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“Somebody said the polls were gonna tighten as we get closer to the election. Somebody said it. You heard me say it? You heard me say it? Yeah. I guess that’s right.”  

“Hey, folks, here’s the bottom line. There isn’t anybody that knows what’s gonna happen here. The best thing that you can do is to carry that attitude forward. Nobody knows. They really don’t know.”

“Do you realize how risky and dangerous it is to blame the WikiLeaks hacks on the Russians, and for our president and his administration to tell the world that they did it? What if the Russians have nothing to do with this? They’re casually playing around with and angering a nuclear-armed country! They’re provoking a potential nuclear enemy here for their own selfish little political purposes.”

“The bottom line is everything that you’re seeing in the Clinton campaign is fake. It’s strategized. It’s marketed, test marketed, focus grouped. It’s scripted, and the script is prepared every day in coordination with members of the media who attend dinners with the Clinton campaign team, where they coordinate strategy. It’s all in the emails!” 

“When you read the news, when you watch the news, when you hear the news — except for here and a couple of other places — you are actually watching, reading, listening to the Hillary Clinton campaign. And you have to tell yourself that.”  

“It’s just amazing how something that is not news becomes the leading news item every day, and that is polling results. Nobody knows! And yet whatever the polls say every day determine the entire shape of coverage and commentary and reaction by everybody. It’s not just the Drive-Bys. I mean, we’re all prisoners to it.”

“The one thing you can be confident in knowing is that on the Democrat side it wasn’t supposed to be going like this.Whatever it is, the WikiLeaks dumps were not supposed to be happening.  All the attention to Hillary’s emails were supposed to have been taken care of and vamanosed long, long ago. Donald Trump should have been, was supposed to have been vanquished months ago.” 

“You think the Democrats are through with their October Surprises? I don’t. You think Trump might have a couple of his sleeve? Who knows. But there’s still a lot of time to go here, my friends.”

“In a normal campaign season, the stuff in these Wikileak emails gets Hillary Clinton out of the race. Everything that has been uncovered here, the Clintons are gone. Everything that’s been uncovered here, the Democrats would not want to even stick their necks out to try to support.”

“It’s almost like whoever’s doing this hacking is following along our campaign, and whenever the Democrats unload on Trump, the hacker releases another trove of anti-Democrat stuff. It’s as though and as if the hacker is attempting to limit the damage to Trump by taking the focus off of whatever the Democrats are ladling out about Trump and with dumping another trove of Podesta emails.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how the AP always finds Republicans to say exactly what the AP thinks. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that funny? The AP always is able to go out there in the deepest red part of America and find a Republican that thinks exactly like the AP does.”

“Do you realize how deep this hack is? This makes Richard Nixon and what he even thought about doing look like a kindergarten Halloween party.” 

“The scandals of this administration go beyond the average, ordinary American’s ability to absorb it all. They are so dramatic, they’re so constant and so frequent. It’s devastating what’s being learned.” 

“We’re not getting any expert analysis of anything in this election. We’re getting people reading numbers and telling you what they think about the numbers. Why would anybody rely on these people?” 

“I remember how I used to feel when fall came, started getting darker sooner, temperatures got a little chillier. It was a nice psychological change. It doesn’t happen here where we live. I mean, as far as the greenery is concerned, it’s summer year round. We have to imagine that here or else go to it.” 

“This is truth. I mean, our eyes don’t lie. There hasn’t been any enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton in this whole campaign. She hasn’t been able to draw a crowd anywhere. Her book doesn’t sell. There hasn’t been any enthusiasm. Now all of a sudden the AP’s got a poll out with a 14-point lead and massive operational advantages, increasing enthusiasm among her supporters. That’s anecdotal.” 

“I’ll guarantee you if tomorrow the polls show Hillary back up 10 to 12, these people are gonna say, ‘It’s over! Trump never had a prayer.’ Nobody knows, folks. Trust your own instincts. Nobody knows.” 

“Do you know what they call Hillary’s campaign plane? Broomstick One. That’s the name for her campaign plane given by Secret Service and State Department agents because of how rudely she treated them.” 

“The media, if you watch, you are watching, reading, seeing the Hillary campaign. You are not watching the news.”

“What a day, folks! I certainly hope you were able to get something out of my explanation of cronyism. It’s what the Clintons are known for, and it’s what’s happening to our country in addition to a whole lot of other stuff. If you missed it, go to RushLimbaugh.com and find it.”

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