection Agency chief — now, keep in mind what I just told you about Obamacare and climate change and what the objective of these people is.  Trump would be wise to start incorporating this into his campaign.  This whole Obamacare business and all of this disinformation, lying stuff they’re saying about climate change is all about the acquisition of power and the concentration of power in government. 

If they control your health care, which is one of the most important things to you, if they are in charge of you getting actual health care, not just insurance, they own you.  They literally own you.  If they want to tell you what you must eat in order to qualify, you’ll do it.  If they want to tell you what kind of car to drive — and I’m just picking harmless examples — they will have total control over you. And the same thing here with climate change.  It’s the same reason.  It’s the desire for amassing concentrated power in government to wield over everybody. 

And here’s the news from the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency.  This is Gina McCarthy.  She’s the administrator.  “People have to start living a life that’s commensurate with reductions in greenhouse gases.”  That means you’re gonna have to start thinking about living without air-conditioning. You’re gonna have to start thinking about living with less refrigeration. You’re gonna have to start thinking about living with much fewer carbon emissions. They want to roll back people’s freedom, liberty, advancement in lifestyle.

Top University Stole Millions from U.K. Taxpayers for Phony Climate Research

RUSH: The Daily Caller has this story.  Headline:  “Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research — “A global warming research center at the London School of Economics got millions of dollars from U.K. taxpayers by taking credit for research it didn’t perform, an investigation by the Daily Mail revealed. The U.K. government gave $11 million dollars to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP)…”

Take the E out of there and you got the CCCP, which is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  I’m just making the point.  So, $11 million to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and policy in exchange for research the organization never actually did, but they reported massive damage to the climate. They reported massive global warming.  They didn’t do a shred of research.  They just took the $11 million.  We’re talking about the London School of Economics here, one of the most respected schools in the…

Mick Jagger went there, for crying out loud.  The whole global warming racket, in a nutshell, can be explained by what happened at the London School of Economics.  Another lie, another fraud being foisted upon people to make them frightened for the very survivability of the human race. 

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