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RUSH: Here’s Alicia in Voorhees, New Jersey.  Great to have you.  You are up first today, and I am glad you waited.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you.  I have 30 minutes on my lunch break.  I listen to you for 30 minutes a day.  I want to first real quick tell you I don’t watch Megyn Kelly anymore.  I need a good job.  I don’t have a good job.  I am literally making the same amount of money I made in 2004.  I’m capable and there are no jobs.  So she’s not giving me the information I need.  I don’t want to hear about this mess anymore.  I want to work.  That’s what I want. 

But that’s not why I called.  I wanted to tell you, I went to the Newtown, Pennsylvania, rally. I want to tell you from a Trump supporter’s perspective and something I think the Trump campaign’s missing, something big.  I was down in the rally and I was in line at the bathroom, I’m talking to all women.  And they’re so frustrated.  And it fires us up when we hear this stuff, it fires us up more.  But all of them are saying the same thing.  “I have two kids and I can’t afford to make my payment on my credit card.  I don’t have a good job.” 

They’re all saying the same thing, and they’re all saying, “I’m gonna vote, but what more can I do?  What more can I do?”  They’re so frustrated.  I’m working the line and talking to all of them, and then I go into the rally and they’re saying the same thing.  I’m like, “Well, what would you do?  Would you get an absentee ballot for someone?”  “Yeah, I would do that.”  “Would you get your neighbors to the polling place?”  “Yeah, I would do that.”  And I said, “No one’s asking you to do that, just asking you to vote, right?”  And they go, “Yeah.”

RUSH:  Wait.  Hold it a minute here.  I’m having trouble keeping up and time is dwindling.  What is the Trump campaign missing?

CALLER:  This is what they’re missing, and I pushed my way through the crowd in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and I asked for a member of the Trump campaign. I spoke to this very handsome Italian man.  Anyway I digress, but this is what they’re missing —

RUSH:  Was he a stud?

CALLER:  Well, my girlfriend thought he was.  His last name sounded like marinara sauce.  He was very nice, Italian, very nice.

RUSH:  I’ll bet.

CALLER:  Anyway, but that’s not the point.  The point is this.  In my view the Trump campaign has the biggest ground game in American history, in American political history.  They’re just not tapping into it.  They’re forgetting, Trump supporters, they’re workers, they’re doers.  They’re worried.  They’ll do anything it takes to get Trump elected.  Listen, Rush.

RUSH:  Wait.  Are you telling me — wait — hang on here just a second, Alicia.  Don’t go away.


RUSH:  Okay, back to Alicia in Voorhees, New Jersey.  So just to make sure I understand, your point is that there’s tens of thousands of people appearing cumulatively at these Trump rallies, and they are a ground game waiting to be mobilized if somebody would just tell them that. Right?  That’s what you’re saying?

CALLER:  Yes, and I’ve been trying… That’s why I pushed my way through the crowd to speak to the Trump campaign representative, ’cause I noticed the same thing when I went to the Chester, PA, rally a week before that. Nobody asked if I was registered or anything. I’m a project coordinator. I like to get people —

RUSH:  My question is, Alicia, how do people not know that?

CALLER:  Well, because they don’t.  Let me give you an example, Rush.  At the Chester, PA, rally I was standing in front of an 89-year-old man who I was just talking to, and I started working the crowd, and I was talking to him.  And I’m like, “You got everybody voting for Trump?  You need any help?  You need to find your polling place?”  And he didn’t know how to get an absentee ballot for his sister that lived with him. You know, so I helped him and I showed him how to do it.  That’s my point.  But this is the thing.  These people are workers; they’re doers. They’ll do it!  You want a ground game?  Just ask them to be your ground game.

RUSH:  Look, I know who these people are.  I know them like the back of my hand.  They are people whose lives are systematically being destroyed by policies emanating from so-called elites in Washington and New York.  They haven’t had a raise. Like you!  You haven’t had a raise since 2004.  So many Americans are in that same boat, and all it takes is to listen to people prattle on about the need for more illegal immigrants to be legalized to do certain work. 

I’ve got a story here in the Stack. It’s an editorial writer at the New York Times — one of the editorial board members — advocating a compromise on amnesty that’s the end of the country.   I’ll get to it here in just a second.  So I know who’s in these rallies.  I know what motivates them, and I do know that on occasion Trump has asked his supporters to volunteer, to be poll watchers, for example.  And then there’s a story, the True the Vote people, Catherine Engelbrecht. She was one of the groups denied tax-exempt status by Lois Lerner at the IRS.

That group has written an app for your smartphone that is designed to let you report election fraud when you see it.  Well, you know what’s happened? Because of that app and because Trump has been asking his supporters to volunteer as poll watchers, the Obama Department of Justice… I’ve had the story sitting here for a couple of days. The Obama Department of Justice has issued a warning to people — citizens, Americans — about how you can break the law by being a poll watcher! If you report voter fraud and substantiate it by taking photos, you can be prosecuted yourself. 

The Obama Department of Justice is doing everything it can to intimidate average, ordinary Americans out of, away from paying attention to what’s going on.  People from the United Nations, from Central America, from South America? Anyone else doing it seems to be tantamount to a hate crime.  Because Obama’s got the international poll watchers and they’re fine and dandy, U.N. people in here, Central America, South America, election observers? And that’s fine.  But if you try it, they are trying to let you know…

Have you seen the story that they (it was never gonna happen) might prosecute Justin Timberlake ’cause he took a selfie of himself voting?  Did you see that?  I have no idea who Justin Timberlake would vote for. I have no idea. I was surprised Justin Timberlake… Well, there was no way they were gonna prosecute Justin Timberlake but they put the story out there that he might be in trouble because the objective here was to intimidate you. It’s not just True the Vote.  There are other people writing apps and people are very, very worried about it.  

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