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RUSH: This is from America’s Newsroom this morning on Fox.  They had a sports reporter there by the name of Jared Max. He was talking about the World Series.  Question:  “The series has gotten an enormous amount of hype as being historic and exciting for the entire Midwest and the rest of the country.  How do you think it’s looking so far on that measure, Jared?”

MAX:  We’re talking so much every week about numbers down for the NFL.  You know, several years ago people said, “America’s pastime? No, the NFL rules the league.”  Well, NFL ratings are down it seems every week.  We have 30% larger audience than last year’s Game 1 of the World Series.  I believe it might be because people know they’re gonna turn on the baseball game and hear “God bless America” and not worry about people kneeling for the anthem or have athletes who are gonna be preaching about political issues.  What is more American than baseball?

RUSH:  Okay.  So now we have something to compare.  Major League Baseball, World Series, Chicago — a romantic team, heading into the World Series for 71 years. The Cubs, and the Indians.  Two Midwestern teams:  Chicago, fairly decent population center, but it’s not New York or LA.  But it’s big.  And Cleveland.  So two Midwestern, upper Midwestern teams.  The temperatures are in the fifties playing these games.  Ratings are up 30% over last year.  So it’s not that people are tuning out of sports, and there’s a lot of baseball. 

People in the NFL say, “We’re overexposed, you know? We have all these games on Sunday then we got Sunday night, then we got Monday night, then we got Thursday night. There’s too much football.”  You can watch every damn baseball game in the world if you want to. They televise every damn one of them.  Ratings are up 30%.  This reporter here may have a point.  The people tuning in know they’re not gonna watch the flag disrespected. They’re not gonna watch the players during pregame introductions lay down, sit down, take a knee when the national anthem is played.  He may have a point.  

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