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RUSH: What?  No way!  Hillary Clinton’s not responded to any of this.  She’s in Cedar Rapids.  She’s not gonna talk about it. Let me tell you what’s gonna happen.  The Clinton campaign will go focus group this.  They’ll assemble a bunch of Americans, and they’ll focus group whatever this FBI investigation means to these people, and once they figure out (based on their focus group test) what Hillary should say, they will even though call Maggie Haberman at the New York Times and a couple of people at Politico.

They’ll leak the Hillary reaction to this, and then Hillary will go out a couple hours or days later — well, probably not that many because not that many days left. But you’ll find out what Hillary thinks in the Drive-By Media. The people in her campaign will call them to leak what her reaction is, and then she will go out and try to act what the focus groups have told them is the best way to deal with this is.  So it will take a while.  So you are not gonna get a response from her.  You’ll get surrogates on TV talking about what a bunch of reprobates Republicans are for even caring about this, but nothing from Hillary for a while.


RUSH:  Hillary Clinton says, “I will wake up every day in the White House to see what I can do to help children,” with Cecile Richards, the nation’s number one abortionist, seated right behind her in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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