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RUSH:  Okay.  So, if the election is turning and if Hillary Clinton is losing ground — and I say “if” — why?  What would be causing it, do you think?  It’s Friday, folks.  Let’s go.

JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  What would be causing it?  Look.  You can find all kinds of polling data.  Washington Post tracking poll, what is she down, eight points in the last four days.  Now, there was a guy, somebody said the polls are gonna tighten.  Somebody said that.  I remember hearing it.  I listen to myself very closely when I speak.  Somebody said that.  Eight points in four days, and that’s just the Washington Post poll.  There’s other polling data out there that shows something similar.

So if Hillary Clinton is losing support — and, look, the reason I say “if,” because look what they’re asking us to believe.  That public opinion shifts this wildly, an eight-point drop in four days, that would indicate that support for Hillary Clinton’s very soft if that can happen.  Or they were not telling the truth in the polls in the first place, which is my basic contention, that polls are used as a weapon, that polls are used to make news and to shape opinion rather than reflect it.

But at some point these people in the polling business all want to maintain reputations.  They all want to be as close to the end result as they can be, I think.

Maybe some are so partisan they don’t even care about that. They’re just gonna continue to weaponize their polls up to the end.  But it’s what we have to work with, and this is what the daily soap opera script is telling us, what could be causing it?

Why would Hillary be hemorrhaging support?  What’s happening out there to make this happen?  And there are some ways you can answer that.  I mean, there’s some answers to the question, is why I’m asking it.


RUSH: What if it’s legit? If she’s losing eight points in four days — and I have no reason to think she’s not, don’t misunderstand — what’s causing it?  Why are people changing their minds?

Why are people abandoning Hillary? Why are independents making up their minds and moving away from Hillary and to Trump?  What could be causing this?  It has to be — it has to be — this WikiLeaks never-ending drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip email dump.  It is incredible! The next drop I think will be number 20.  And the thing that is happening here, is the Drive-Bys are not succeeding in suppressing it.  It is out there — the data, the information — and specifically about one thing. Something is breaking out.

Something is breaking through in all of this.  It’s not Benghazi.  It’s not Hillary’s health.  It’s not the fact that she boozes it up during the daytime, apparently.  Have you heard that?  She’s a daytime consumer of adult beverages.  Yes, emails have been released of Clinton staffers asking each other, “Should we sober her up now?”  It’s three o’clock in the afternoon.  Yeah.  Go back to 2015.  It’s not that.  It’s not Benghazi.  It’s not the three a.m. phone call.  You know what it is?

It’s this Clinton Foundation stuff.  This Clinton Foundation stuff, strange as it may seem, may be breaking out.  And what it is illustrating is the fraud that the Clintons actually are. I went through it in great detail yesterday.  They set up the Clinton Foundation.  Inside that foundation, is the Clinton Global Initiative.  And it’s all disguised as a charitable enterprise to serve humanity, and it was all set up so Bill Clinton could recapture his great reputation and image following the Lewinsky scenario that soiled the last four years of his presidency.

He had to do it, and so becoming engaged in worldwide charities was meant to help people forget the reprobate factor of Bill Clinton’s presidency.  But what happened, what the real purpose of the Clinton Foundation was — which people are now beginning to see — was to get rich, to get personally rich!  And I’ve got a story in the Stack today, Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews talking about this very thing, and I swear: When I read this, I think they’re channeling me.

When Fineman is describing the Clintons of Arkansas and how they were surrounded by all kinds of rich donors and wealthy people and they didn’t have a pot to pee in, they became obsessed with becoming rich? Getting rich like all of their donors and all of their buddies and friends in the Democrat Party? So they start out with their renaissance weekend to start networking with all these rich people and eventually shaking them down for donations at the Lincoln Bedroom and so forth.

And then that eventually becomes, “Hey, after you donate to the Clinton Foundation, we want you to pay Bill Clinton $3.9 million as a consulting fee for your company.”  And these companies would do it, as we have learned.  And the question is: Why?  Why, after you make a charitable donation to the Clinton Foundation…? It was Doug Band and his emails which were giving this up.  I mean, these people were being pursued. They were being hit up.  They were getting a sales pitch.  “Donate to the Clinton Foundation and then, you know, pay Bill an additional $3 million to consult for your company or pay Hillary X-amount for number of speeches or whatever.”

And that went to them personally.  And what was going on was an assumption that the Clintons would look very favorably on these people that were both hiring them and donating to their foundation if and when they ever had a chance to get back in positions of power.  Well, Hillary did as secretary of state.  Now she’s seeking the White House.  And a bunch of people have contributed to — quote/unquote “donated,” quote/unquote “paid” — the Clintons with major, major expectations.

But that gets in the weeds.

Where it is easy to understand is that the Clintons have gotten personally rich out of all this, and that’s something that’s hard to do in terms of taking the 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You have a charitable foundation, and a normal person that donates money to a foundation, it’s gone.  You might get to write it off, but you don’t get to go grab it and put it in your pocket and live off of it; it’s gone from your stash of money.  It’s gone.  But the Clintons found a way to get to it, and they have become phenomenally wealthy while trying to deny all of it.

I think some of it may be breaking out in terms of understanding.  This may not be a big deal but, you know, yesterday Michelle (My Belle) Obama did a joint appearance with the Hildebeast.  Well, guess who introduced who?  The Hildebeast introduced the first lady.  Hillary Clinton allowed herself to be upstaged at her own rally, played second fiddle at her own rally.  She needs to feed off of somebody that’s loved out there, and Michelle Obama is and Hillary isn’t.  So there are a lot of factors that go into the.

So look, we’re gonna take a break here, come back and review the polling data a little bit.  We’ve got fascinating news outside of politics today, too.  A guy is predicting riots next year when people find out what their health care premiums are gonna be.  More polling data on the NFL and the fact that it is these national anthem protests, which are almost solely responsible for the drop in TV ratings.  And of course the league doesn’t want to hear it, the league won’t talk about it, league certainly won’t appear it. But appears to be the elephant in the room nobody wants to address.


RUSH: Here’s George Stephanopoulos breaking the news on the ABC poll being down to four points.  This happened this morning on Good Morning America.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  Breaking right now, our brand-new poll shows a four-point race as Hillary calls on her most powerful weapon joining Michelle Obama on the trail for the first time.

RUSH:  Her most powerful weapon is Michelle (My Belle) Obama.  Her most powerful weapon.  Not herself, not her stance on the issues, not her agenda.  No, her most powerful weapon is Michelle Obama.  Somebody who can transfer credibility to Hillary, because Hillary does not possess it on her own.

Well, here are the details.  “Donald Trump has gained on Hillary Clinton during the past week, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, solidifying support among core Republican groups as well as political independents. Roughly 6 in 10 still expect Clinton to prevail, while the poll finds shrinking concerns about the accuracy of the vote count and voter fraud in the election.”

There’s a lot wrapped up in that photograph.  So Hillary’s support has dwindled in a week by eight points but it’s no big deal because 60% of the respondents still think Hillary’s gonna win and many people are beginning to doubt that there’s any fraud going on, that there won’t be any fraud. “A shrinking concern, a shrinking number of people worried about the accuracy of the vote.”

Let me translate it further.  Yeah, Hillary’s down eight points.  It doesn’t matter.  Six out of 10 people still think she’s gonna win, and an increasing number of people think that Trump is Looney Tunes for running around saying the election is gonna be rigged.  That’s what that first paragraph means.

Here are the real numbers.  “Clinton holds a slight 48-44 percent edge over Trump among likely voters, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 4 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent in the survey completed Sunday through Wednesday. Clinton held a six-point edge in the previous wave and a 12-point edge in the first wave of the tracking poll.”

So if you look at the headline, “Clinton Lead Shrinks, Even As Nearly 6 in 10 Expect Her to Win” if you look at that headline, no low-information voter’s gonna drill down to see that Hillary only leads Trump by four points.  I will.  And of course I will then pass it on to you.  But your average low-information news consumer who might run into this on Facebook or at Yahoo News, Clinton lead shrinks, but 60% think she’s going to win anyway.

“Trump’s growth in support from 38 percent to 44 percent is fueled by shored-up support among Republican-leaning voting groups as well as a significant boost among political independents.”  So you could say that some Republicans are starting to come home, and the independents are starting to shift to Trump.

“Trump saw his biggest gains among political independents, favoring Trump by a 12-point margin in the latest tracking poll. … Sizable minorities of likely voters express concerns about fraud and inaccuracy at the ballot box, though worries about both have declined in the past month. Fewer than four in 10 voters now say voter fraud occurs very or somewhat often (37 percent), down from 47 percent in early September. Studies of voter fraud have found that it is very rare,” says the Washington Post.

Every Drive-By article includes this claim that voter fraud, there isn’t any voter fraud, an increasing number of people know that there’s no voter fraud, and they dismiss every report of voter fraud as anecdotal or user error.  But, meanwhile, they’ve got all those monitors out there, there’s no vote fraud going on. The Drive-Bys tell us there isn’t any fraud and more and more Americans understand there isn’t any fraud. But we have an increasing number of poll watchers, don’t we? And we have an increasing number of Democrat lawyers out there watching the proceedings.

Now, there’s this.  We’ve got audio to go along with this, too.  This is the kind of stuff that starts popping up in the latter days of a campaign.  There’s another one last week that showed Trump was gonna win, and this guy has never missed.  This guy has only missed one election, and it was Gore and Bush.  But every election in the last century in this one, this guy’s formula works.  And that formula is to measure enthusiasm during the primaries.  Remember that?  I mentioned it last week.

And this guy projected Trump the big winner because from the moment the primaries began, there hasn’t been anybody even close to him in enthusiasm.  This guy measures that and combines it with social media things. He supposedly scientifically does it. The guy last week projected Trump the winner.  Here’s another one.  “Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, according to an artificial intelligence system.”  An AI system that correctly predicted the last three presidential elections puts Trump ahead of the Hildebeast in the race for the White House.

This AI entity here was developed by Sanjiv Rai, the founder of Indian startup Genic.ai AI, Jenic AI, artificial intelligence.  What it does is it “puts in 20 million data points from public platforms including Google Facebook Twitter and YouTube in the U.S. then analyzes the information and creates predictions,” and this system says that Trump is gonna win big, bigger than anybody can conceive. He’s more popular now than Obama was in ’08.  And the guy appeared — What was it? — on CNBC’s international network, Squawk Box Europe this morning and here is how he explained it.

KHARPAL:  The polls that put Hillary Clinton ahead of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are wrong.  That’s according to an artificial intelligence system that’s managed to predict the last three general elections correctly.  The AI, called MogIA, was developed by Indian entrepreneur Sanjiv Rai and takes into account information from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in the U.S., then analyzes it to create predictions.  Data such as engagement with tweets or Facebook live videos have been tracked.  The result is that Trump has overtaken the engagement numbers of Barack Obama’s peak in in 2008, the year he came into power, by 25%.  Rai said the candidate in each election has leading engagement data ends up winning the election.

RUSH:  I misspoke.  That’s not the actual artificial intelligence guru who designed the app.  That’s the reporter, the correspondent for CNBC International, Arjun Kharpal.  I just quickly read this.  I thought we were gonna get the words of the actual founder, but we didn’t; that’s just the reporter.  But there’s the sum-up, the theory behind it.  These kinds of things always start popping up as we near the… (interruption) No, my gut’s not… I still don’t know. I told you yesterday I didn’t know, and I don’t know now.

My gut’s like… Folks, it’s really hard.  I mean, we have to constantly fight being moved one direction or another by what we watch and what we read, and you really have to fight not being moved by the stuff you want to be right.  Like a lot of people will see this… “Oh, yeah!” They want it to be right. They want it to be true. They don’t just want Trump to win. They want these Democrats skunked! They want it demonstrated that the Democrats are not loved by anywhere near half this country.  So they glom onto that.  You’ve gotta be careful.

You’ve gotta be really careful you don’t allow the stuff you want to be true, if you want to get it right and if you want to remain objective. The Democrats are not doing this.  The Democrats are all-in.  They’re taking their own polling data, and that’s all they need.  You can turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS News, NBC, New York Times. It doesn’t matter. It’s over! Trump in a landslide defeat, and on CNN, they’re already going state by state showing you how it’s gonna happen before a single vote has been cast.

I just saw John King telling everybody how Hillary’s gonna win Georgia.  He’s going county by county!  We haven’t counted any votes.  He’s not counting early votes.  He’s doing polling data projections.  And then after that they went to Utah, then they went to Colorado, then they went to Texas.  I mean, if you watch this thing, they’re already making it look like this is election night, the way they’re covering this.  You gotta be real careful. No, my gut doesn’t tell me anything yet.  If I did, I would share it with you.  But I don’t have a feel for it yet.

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