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The FBI reopened its investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Did they? Let me give you the cynic’s reaction to this.

And its basically we’re all a bunch of Charlie Browns that are gonna have the football taken away from us. The cynic’s view is: the WikiLeaks document dump was starting to really take hold, particularly on the Clinton Foundation. It was showing the Clintons getting rich off their own charity. You’re not supposed to get rich from a charity! You’re supposed to give money away.

So along came the announcement that the FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and immediately, what leaves the front page? WikiLeaks.

There isn’t any more discussion of it because everyone is captivated by the possibility that Hillary Clinton might actually end up being charged! They’re all excited.

And then say, next Wednesday or Thursday, the FBI comes along and says, “You know what? We looked into it, we thought that we had some new evidence, but after looking into it deeply, there’s nothing to see here. And we can now firmly and confidently close our investigation after having shut down WikiLeaks and reporting on that for five days.”

I don’t know, folks. I just wanted to prepare you for a possibility. That’s the cynic’s view of what this FBI reopening the investigation story is really all about. 

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