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RUSH: Washington Free Beacon?: “Clinton Held Focus Groups for 2 Years Before Election.” Now, this is a big deal to me, and I’m gonna tell you why.  We’re told that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified woman — uh, person — who’s ever sought the presidency.  Barack Obama at the Democrat convention told us that she is the most qualified person that’s ever sought the office, bar none — Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Bill Clinton, you name it. 

We’ve been told she’s the smartest woman in the world.  She’s told us that she’s devoted 25 years in Washington to caring.  She has devoted every ounce of her being to children and to women.  This is a woman uniquely qualified to be president of the United States. This is the mumbo jumbo we’re told. 

“Hillary Clinton began conducting focus groups and polling swing state voters as early as December 2014 to figure out how to brand herself and find a ‘rationale’ for running for president. Nearly two years before the election, Clinton’s team circulated a timeline of research objectives for which the nascent campaign would spend $2 million on focus groups and surveys, according to recently released hacked emails. A ‘fundamental question’ was how to brand Hillary as either ‘Badass/hip,’ or a ‘Grandma.'”

Do you know what they call Hillary’s campaign plane?  Broomstick One.  That’s the name for her campaign plane given by Secret Service and State Department agents because of how rudely she treated them.  This is in the emails as well, in addition to forthcoming books, that she was mean and rude and had no time for people she thought were there to serve her, foul mouth and liberal use of the F-word in dealing with these people, and they named her plane Broomstick One. 

Well, the latest email dump says that one of the ways they struggled in trying to figure out how to brand Hillary — remember, smartest woman in the world, most qualified.  They ought not have to brand her.  They ought not have to tell people who she is.  She ought not have to fake behavior.  She is so wonderful and so accomplished and so good and we so need her that she should just be able to be herself.  But, you see, folks, the Democrats can never do that. 

The Democrats, particularly the modern-era Democrats, cannot be honest about what they really believe, and they really can’t be honest about who they are.  Because if they were, you would detect the contempt they have for average, ordinary Americans.  You would detect the contempt they have for people they consider to be beneath them socially, economically, intellectually, you name it. 

So they’re having to come up with ways to make Hillary look like something that she’s not.  That’s what they were doing here.  Focus groups for two years to find out how Hillary should be branded.  This, to me, proves that the woman is a fake, that she is a fraud, and, in her natural state, unappealing.  ‘Cause this is what they had to overcome. 

“‘Attached is an updated summary of the research process and a budget,’ Robby Mook, who would become Clinton’s campaign manager, emailed on Dec. 8, 2014. ‘I want to emphasize that THIS *WILL* CHANGE [sic] because the team will have better ideas on methodology and the strategy will evolve as the project progresses. I would still assume our budget will be in the $2+ million range per my earlier memo, even though the attached budget is lower than $2 million …’  The timeline reveals that the campaign would begin testing what Clinton’s ‘rationale’ was for running for president in early January 2015.”

In other words, she didn’t have a burning… Well, she has a burning passion to be president, but they couldn’t let her be honest about that.  So they had to focus group her reason for running.  They had to test-market various reasons that she wanted to be president and run those reasons by people and see how people reacted, and the number one reaction would be the persona she would adopt.  Now, why do you suspect nobody in the Clinton campaign was comfortable just having her say, “I want to be president” for whatever reason she really wants to be president?

Why couldn’t they let her do that? 

‘Cause it obviously wouldn’t work.  ‘Cause she wants to be president… Folks, it’s all fake.  The bottom line is everything that you’re seeing in the Clinton campaign is fake.  It’s strategized, it’s marketed, test marketed, focus grouped. It’s scripted, and the script is prepared every day in coordination with members of the media who attend dinners with the Clinton campaign team, where they coordinate strategy.  It’s all in the emails!  And this is not the first day this news has come out about the media. 

The news about the media collaborating with the Clinton campaign has been out there for a week and a half now, and there’s no shame. There’s no embarrassment.  The Drive-Bys are not even bothering to refute it, because the news every day is something about Trump, as in, “Boy, did he really waste the day opening his hotel.”  He didn’t waste the day.  He did a bunch of campaign appearances.  The opening of his hotel was also message oriented and related.  They tried to say, “Trump’s so selfish and so greedy, he even left the campaign to open the hotel!”

Opening the hotel was part of the campaign, if anybody paid attention to it.  But here we have literally collaboration between many members of the Drive-By Media and the Hillary Clinton campaign on how to present her on just what will her rationale be for wanting to be president.  They are coconspirators in this.  What we can infer is that Mrs. Clinton has not been honest with us about why she wants to be president, otherwise they wouldn’t have spent $2 million over two years focus-grouping it. 

Here’s how it happened: “Twenty-four focus groups and 13,200 interviews with voters would be held before the campaign even launched in April 2015. The budget called for $35,000 for 500 interviews with 18 to 29 year old ‘turnout’ Democrats. This demographic overwhelmingly supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.” Now, I know what some of you are saying. “Rush, this is no different than when businesses go out and they test-market products and they focus group. 

“People that produce movies, they let test audiences watch ’em and so forth.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I understand all that. But you have a fixed product there.  You’ve got a can of beverage. You’ve got a movie. You have a product that isn’t gonna change unless you change it after you get your data.  Here you have Mrs. Clinton as a person who wants to be president, who apparently has convictions and desires and passion, but that’s not enough. 

Apparently, they all concluded the real reasons she wants to be president, we can’t go with those.  Is it because she’s entitled?  Is it because the Democrats owe her for what she did for Bill by standing by him?  Is it because she’s power mad?  It’s because it’s her turn?  Is it because…? What?  We don’t know, because everything we have been shown as to why Hillary wants to be president is the result of testing and focus group research.  In other words, it’s phony.  It’s fake.  


RUSH: Can you imagine Trump doing focus group research to find out who to be?  Can you imagine Trump doing two years of test marketing and focus-grouping to find out how he ought to behave?  Hell, his advisers are telling him, “Stay on message!  Do not start defending yourself against these attacks!”  And he says, “Nope.  I’m gonna do it.”  He’s real. Whether you like it or not, there’s nothing fake or phony, and when you’re talking Clintons, you are talking fake and phony and worse.  

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