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RUSH:  Drive-By Media montage here, responding to the polls tightening by saying Trump has a narrow path to victory.  Listen to this.  It’s about a half a minute long.

KATE BOLDUAN: Does Donald Trump have a path to 270 electoral votes?  (music starts) Looking at the map it is tough.

JOHN HEILEMANN: There’s basically no path for him to win.

BROOKE BALDWIN: (background noise) The path is narrowing, the path to victory is narrowing.

ROBERT COSTA: It’s a narrow path, they acknowledge that privately.

ANDREA MITCHELL: (background noise) It’s a very narrow path. How does he get to 270?

WOLF BLITZER: (background noise) Trump has a narrow path to 270 electoral votes.

MANU RAJU: (background noise) Very, very difficult, very narrow path.

SARA MURRAY: (background noise) Trump has a very narrow path.

DAVID GREGORY: How difficult the path is for Trump.

SUNLEN SERFATY: (background noise) Their path to 270 is, in their words, an uphill climb.

JOHN KING: Steep, improbable even, Donald Trump’s path.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Is there a path to victory for Donald Trump at this point?


RUSH:  That was Peter Hart.  So you see, the polls are tightening.  Hillary has lost eight points in the Washington Post.  Some of the other polls we’ve chronicled yesterday and will do so today.  So the Drive-Bys, you remember the sound bites yesterday, John King at CNN (paraphrasing), “Oh, my God, yes, yes, if the election is about the economy and health care, yes, yes, yes, Trump can win.” And we had two or three other Drive-Bys yesterday going from Trump can’t win to Trump can win and then somebody got a hold of them, “You guys can’t say that. You can’t say Trump can win.”

So they’ve revised it now and you see the coordinated script here. Every one of these people, “Yeah, the polls are narrowing, but it’s a narrow, narrow path, a narrow path.  May not even be a path. The polls tightening don’t mean anything, you see.”  So somebody got hold of these fallouts yesterday and brought ’em back to reality.


RUSH: So yesterday when the polling numbers were changing dramatically against Mrs. Clinton, the Drive-By Media was — we played the sound bites for you.  “Yeah, yeah, Trump can win!  Oh, my God.  Trump can win.  Yeah.  If the election’s about the economy, if it’s about health care, yeah, Trump can win.  If it’s about personality, competence, Hillary will win.”

I was dumbfounded here, as I’m sure you heard, ’cause I wondered, how can these people turn on a dime?  I mean the day before yesterday they were telling us Trump was toast, Trump had no prayer.  That’s been their line for the past two months, that Trump is toast, that it’s over, that it’s a landslide, it’s humiliating, it’s gonna be so embarrassing that Trumps gonna move to the South American continent and never, ever be seen again.  That’s how bad it is.

Then the polls come out and yesterday Trump can win.  Somebody didn’t like that.  Somebody who writes the soap opera script for the Drive-Bys.  “You can’t say on CNN that Trump can win.”  So the message went out, it has to work this way ’cause we’ve got a 30-second montage here — one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine — 10 people with the same phrase:  Trump does not have a path to victory.  There’s no path.  Trump can’t win.  The path is narrowing.  He doesn’t have a path.  The path is very narrow.

Some of the same people yesterday said, “Hey, you know what?  Hey, Trump can win this thing.”  So they got their minds right.  It’s just eerie.  We know that this is coordinated, and we now know that all this comes from the Clinton campaign.  That’s another thing. The WikiLeaks email dump has shown the collaboration between the Democrats and the media is undeniable.  In this case it’s a collaboration between the Clinton campaign, but the Harry Reid office collaborates with the media and vice-versa and Chuck Schumer and all the others, Barbara Boxer and Pelosi, they all coordinate.

In this case the coordination’s coming from the presidential campaign, it’s what’s most important right now.  But clearly this is what’s happening.

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