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RUSH: Michael, Southern Illinois.  Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Rush, I’m honored to speak with you.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  I’m a first-time caller.  I’m a registered Democrat, but I am voting for Donald Trump, and I know many more like me.

RUSH:  Somebody needs to tell the Associated Press about you.

CALLER:  (laughing)  There’s lots of them out there.

RUSH:  They found a Republican voting for Hillary to save the Republican Party.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Well, because of you, sir, I’m gonna reregister next year as a Republican.

RUSH:  Why are you voting for Trump?

CALLER:  Because of policy.  Because of the judicial system.  I’m not voting necessarily on his character, but I think he will do great for women, for African-Americans, for the Latinos.  They will be very happy if this man gets the presidency.

RUSH:  He made a direct pitch to African-Americans yesterday that I don’t think I’ve heard made from a Republican before.  I’ve been searching my memory.  I’ll detail that in the next half hour.  I’m wondering how many people there are like this guy, like Michael in Southern Illinois.  I mean, the AP’s got this story, they did, they found one Republican, 29 years old, voting for Hillary, made a whole story about him.  Anecdotal, one guy, big news.  Seventeen thousand people, Trump rally, no big thing.  That’s anecdotal.  You can’t go by that.  Bunch of prigs.


RUSH: Now, Trump, where was he yesterday?  This is in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he made a direct appeal to African-Americans.  Donald Trump went where no Republican has gone before.  A little Star Trek reference there.  He made a direct appeal.  He said, “My deal is grounded in three promises:  safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs. … American politics is caught in a time loop — we keep electing the same people,” over and over and over, Trump said.  “Every day I’m out on the trail proposing fresh solutions and new thinking. And every day, the same people, getting rich off our broken system, tell us that we can’t change and that we can’t try anything new.”

And the reason they say that is because it’s not good for them.  Now, people tell me that Trump’s appeal is not — well, “people.”  The Republican establishment types say that Trump’s appeal is not productive, that it’s not helpful.  I’ve always believed that an approach like this could work.  Now, maybe not.  I’m open to being wrong about this.  But you look at this, let’s say you’re a Democrat, 65 years old, and you’ve been voting your entire life for Democrats, you’re African-American.  How have things improved for you? 

If your life is predicated on waiting for the Democrats to fix things or to end things or to increase prosperity or whatever it is you expect them to do, they haven’t done it because the anger is still very high, the dissatisfaction is very high, the demands are still there.  Nothing changes.  The only thing that the Democrats really go to town on is by scaring every one of their constituency groups, not just African-Americans, but women and gays and lesbians, that the Republicans are out to really, really harm them, really harm ’em.  The Democrats are gonna protect you, the Democrats gonna keep you safe. The Democrats aren’t doing anything for anybody but themselves. 

I think Trump pitching them, anybody pitching them that the objective here is for America to be great for everybody, that we want everybody to prosper and to seek and pursue happiness, we want it for everybody.  And that there’s a better way than what the Democrat Party has been offering.  I know the obstacle to overcome is the branding.  For 50 years the Democrats have branded Republicans as the racists, the discriminators, and so forth, and it’s in the blood, apparently, it’s genetic here that minorities believe this. 

But really what progress can people credit the Democrat Party for?  A  bunch of government programs that supposedly — I don’t even know what those do.  I just think it’s a shame.  I just think it’s an abject shame what people who invest in and believe in, the Democrat Party, is gonna do for them. I do.  I have great sadness for those people.  ‘Cause they’re being let down every day. 

Cities run by Democrats, look at the state they’re in.  Areas where Democrats are in charge are crime infested and lawless.  To me it would be unacceptable. This how the Democrats do it, by the way.  Remember Obama back in 2008 during the campaign, we had all the audio sound bites warning you people in coal country that Obama’s objective was put you out of business.  And you all know it now.  And Hillary Clinton, ditto.  They’re gonna put the coal business out of business.  Coal is destroying the climate.  Coal is dirty.  Yeah. 

And here’s the news from Reuters.  Headline:  “Obama Administration Sends $28 Million to Aid Coal Regions” — The U.S. government released $28 million in federal grants to 13 coal-producing states on Wednesday to help them cope with the decline of the coal industry, driven by the move toward cleaner energy.”

That is just BS!  This is how they do it.  The Democrat Party comes along and forces coal workers out of their jobs and on to the government dole, how generous, under the guise of cleaning up the climate.  That’s not what this is about.  This is about the Democrats shutting down the coal industry to get rid of competitors for their buddies in the solar and wind industries. 

That’s all it is.  It’s cronyism again.  Plus coal is a big, dirty thing that they can point to, just filled with pollutants and soot. And if they’ve got half the country believing in this climate change rigmarole, then it’s just made to order.  And then for everybody they put out of work, what do they do?  They expand the government and start passing out welfare checks and get all of this credit for great big hearts and big amounts of compassion.  It’s obscene. 

Remember yesterday on this program, ladies and gentlemen, I said, look at this guy on TV, office Fox, he looked like — he looked like J.R. Ewing and Ted Kennedy wearing a black cowboy hat, that remember?  

Well, here’s the guy.  Audio sound bite number eight, Friday.  This guy is Sid Miller, and he was speaking with the infobabe Shannon Bream.  He’s a Texas agriculture commissioner.  She said, “How do you guys move from ‘solidly GOP’ to just ‘leaning GOP’?”  She means Texas.  “That’s something I never thought I would see in Texas, Texas getting closer to the Democrats running the show.  Do you think that’s what’s got people riled up?”  What is it out there, Sid?

MILLER:  We’re having record it turnouts, the first day, the second day of early voting.  And it’s not, uh, Bernie Sanders coming out to support Hillary, and it’s not Barack Obama supporters coming out to support Hillary.  It is a new surge of Trump voters.  Many have never registered to vote. Many have not voted in eight or 10 elections, so they’re not reported in the polls.  I know for a fact that the polls are off because they oversample. They’re oversampling women five to eight percent. So the Republican vote is underreported. Plus, there’s no way to sample this extra 20 or 25% of new voters that are Trump voters.  They’re not Republicans; they’re not Democrats. They’re pragmatists.

RUSH:  So he’s talking about the voters that haven’t voted in a long time. Nobody knows who they are but they’re gonna show up for Trump in Texas.  The hidden Trump vote.  It’s a view you will not hear in the Drive-By Media.  


RUSH:  Jim in Virginia Beach.  It’s great to you waited, and I’m glad to welcome you to the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to be speaking with you today.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  So last Saturday I was doing my absentee ballot with my 85-year-old mother.  I’m an over-road truck driver.  We’re doing our ballots together, and I knew she was gonna vote for Trump.  But as she penned the paper, she said — and with a heavy heart.  And she’s always a lifelong Democrat. With a heavy heart, she voted for Trump, and I think it was simply because what she sees in her family. My brother, my sister, her grown grandkids who are now in college, and a lot of college debt, and just how our opportunities aren’t the same as how her and my dad’s opportunities were. It was just simply through all that, and I think it was her first time ever that she went from Democrat to Republican.

RUSH:  And she did it with a heavy heart?

CALLER:  And with a heavy heart.  And that’s probably because she sits and watches the ABC six o’clock news.

RUSH:  No, no. I can understand it, a 85-year-old who’s voted Democrat all their life. This is important stuff to people.  It really is, and a lifetime of support? It had to be a big thing for her.

CALLER:  But she can just see it through her prism of, “Okay, this is my family true. This is what my kids are talking about. Maybe the kids are on to something, and doggone it this year I’m gonna make a movie. Let’s see if Trump can make America great again. I believe the guy can do it.”

RUSH:  Well, see. Again, this is interesting. I know a lot of you say, “Rush, it’s just one woman. You can’t make a big deal out of it.”  I’m not.  Folks, it’s the AP today that did.  This is the point.  The AP has a big story. Their poll shows Hillary up 14 today.  Every other poll’s down to six or three.  AP’s at 14, and they cite one guy — a 29-year-old guy in Warren County, Ohio — who’s had it with Trump.  He’s gonna vote Hillary to save the Republican Party, and this guy, AP’s treating like it’s gospel. 

It’s just one guy. It’s anecdotal, and they base a whole story and election on this one guy.  The same outfit will look at 17,000 people at a Trump rally and discount it as unscientific — or this man’s mother.  “Well, that doesn’t… (grumbling) It’s just one person! You can’t count on that.” They did the whole stories.  Again, folks, the theme for today, if there was one:  Nobody knows what’s going to happen.  And the media, if you watch, you are watching, reading, seeing the Hillary campaign.  You are not watching the news.

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