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RUSH:  Okay, I have a couple of minutes here with not as many time constraints.  I’ll give you a little feedback on the conversation I had with Donald Trump.  As those of you who were listening were able to notice and determine, I did my best to keep him centered on the issue that he’s making the biggest deal of today, which is Obamacare, which he should be.  This is an unacceptable disaster, what is happening here, and it is… To me, it’s disqualifying for anybody who had anything to do with it.  This is a total mess.

It derives from total… There’s two things: Total incompetence on the part of the people who presumed to be the experts, but worse than that are its devious, real purposes, and that is the elimination of much individual liberty and freedom in exchange for total government control under the premise you don’t know how to live your life unless they plan it and control it for you.  But the other thing that I found fascinating here, I mentioned to him twice that a lot of people think he should stay focused on substance and instead he answers all of this criticism.

No matter what it is, he will go off message and answer.  Did you hear what he said?  This should tell you people a lot.  He admitted that his advisers are trying to get him to stop doing it, but he said he still does it. He’s got to be who he is.  He admitted that he’s being advised not to respond to this criticism, but he thinks it’s important to correct the record early so that a negative impression doesn’t fester from the beginning.  From the moment the charge is made, he thinks it’s worth it.

He thinks it’s important that they don’t get away with the character assassination even if he loses a day in getting his message out.  Now, that is an entirely different take than what people say. They’re saying that his narcissism and his ego and his immaturity are what’s driving his response to every allegation against him. I don’t care if it’s the women that come forward or his incompetence. Whatever they’re saying about him, he’s making a specific decision, and his advisers are telling him not to do it and he’s blowing ’em off, essentially. 

And he’s doing it for strategic reasons, not narcissistic, ego-type reasons.  And I found that to be an interesting admission.  And when I asked him about the fact I thought I’d heard him say earlier today in a Fox interview that pretty much admitted he’s got to win Florida if he’s gonna win it, he said, “Yes, that’s what they’re telling me.”  My take-away here is that he has remained his own man.  He’s got his campaign manager, he’s got his campaign CEO, he’s got strategists, a couple of them and so forth.

He’s got a lot of people advising him, but he’s following his instincts.  And, you know, folks, I don’t know how many people are able to relate to the kind of assault Trump’s under. I mean, do you realize that he has…? When you look at media coverage (Media Research Center just released this), the amount of coverage that he has received dwarfs the coverage Hillary Clinton has received, but 91% of it is hostile.  That is the exact kind of coverage that has neutered Republicans and has turned them into quasi-Democrats.

Most Republicans and a lot of conservative media types wither under such attack. They don’t want any part of it.  They don’t want it, and so they will stop doing what they’re doing that’s generating that kind of attention.  But Trump is not.  He’s not backing down.  They can’t talk him off of what he wants to say, whether his advisers telling him it’s the right thing to do or not.  And I find it fascinating that this badgering… Folks, this is character assassination, life assassination, and he has withered it and withstood it, triumphed over it in his own way.

It has not changed the way he’s going about things here.  Now, many of you disagree. I’m sure many of you think he ought to just ignore half of this stuff or more, stay focused on the issues — immigration, Obamacare, whatever the issues are.  But you heard him say he’s being advised to do that and he can’t.  He doesn’t want these attacks to settle in and have those assassinations become established as fact.  But he’s there the next day to keep pushing back at ’em.  As I say, when Harry Reid comes at you like this…

The Romney team didn’t fight back any of this stuff.  They tried. The Bush team didn’t fight back on any of this kind of stuff.  And Trump does.  I think it’s one of the primary reasons that his people have not abandoned him during any of this.  Just my two cents.  Also, in this early voting, traditionally we’ve always believed that it’s the Democrats that are engaging in early voting because we think it’s a ticket for fraud.  I mean, let’s be honest.  That’s what you and I have thought of it.  But this year, we may have to look at early voting a little bit differently.

Based on the call we had from the woman Kathryn (one of my all-time favorite top 10 female names, by the way) from Houston and others reporting some of these irregularities at early voting polling places in Houston.  Where is the enthusiasm in this campaign?  Where is the enthusiasm?  It’s on the Trump side.  There isn’t… Tim Kaine? Honest to God, folks. He was here yesterday. Thirty people! Now, I know he’s the vice presidential candidate and nobody knows who he is. He’s Hillary’s running mate! Didn’t matter. Thirty people!  Hillary doesn’t draw many more than 250, 500, unless she’s got Elizabeth Warren with her in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Then they might get to a thousand.  

Hillary doesn’t draw many more than 250, 500, unless she’s got Elizabeth Warren with her in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, then they might get to a thousand.  My point, there is no enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.  What she has going for her is her last name and there’s a D next to her name on the ballot.  That’s it.  And if early voting — and Trump told us that there are lines like people are saying they’ve never seen no Florida, early voting, what are the odds those people are showing up to vote for Hillary?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think that’s the case. 

And like our caller from Houston said, everybody, when she was there to early vote were Trump supporters.  And I would bet you, if you look in these states where there’s early voting, I’ll bet you’ll find that in some of them the number one group showing up is independents, not Democrats and not Republicans. 

Let me ask you about that.  Who are the independents?  Romney won the independents going away in 2012.  The independents today, I have a theory, I think most independents are conservatives who are fed up with the Republican Party and have abandoned it and registered Independent.  I don’t think that most independents are abandoning the Democrat Party to go independent.

So if indeed the largest bloc of early voters are independents, coupled with the obvious signs of enthusiasm out there, you’d have to say that it may be that the early voting is heavy Trump.  Now, the conventional wisdom is gonna pooh-pooh that, and wait ’til the Drive-By experts and the political professionals get hold of what I said, and they’ll ridicule it left and right.  But that’s how I see it.  I just don’t see any enthusiasm.  Hillary may be up five at CNN, 12 at ABC.  Who the hell knows.  But there isn’t any enthusiasm for her other than in the media.  That’s it. 

I mean, even the people bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign do not show up for her.  They show up to try to upset a Trump event.  That’s why people are not believing the polls.  There isn’t any visual evidence that the polls are reflecting what people see in terms of outward expressions of enthusiasm.  Then the experts say, “You can’t do that, Mr. Limbaugh.  How many times do we have to tell you, 17,000 people, 10,000 people, that’s not even one-tenth of 1% of the total number of people that are gonna vote.  You can’t say that those people represent anything.”  That’s their story and they stick to it.  But I’m just sharing with you that which I see.  

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